The fix may be in, but we can always throw sand in the gears


Divemedic notes the cascade of negative feedback from the American public for the Democratic Party’s current actions and obsessions, then asks:

So with all of that going on, why are the Democrats continuing down what is obviously a self destructive path? Why do they continue making decisions that are obviously unpopular with the voters?

I can only come up with one logical answer: The polls don’t matter. Their popularity doesn’t matter.

They know that they can’t lose. The fix is in. There is no other explanation that fits the facts.

There’s more at the link.

I can’t help but agree with him, as we’ve already discussed in these pages on several occasions.  I think the Democratic Party believes it has “arranged” or “fixed” the election results already, and can therefore disregard voter sentiment.  Recent polling snafus, hiccups and glitches in primary elections around the country tends to confirm that suspicion.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean we should shrug our shoulders and say, “Well, there’s nothing we can do about it.”  Of course there are things we can do about it!  No matter how “blue” our electoral district may be, there’s still a need for volunteer workers, poll observers, and a host of other low-level tasks that will allow us to monitor what’s going on and document it for later use if needed – either in the news media, or in court.  The lack of such evidence is one reason why the Democratic Party was able to steal the 2020 elections so blatantly.  They argued in court that there was no solid, verifiable, measurable evidence to support allegations of electoral fraud, and that therefore the charges and complaints should be dismissed without being brought to trial.  In many cases they were right, and they got away with it, because nobody had thought to collect such evidence until it was too late.  Let’s change that, starting now.

Let’s also hold our local electoral authorities to account.  For example, if I lived in Maricopa, Arizona, after the fiasco of delayed and “glitchy” balloting there last week, I’d be demanding the resignation of anyone and everyone involved.  I’d be writing to my State representatives and senators, and to the Governor, demanding an immediate, in-depth investigation of the problems thus revealed, and insisting that they be rectified before November’s election.  I’d be writing to the news media demanding that they put pressure on local and state politicians to that effect.  This isn’t partisan politics – it’s demanding simple, fundamental efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of elections.  Surely that’s a cause that anyone, left- or right-wing, can get behind?

Let’s not give up.  Rather, let’s mobilize and get organized.  The fix may be in, but there’s always the chance that glitches may work in the opposite direction to that intended.  As Robert Heinlein’s chief protagonist Lazarus Long put it, “Certainly the game is rigged. Don’t let that stop you; if you don’t bet, you can’t win.”



  1. Clay and Buck (Rush's replacements) were saying in their first hour that the Vegas odds makers report that the betting on the Senate has switched to favoring the Dems.

    It ain't over 'til it's over. How long have people talked openly about needing to overcome the margin of cheat?

  2. They are spending like there's no tomorrow cause they expect to Lose. They are trying to make things worse. If the Crash can be postponed until after November, they and the DNC controlled Media will blame the bad economy on the newly Republican Congress.

  3. Nonsense. It was not a lack of evidence but a lack of willingness to prosecute or even hear the evidence. The system is not going to help you prosecute the system.

    1. Part of the problem in 2020 was that people weren't prepared to push back immediately.
      Part of the reason the Dems couldn't steal the VA election last year was that poll watchers were prepared with lawyers and judges on speed dial to push back immediately against shenanigans.

  4. Another suggestion I've heard is not to vote early or by mail. Vote on election day – that way the Democrats won't know in advance how many votes they'll need to manufacture.

  5. Not to be an "Ek-chu-el-ley" Guy, but "Maricopa, Arizona" is NOT in Maricopa *County*, but in Pinal County. Writing to anyone there would be futile. As would writing either, I suppose.

    John of the GMA

  6. Re: Maricopa AZ, I do live there. It wasn't a problem for the city of Maricopa alone, but for all of Pinal County; I described it in another blog as "a fustercluck of *epic* proportions". And by the time I read about it the elections director had either quit or, as I understand it, been fired, and the county recorder, a *very* competent lady named Virginia Ross, had been put in his place. I've dealt with her before, and she *will* fix the problem if it's fixable.

  7. If a third world country can count millions of votes in ONE DAY, why can't all the states? Sigh… What I would like to see is NO results released until all states have votes counted, certified, and sent in.

  8. "What I would like to see is NO results released until all states have votes counted, certified, and sent in."

    What makes you think there wouldn't be alternative channels available for that info to get to the cheaters to fix the spread?

    Still, keeping the public in the dark while voting is ongoing would be good.

  9. It's a week after the vote in Arizona and the counting is STILL going on, with only about 95% of the ballots counted. Ridiculous.

  10. We need to play the same game the do and organize locally and off socal media as much as possble.

    The left has the cover of instructions, beurocrats, and unions so we are exposed. Funding is a problem though

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