“The homeless crisis is a symptom of our society collapsing in real time”


That’s how Tucker Carlson sees homelessness in America right now.  It’s hard to disagree with him.  Here’s part of the conclusion from the transcript of his opening segment last night.

It’s not complicated at all. It couldn’t be simpler. Politicians are making it much easier to be a homeless drug addict in the United States, and much harder to be a law-abiding member of the middle class. What’s the effect? Well, let’s see. The middle class is dying, and we now have record numbers of drug-addicted vagrants.

What does that tell you? It tells you that incentives work. If you destroy the nuclear family, which they have; if you decriminalize drugs, which they have; if you hand out tents and needles to addicts, what do you think’s going to happen? You’re going to get more addicts living in tents.

Again, it’s not complicated. This is not a vexing public policy question that requires the Brookings Institution to investigate. It’s not like fixing Social Security.

And the solution is as simple as the problem. Here’s a solution: Stop putting up with it. Say no. No, you can’t smoke meth in the park. You’re not allowed to crap on the sidewalk. Pull up your pants and get the hell out of here. Go somewhere with lower standards. Head for a place where politicians don’t care about their people because we do care. And that’s why we’re hauling your tent to a landfill and cutting off your checks today. You are a drug addict. Get a job or leave. This is our city. You are not allowed to wreck it. You didn’t build it.

Now, that’s not hard. That works. We know it works because that’s how societies function for about 2,000 years. If you’re an unmarried man with no job, you were not allowed to destroy things. It wasn’t your right.

By the way, this is how successful families still operate to this day in the privacy of their own homes when the NGOs aren’t watching. Parents reward good behavior, and they do not tolerate bad behavior. Why? Because if you let your kids smoke weed at the breakfast table, they will. So you don’t let them. So why not apply the same standard to the drug addicts at Penn Station? Because what we’re doing now isn’t compassionate. It’s an attack on civilization.

There’s more at the link.  I highly recommend reading the whole thing, or watching the segment in the embedded video below.  If it’s taken down from YouTube, you’ll find another copy at the link above.

Part of me would love to see Tucker Carlson run for elected office, but he probably has more sense than to do that.  He’s seen how independent voices are treated by the establishment on both the left and the right of US politics – and his strong views and logical, rational reasoning through our problems outrages both sides.  Can you imagine what he might get up to as a Senator, even a President?  Sadly, that’ll probably never happen.  At least his strong voice hasn’t been removed from the public arena – yet.  Let’s treasure it, and him, while we may.



  1. Society is NOT collapsing.
    You're a writer: stop using the passive voice.

    The Government (aided and abetted by the Enemedia, their PR wing) IS ACTIVELY UNDERMINING IT, like sappers trying to collapse the walls of a medieval castle, and twice as diligently.

    They've been pissing a stream of concentrated acid on the society, and now people are "Shocked! Shocked, I say!" to find out that civilization cannot withstand that caustic assault endlessly, without grave consequences.

    Just as in many other times and places, the "homeless" crisis (which is really a crisis of tolerating and encouraging drug abuse, and shoving the mentally ill onto the street out of misplaced parsimony, and neither more nor less than that), long overdue for it, is about to be solved by Rule 308.

    Or, more probably, by Rule 22, and homemade suppressors, because working folks will always find the most economical means to solve a pressing need.

    In about a societal fifteen minutes, average folks will realize they could end the homeless problem for a generation by simply popping one homeless wastrel apiece, and the minute that penny drops collectively, the problem is gone for 20 years and more.

    The aftermath will be nothing but a landfill management problem, and forgotten faster than the Y2K kerfluffle.
    Gropey Dopey and TPTB won't tell anyone that undeniable truth; I just did.

  2. Boron: Fox News doesn't seem to like links from Blogspot, or something. I've seen this before.
    I just hit ENTER on the URL bar, and the page loaded – so it's a valid URL, and I have access to it, but the server is blocking some or all outside referrers. Copying the URL and pasting it into the browser should also work.

  3. I've noticed that this tends to be a regional issue and an urban issue.

    Where I live, we don't have homeless, and I suspect there aren't many where you live either Peter.

  4. well, until governors accept and act on their responsibilities under the Constitution to tell the federal court system that they lack jurisdiction over anything NOT in the enumerated powers (which don't seem to cover homelessness or drug abuse), nothing will change. Governors need to tell the courts to shut up, or just ignore them when they come up with these bizarre rulings like cities are responsible for feeding and housing bums. Nope. Work or starve, but the choices of a homeless bum are not my problem or cost.

  5. Follow the money.

    We have a huge industrial homeless complex that makes a lot of money off this emergency.

    The have rebranded it a housing crisis.

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