The IRS would doubtless disagree, but…


… one has to sympathize!  Click the image to be taken to a larger view at The Whiteboard’s Web site.

At least tomorrow isn’t the deadline, thanks to an extension until May 17th granted nationwide by the IRS.  However, I’ve still got all the paperwork to do . . .



  1. At first I thought he was burning money, which would be a better use of our tax dollars than most of what the government does with it.

  2. Yeah… still need to get organized, round up everybody's records for last year, find some of my records from the 1980s, and feed the numbers into the dagnab complicated software.
    At least I'm not in California any more (and wasn't last year, either).

  3. The deadline to file may have been extended until May 17th, but the deadline to pay is still the April 15th. I "rendered unto Ceaser" today.

  4. I haven't yet decided whether to send in my tax forms tomorrow (15 April) or wait until 17 May, as I'm still mentally calculating the cost/benefit between sooner getting my tax-free loan to the government back and maximally inconveniencing the tax collectors.

  5. I filed both Federal and State the last week of January. Got a small Federal refund and smaller state debit early in February.
    Simple man, simple life, everything is electronic. House paid off so even with medical bills the standard deduction works best.
    Easy peasy.
    So naturally I just got a 1099 end of March for a small job I had totally forgotten about.
    Not gonna refile, not worth the effort. When they eventually find it they will send me a letter and I will send them a check. Job was only for 600 bucks so not a big deal.

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