The joys of packing, Part 2

I’m glad to say that this morning I finished packing our library.  It took 39 of Lowe’s small moving boxes to hold all the books, and they’re stacked against the walls of our living room at the moment.  My back and legs are scolding me for doing too much, too fast . . . but what else is there to do when you’re snowbound?  (Don’t answer that!)  Miss D. just had the fun of getting on a short stepladder to unscrew and remove the brackets holding our 72″x36″ bookcases to the wall, so we can take them out when the time comes.

I think we’re about 80% through with packing now.  Our freezer has been emptied and defrosted, its contents reduced to the point where they all fit into the freezer compartment of our refrigerator.  Some will come to Texas with us in cold chests;  the rest will be donated to friends.  I was a bit stymied when it came to cooking supper last night, when I found that my wife had already boxed up all the herbs and spices!  I had to make do with salt, pepper and Cajun seasoning.  It made the flavor of the spaghetti sauce a little more interesting than usual, but it was edible.

I’ve ordered a ‘Shoulder Dolly‘ to help maneuver the refrigerator and freezer around a couple of tight corners and out into the back yard when the time comes.  It’s by far the easiest and simplest method I know to move big, bulky items into and out of confined spaces.  We already have an appliance dolly and a hand truck, plus a furniture dolly and some cheap moving blankets on order that (according to should be here by Wednesday.  God willing and snow permitting, we’ll be ready to load on Thursday.  The cat is alternately sleeping in a sunbeam and getting schizophrenic about all the strange activity.  She hasn’t (yet) managed to get sealed into a box along with its contents, but I think it’s only a matter of time.  (Cat + box = a match made in heaven . . . at least, according to the cat!)

Now to get stuck into the remaining bits and pieces that have been packed into small boxes and containers, but need to be combined into larger boxes to make moving them easier (and losing them harder).  That’ll be this afternoon’s job.



  1. I always keep a couple of my favorite ramen foil seasoning packets for quickie meals like that, really works well for 'stone soup -what do I have right here' types of meals. Oriental flavor seems to be the most versatile, goes with red – white – fish and vegetable base meals.

    Glad to hear your packing is nearly done – moving households is tough !

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