1. Excellent read – thanks for the link to it. It is becoming clearer and clearer that the health of this canidate clearly is not good. The panic of realizing that this is coming out must be enormous.

  2. The true tragedy is not the unbounded ambition of this woman, it is the fact that a lapdog media so abrogates its constitutional obligation to be free and independent.

  3. There is no constitutional obligation for the press to be free and independent. Most newspapers were run by partisan hacks from the start. There was a period of a few decades in the early-middle years of the 20th century where they did feel the need to be at least reasonably fair in their coverage. That has passed.

  4. Apparently is part of the Secret Service job to cover up. I can understand not advertising, or making public what should be private, but their actions recently seem more like covering up, a step over the line in my book.

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