The Las Vegas shooting: why the deafening official silence?

I have no idea what’s going on with the investigation into the Las Vegas shooting last year.  However, the deafening silence from official sources is inevitably giving rise to all sorts of conspiracy theories.  Two that I’ve come across recently – which may or may not be more or less accurate;  we have no way of telling – are:

I think the official silence has now become counterproductive.  We, the people, are entitled to answers.  The authorities can’t simply decide to keep this quiet.  We have a right to know.  Who committed this crime?  Why?  Who or what was behind it?  Did the shooter(s) have associates, and if so, who?  What about the shooter’s girlfriend, and all the unanswered questions surrounding her actions before, during, and after the incident?

I think it’s time we began demanding answers from our elected representatives.  If we don’t get them there, many people will take – and believe – whatever they can get from anywhere else.  What’s more, our news media is complicit in the official silence.  The Washington Post proudly proclaims that “Democracy dies in darkness”.  Well, so does truth – so why are the Post, and its peers in the news media, not doing everything possible to uncover the truth of the Vegas massacre, and tell us about it?

Something in Las Vegas stinks – and it’s official.



  1. Many recent combat veterans, including my youngest son, say the audio they have heard doesn't support the official narrative.

  2. It seems obvious to me that the coverage of these tragedies is highly dependent on how well the details support the current progressive narrative.
    The Texas church shooting aged off most quickly once it was discovered that a citizen with an AR-15 stopped the shooter, and then to further damage the party line, by current law the shooter should not have been able to purchase a weapon. When the system in place fails how is yet another law going to fix that?
    The California shooting by a husband and wife got very quiet once it was discovered that they were devotees of radical Islam.
    And now media is making much of the student protests over the Parkland shooting while ignoring both the failures of the system to identify the shooter and the incompetence of local law enforcement to even follow their own written procedures.
    When the media and the authorities go silent you can be sure there is something there they really don't want made public.

  3. I can't say why this mess hasn't been wrapped up sufficient to provide some sort of brief. If there was one lone (dead) shooter, and there is nobody worthy of prosecution, the investigation hangs on civil liability and in Vegas, that's a political football.

  4. "I think it's time we began demanding answers…"

    Oh, you mean like "we" have with those who compromise classified information on private servers, and sworn law enforcement officers who aid and abet the process?

    Oh, you mean like "we" have with a POTUS and SoS who leave good men to die while trying to protect an ambassador in Benghazi?

    The incident in LV will fade (as it mostly has) from view because they know that it will. A person may be smart, but "people" are stupid. They count on this reality, and it works for them.

    They know that the reality is "If we don't get them there, many people will…"

    Do. Nothing.

  5. From the very beginning, I have had a theory about this guys
    girlfriend. I copied the name of the city on her visa and did
    a Google Maps search. This is pretty meaningless because
    her place of birth might not be the same as her address
    when she applied for the visa.

    What I was looking for was any evidence that she might have
    come from Zamboanga or some other heavily Muslim area. I
    could not imagine law enforcement failing to consider this
    very real possibility. If the guy was already a little loopy,
    the guy could have been recruited. Also, the vacation in the
    Gulf region is suspicious.

  6. Yes, there are questions still unanswered, but Root goes off the tracks calling this some kind of Rambo operation. I am 50, out of shape, and disabled with MS, but give me 3 days and access to a luggage cart and a freight elevator and I could have gotten all the equipment into the room unaided. The ballistics, weapons, and other technical know how are easily found on the internet. Most men I know could have pulled this off, old white guys tend to be fairly competent at most things.

  7. One of the problems with us expecting the MSM to look further into this situation is that they are so abysmally ignorant on the subject of firearms. The .gov groups could tell them anything and they would believe it.

    Functionally stupid or willfully ignorant tends to look similar. End result is the same.

  8. The media got a few Bump Stock bans passed. It was all they could get out of the event. Once they realized what a small prize that actually was, they went looking for the next exploitable event.

  9. Which they found in Florida. Now, various places are trying, again, to ban AR-15s and "high-capacity" magazines. Two problems, what they call "high-capacity" are actually "normal-capacity", and banning AR-15s in reality bumps up against that pesky 2nd Amendment thingy.

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