The Georgia Guidestones “bombing” may not have been a bomb


By now I’m sure most readers know that the so-called Georgia Guidestones were damaged by an explosion on Wednesday morning.  The rest of the monument was demolished soon afterwards, allegedly due to “safety concerns“.

I have grave doubts about the news coverage of the incident so far.  I haven’t commented until now because I’ve been waiting for more details:  but it looks like a cover-up may be in progress, so details may be conspicuous by their absence.  That being the case, I’ll put out a few ideas for consideration.

First, there’s no evidence that a bomb (as such) was involved.  Looking at video of the explosion, it appears very likely that it came from some sort of missile.  The Intrepid Reporter has done a good job of explaining why he thinks that.  Based on my own experience (combat and otherwise) in Africa, I’d say he’s pretty much on the mark in what he says.  When I saw the first images of the damage, that was my immediate reaction, too.  Go read his analysis for yourself.

I’ll go further.  Based on initial video of the damage, I can’t see any reason to demolish the remaining panels of the Guidestones.  They were just standing there, not hurting anybody.  If there was any risk of them falling, it could have been attenuated by simply cordoning them off, then attaching supports to keep them in place.  Neither appears to have been even attempted.  Instead, they were brought down with almost indecent haste.  That looks to me like an attempt to prevent anyone else analyzing the debris patterns, blast and fragmentation damage from the demolished panels, etc. – all of which would speak volumes to an investigator who knew what he/she was looking at/for.

I’m also curious why no reporters were apparently allowed (or, for that matter, pressed for) to be allowed access to the site before the demolition took place.  Seems to me that any reporter worth his/her salt would be jumping up and down with eagerness to see for themselves, instead of relying on official statements;  and their parent news media should have been doing the same, if not more so.  Not in this case, it seems.  The journalistic silence has been deafening.  Why?  Your guess is as good as mine, but it suggests to me that “the fix is in“.

The next question is:  Why is a “fix” necessary?  What’s being hidden, and why?

Obviously, right now, every explanation is speculative – including those provided by the authorities.  I have a feeling there’s a great big can of worms that’s been popped open by this “explosion”.  I’m looking forward to seeing how many of those worms escape the can and wriggle their way into the daylight, where we can all see them for what they are.

Pass the popcorn, please . . .



  1. Haven't looked at any other blog yet but I did see on drone footage, a large horizontal crack across two sides of the central column. I do agree site clearance seems awfully fast for a thorough investigation by ATF/FBI/GBI. However, to an experienced eye differences in blast marks, debris, and scattering would be evident and tell the tale.

  2. There is video of a person leaving something there and driving away right after the explosion.

  3. I imagine TPTB are nervously speculating just what happened. Assuming no communication from the actors involved. Just who has what and how many of those 'whats' do they have?

  4. One of Peter's friends (Lee Lapin, for one of his names) who I know from a VERY different venue, once shared with me, during a VERY freewheeling discussion, that the VERY FIRST TIME a real, true, RPG-sort of thing exploded here CONUS the PTB would make this a VERY DIFFERENT country almost instantly.

    We shall see.

    And, no, NONE of us have enough popcorn OR Bourbon for THIS Show coming up.

    Night Driver.

    [ Just who has what and how many of those 'whats' do they have?]



  5. The number of shoulder fired an light vehicle mounted rockets/missles/recoiled we abandoned in Afghanistan, dumped in the the staggeringly corrupt Ukraine, and otherwise have distributed as "aid" it would be a miracle if only one made it back here.

  6. 100% something really, really suspicious.
    There ain't no way that the FBI collected ALL OF THE EVIDENCE before they destroyed it (unless they don't want to salve the crime….)

  7. Saw this the morn after he thought lightning. And for what it's worth, imagine being there maybe with a girl or booze or what ever and ka-boom I'd be haulin' my butt out of there in a hurry. Wouldn't have to be guilty of anything just needing to change your pants.

  8. Russian Spetsnaz intercepted U.S. Arms shipment to Ukraine. Covertly entered the US, with Javelin rocket launcher. Put a spanking to the scumbag democrats.

  9. Not to be Conspiracy Theory Guy, except when I am being Conspiracy Theory Guy but…
    "Destroyed evidence proves whatever They say it proves because We can't use that evidence to prove otherwise." – Me – Today.
    A few examples: (in reverse chronological order)
    UVALDE – They haven't bulldozed it yet (to my knowledge) but They're gonna.
    DALLAS POLICE SHOOTING – They rolled a freakin' robot in to drop C4 on him. OK, maybe just some dude with a screw loose but what the hell is DPD doing with C4 in the inventory?
    SANDY HOOK – Razed…Rikki-Tikk like. Questions, yes…answers, NO.
    OKC FEDERAL BUILDING – Way beyond replacing some drywall so they get a partial pass. That was one hellofa shaped charge though…maybe…we'll never know for sure.
    WACO – They incinerated children for God's sake. Bring in the dozers. Nothing to see here. Move along.
    JFK – Lee woulda talked. What's the first rule of Fight Club? You do not talk about Fight Club. Nice shot, Lee. Let us introduce you to our friend Jack.
    I really do hate being Conspiracy Theory Guy

  10. Dutchsinse has alternate explanation as well. One more divine than a missile. Haven't seen it yet, but my wife shared it with me.

  11. What about the time capsule buried underneath the ugly "monument"? Likely it contains nothing but a pair of Hanoi Jane's panties and a proclamation of Ted's undying love for her … but is no one curious enough to dig it up?

  12. WHY is it so weird that , as you complained, that no news services or government agencies were allowed (if any even tried) to get onto the property to "inspect evidence" or whatever?????????? It was private property, ON private property… Do you call the feds, the local news stations, etc… when someone litters in your yard or maybe takes a baseball bat to your rural mail box?????? then WHY are you complaining ????

  13. Axeanda45,

    Even if it was on private property, an explosion of unknown origin requires investigation if only to prevent it happening again. I think it unlikely the police could be prevented from doing that. As an aside…Why are YOU complaining?

  14. I was complaining on all the idiotic (to me) complaints in the comments that the "cia should do thi…." or "why weren't more news media allowed"… etc,,, when it was just private property…. it was NOT a national or State property, and the feds AND the state had ZERO business investigating a solitary damn thing about it UNLESS the OWNER asked them to do so… A bunch of idiotic comments here saying this that or the other should have happened is utterly useless and a waste of time… there are much more important and dare I say actually relevant things that need talked about, not bullshit like this… but hey, it is your blog, people can write whatever the fu** they want, and so can I (within reason if it isn't my blog) I have the right to make fun of stupid stuff just like the next guy, and to point out what I think is idiotic comments that accomplish nothing besides showing how ignorant most people are… AGAIN, if this was something like someones flower bed or maybe a birdbath in their yard, it NEVER would have even made the local newspaper unless someone was injured. The TRUTH is, all this was was someones junk that got vandalized, nothing more, so why are YOU so riled up about it???

  15. just noticed another part your comment…. If I take what you wrote at face value, YOU believe that any time anything goes boom, it needs to be investigated… so,

    If I buy some tannerite, and put it in an old oven on MY PRIVATE PROPERTY and I blow it up, it now needs investigated?????????

    YOU really need to think things through before you write them out when you haven't a CLUE what actual rules/laws apply to things like this…. STOP letting the media get you all riled up over NOTHING….

  16. @Axeanda45: Son, we don't have a problem here. You do. You're way out in left field, and refuse to recognize the reality of crime, investigation, and determination of guilt. Private property is an irrelevant concept when it comes to those realities. They apply to anything and anyone, on public or private property, at any time. That's the way it is.

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