“The Kung Flu insanity down under”


That’s the title of a post by Miguel over at Gun Free Zone.  Money quote:

Lockdowns are not science anymore but a tool of absolute control. If you have done the same thing 5 times already and [it] did not work, what in Hera’s name makes you think this time will work? The answer is: They know it won’t work for whatever they sold you it was needed but it is working charmingly for their purposes.

Go read the whole thing.  I couldn’t agree more.



  1. I just returned from down under. Official business in Queensland and New South Wales. What I saw, was that they responded quite differently than how the US handles COVID cases. Australia has very very few positive COVID cases, and relatively good contact tracing. When someone tests positive, they are immediately placed in quarantine (sometimes this is hotel quarantine) and those who had been to the places at the times that person had been there are directed to test for COVID. As cases are identified, they are quarantined, and the LCAs where this occured are placed on lockdown.
    The reduction in transmission is apparent, as they have been effective in knocking down the amount of new cases, most of the time. The LCAs are locked down until the new positive rate is reduced to nil. The Australians also follow up on those in quarantine, with phone calls, and patrols.
    International travel is not allowed into the country without the express permission and sponsorship of the government. Australian citizens cannot travel outside of Australia. The travel from state to state is controlled with forms that are used for contact tracing and proof must be shown at the airports and at checkpoints to the police. The states all use contact tracing applications that require check in at businesses as directed by the state health ministers. Queensland uses the Check in QlD app, where you scan the QR code posted all over near the entrance to stores (Coles and Woolies!) restaurants, hotels etc. and show the green response screen to the monitor (these check in's are randomly monitored). New South Wales uses a similar app from the Service New South Wales website. The US does nothing like this.
    It is not the US, and the outcomes are different. They are absolutely killing sectors of their economy that will have a hard time recovering. The snap lockdowns do not allow for preparation to save perishable food or other supplies. Shops close to never reopen. Cab drivers have vehicles repossessed. Club owners dump spoiled beer.
    Sydney was a ghost town, but essential businesses, such as grocery stores and public transit were still open and running. Cops were not out in any unusual numbers that I could see (and I did cover about 10 miles in the CBD on foot and public transit).

  2. It's rapidly become a religious belief, you just can't question if it's worth it. I personally know plenty of people who have had their businesses destroyed. Nearly everyone I've spoken to about it knows someone directly or indirectly who's committed suicide.

    We had to destroy the village to save it level is where it is now.

  3. If it wasn't about power they would let the disease run its course. After all what will we do if thousands die? Vote them out of office?

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