The Kraken has landed – and it’s a hell of a beast!


Well, well, well.  All those who complained that attorney Sidney Powell was “full of it”, or words to that effect;  all those who dismissed her statements as “all hat and no cattle”;  all those who said that there was no evidence of electoral fraud in the recent Presidential election . . . they can all eat their words now.  That evidence has been provided, and filed in court.  It may yet be dismissed, or held to be insufficient:  but at first glance it appears strong enough, and detailed enough, that it’s likely to be upheld, if not in the original case, then on appeal.

In fact, if Ms. Powell does indeed have all the evidence she claims to have, then her complaints outline the biggest political scandal in United States history.  It could make Watergate look tame by comparison.

She has filed two complaints for “declaratory, emergency, and permanent injunctive relief” in two states.  Click on the links below to read them in full for yourselves.



Doug Ross has provided an abbreviated summary in infographic form of Ms. Powell’s allegations concerning Georgia.  It makes the gist of her complaint much easier to understand.  Here’s one of his slides to give you an idea of what he’s done.  Click the image for a larger view.

Click over to Mr. Ross’s site for a very informative overview.

Two more useful overviews from lawyers have appeared at Vox’s place.  They are:

Mailvox: an analysis of the Powell filing in GA

Mailvox: A second opinion

From the first of those links (bold, underlined text is my emphasis):

“5. One area where plaintiffs do a good job is in pointing out the number of votes affected by the alleged fraud. One reason this is crucial is that Biden’s certified margin of victory in Georgia was only about 12,000 votes. And the complaint does a good job of laying out substantial procedural and constitutional irregularities with roughly 96,000 votes and further problems with additional votes. The problematic votes far outnumber Biden’s margin of victory, which is hugely significant … If the problem votes are gone, Biden’s victory may be gone as well. The complaint does a good job of pointing out not just the alleged problems but the number of votes affected by those problems.”

And from the second link (bold print in the original):

4. Page 9, Paragraph 14. Holy s***.

That paragraph reads in part as follows:

“As explained and demonstrated in the accompanying redacted declaration of a former electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence with experience gathering SAM missile system electronic intelligence, the Dominion software was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent US general election in 2020.”

Holy s*** indeed!  If Ms. Powell can prove that, it’ll make the whole nonsensical “RussiaRussiaRussia” brouhaha that the Democratic Party has been peddling ever since 2016 look like a kindergarten squabble between playground rivals.

Ms. Powell states in both complaints that “The same pattern of election fraud and voter fraud writ large occurred in all the swing states with only minor variations in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Wisconsin”.  I therefore expect her to file more complaints in other states, or that others will file them based on the evidence she provides.  Furthermore, Ms. Powell highlights the requirement under Federal law for election officials to retain and preserve records.  If this has not been done – and we’ve already heard allegations that relevant documents may have been shredded or otherwise disposed of, including “privacy envelopes” that offered the only possibility of “signature matching” to verify that a vote is legitimate – then those election officials are liable to prosecution under Federal law.

Note, too, that Rudy Giuliani is pursuing a completely different line of attack against electoral fraud, not relying on problems with the software used, but demonstrating that the entire voting and tabulation process was flawed through deliberate human action and/or inaction.  If he produces enough evidence to substantiate those complaints, and Ms. Powell can prove what she alleges, then we’ve got a major constitutional crisis on our hands.  They will have uncovered a multi-state, perhaps national, criminal conspiracy to overturn the election results and install an illegitimate government.  There’s a word for that.  They call it TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES.

Now let’s wait and see what the courts have to say about this.  I suspect it’s such a hot potato that it’ll be handed off to the Supreme Court as fast as possible.  (Some lower-level courts may try to obfuscate and delay matters, to let the clock run out until there’s no longer time to delay the falsified election “results”.  If that happens, I expect a direct appeal to the Supreme Court by President Trump’s legal team, to expedite proceedings.

Remember, too, that nobody is asking the Supreme Court – or any other court – to declare anyone the winner, or loser, of these elections.  The injunctive relief being sought is to declare the apparent results invalid, on the grounds that they can’t be proved and/or that demonstrable electoral fraud renders them untrustworthy.  Under those circumstances, the constitution already provides alternative methods to select electors and/or elect the President and Vice President – see Clauses Two and Three of Article Two, as amended by the 12th and 22nd Amendments to the constitution.  I rather think things may come down to that.

As a final pointer towards the gravity of Ms. Powell’s case, note that with very few exceptions, the mainstream media is completely ignoring her complaints.  If they were so confident in their version of events, they’d be laughing her to scorn.  They aren’t.  Is that because they’ve read the complaints, and are terrified that the light at the end of the tunnel may be an oncoming legal train about to demolish the alleged “election” of their favored son?

Pass the popcorn.  Ain’t we got fun?


(P.S.:  Don’t ignore the problem of missing Republican votes in several states – votes that were returned, but show up as “missing” in official tallies.  That’s a whole new can of worms, right there.)


  1. Pass the popcorn. Ain't we got fun?

    No Peter, I've noticed the paymasters of Antifa and Burn Loot Murder has had their troops STAND DOWN recently.

    Didn't want a bunch of "Buyers Remorse" for the frightened sheeple voting for the Sock Puppet and Queen Kamila with their promises "ALL THIS will Go Away" referring to rioting and COVID.

    They will get NEW Marching Orders. Given the DOJ's decision not to pursue Antifa for PUBICIAL:LY Assaulting Senator Rand Paul LATE Roman Era street politics are HERE. Murder and Intimidation of politicians and civilians.

    It's not a Popcorn event friend.

  2. @Michael: I think it'll be a deciding moment in US politics, if these allegations can be proved. You see, it'll demonstrate beyond any possible doubt that Antifa and BLM were/are mobilized in support of a lie, a crime, and possibly treason. If so . . . it'll be open season on them.

    Yes, that may mean civil war. On the other hand, not tackling these issues means subverting the constitution, in which case our republic is gone anyway. It's long gone time we took our stand in her defense.

    A line has been drawn. The left has gone way too far over it. It's time to stop their illegal, criminal attempt to steal our country and our constitution from us. If we can only do that the hard way, then I guess it's time we did so. I don't want that – nobody in his right mind wants that – but the alternative is worse.

  3. Thanks Peter for the reply. I agree with you nobody in their right mind wants a civil war. But as you said the alternative is FAR WORSE.

    That open season on Antifa/BLM will be seasoned with POLICE forced to Protect them at least at first.

    But when the Left puts your back to the wall you can wait for the shooters to get ready while they offer you a cigar or fight for your life. Some things are worth fighting and dying for. Our Republic is at risk to be subverted into Mob Rule.

    I for one will not limit my political options to resolve to taste bad as the crowds cheer on the lions.

  4. If only half of the fraud can be proven … we should see a 5-4 Supreme Court decision invalidating these election results.(I'm already counting out Chief Justice Roberts.)

    How realistic is it then that House delegations (where every state has only one vote, and there is a Republican majority) will confirm President Trump in office? I'm not asking what they should do, but what we can realistically expect?

  5. From what I've observed, they're not just ignoring her, they're actively painting her as an illiterate crackpot. And Guliani as an old has been with dementia. Imagine that.

  6. I doubt there are many Democrats that believe the election was honest. Regardless of their belief, the leaders of the party know the election was rigged, the media was complicit, and have tens of millions not only angry, they're ready for outright war against who they perceive as traitors.

    Time will tell how this works out, but the Democratic Party is not only in trouble, they either fight with violence, or they are hunted down like the vermin they are. They drew first blood, and they're outnumbered.

  7. @ froginblender

    Wise to leave out Roberts. At best he's a Neo-con, but more likely they have the goods on him. Rumor is that he was on one of Epstein's plane rides or island.

  8. The problem is one word: "if." Let's face it, the same thing could have been said about the Russian collusion allegations, which turned out to be based on lies, circumstantial evidence, and wishful thinking on the part of the anti-Trump crowd.

    Don't fall into the same trap. Pursue inquiries by all means, but plan for 2024.

  9. The only people who don't know there was massive, multi-state election fraud all going one way and so monstrous as to be visible from space, are delusional, morons, or both.
    The problem is that of those who know what happened, half of them are either complicit, or unreservedly cheering it on, which was their entire raison d'etre since November of 2015.

    This isn't a popcorn moment.

    And the popping sounds you're about to start hearing won't be corn kernels going off.

    Attempting to replace the republic with a banana republic is going to be an extinction-level event for one side or the other, and I don't mean just politically.

    I can give you odds on which one it will be.

  10. Article III, Section 3: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

    The Congress shall have power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

    I'd charge the Dems with treason just to start with for colluding with and giving even lip-service to the BLM/Antifa cause. Can any rational observer call this last summer's extracurriculars somehow not a levy of war (in fact, as well as in declaration) against the United States? Which nails the Party of the Jackass straight to the door on "adhering to their Enemies," as well as "giving them Aid and Comfort."

    Then we add the charges of subversion and sedition involved in election-tampering, and it becomes time to whet the National Razor.

  11. Then we add the charges of subversion and sedition involved in election-tampering, and it becomes time to whet the National Razor.

    Plenty on the Republican side that are part of the problem.

    I read through the 104 page GA filing. Even the hippo Stacy Abrams and the Democrats had filed complaints about the Dominion voting systems. The cuckservative governor has some explaining to do in the future.

  12. Unfortunately even if we prove treason, no one will be shot, and no one will even serve time. Politicians take care of their own over the needs of the people.

  13. Ask Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, Mussolini and Clara Petacci, and the Ceaucescus, how that plan pans out over time.

  14. Apparently the conspiracy is so vast that even judges appointed by Trump have looked at the evidence and dismissed them, often addressing his lawyers scornfully.

    Fortunately for the future of America, there are many experts on the Internet who can see the truth when nobody else can.

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