The joys of coming home to a cat

Our cat, Kili, was overjoyed when Miss D. and I arrived home on Wednesday afternoon. She was drooling with happiness, purring, rubbing herself all over us – very touching (you should pardon the expression).

Then the fun started.

You see, she’d been deprived of playing with us for a week, and our main function in life is to keep her entertained. (According to her, anyway.)  So, almost as soon as we’d caught our breath, she was belly-trapping us all over the house.  “See me flop on my back!  See me expose my cute fluffy belly to your fingers!  I double dare you to try to scratch it!”  Followed, of course, by murder and mayhem, kitty style, when we did so.

Last night, she decided that having allowed us one good night’s sleep on Wednesday, now it was her turn. She paraded up and down the length of each of us several times, kneading away with her paws, purring loudly. When we protested sleepily and brushed her off, she’d wait a few minutes, decide that we hadn’t really meant it, and come back for more.  Her favorite sleeping place is against my calves, so when I rolled over she’d mutter indignantly to herself and try to stick a claw in me to make me hold still (which usually has the opposite effect). Last night she was in fine form, managing to get at my toes under the edge of the comforter on two separate occasions.  It’s a hell of a thing to wake up with a claw in your big toe!

This morning she’s been quite relaxed. She clearly worked off most of her excess energy last night. Now, if only we weren’t so tired . . .



  1. I once had a cat chomp my toe in the middle of the night while I was fast asleep. Right up there with a charlie horse in the middle of the night as far as pain goes.

  2. You might try wearing her out with a laser pointer, after the next trip.
    When they collapse, panting, after chasing that red thing everywhere (have to be careful with the walls & claws), you can be sure they are really exhausted. Works even better if you have stairs over rooms or hallways. Then, you can run the dot around things, like a proper mouse would.

  3. This is why we don't let the cats sleep with us. That and the fact that one of them gets drooly when he is happy.

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