The latest virtue-signaling exercise . . .

. . . is to wear safety pins as a public signal that you’re against intolerance.  What, precisely, this is expected to achieve has not been made clear.  It seems to me a bit like tweeting to secure the release of kidnapped and gang-raped girls in Nigeria (which was never likely to do very much for them, if anything at all.  I’ve never yet met a terrorist [and I’ve met more than a few, some of whom are, regrettably, still alive] who would do anything except laugh himself silly at the very idea.)

With that in mind, if safety-pins are to be worn against intolerance, here are a few more virtue-signaling suggestions.  We could:

  • Wear diapers against incontinence.
  • Wear condoms against impregnation.
  • Wear red noses against insouciance.
  • Wear spectacles against invisibility.

Got any more?  Let us have your suggestions in Comments.  I’m sure social justice warriors whiners everywhere will appreciate your help.



  1. Funny, I was thinking how much these "not my president" SJWs remind me the movie Big by Tom Hanks, think about it, little children in an adults body. Lol crying like babies boo hoo!

  2. There's no need to invent new symbols. You can easily reach back into the past.

    WCTU pin supporting prohibition
    Ax handle supporting Jim Crow laws
    White feather in support of cowardliness
    White rose to support women's suffrage

    I'm sure there are others, given research time.

  3. I like to tell SJWs that they need an enema. Usually they aren't smart enough to figure out that I just told them they are full of shit, so I have to explain it to them.


  4. Sherm-
    famed Marine Sniper Carlos Hathcock wore a white feather in his hat as part of his field gear- to the enemy, he was known as "the White Feather " sniper, and a hefty bounty was out on him. Wearing the feather was likely a dare to come and get some! No cowardice there.

  5. The funniest thing I've heard was from Dennis Miller. He said he was the safe room life guard…to save all the young people from drowning in their own BS!

    I can't even think of anything to wear except courage, a kind heart and the wisdom to know when to use your gun.

  6. Funny that this was prompted by the " hate speech and violence reported across the country" when all the hate speech, violence, intolerance, and death threats are being committed by angry sore losers who wanted a different president. Does this mean that safety pin wearers will step up and intervene next time some old guy gets dragged out of a car with a Trump bumper sticker and beaten by a mob?

  7. A blog I read about knitting is all a flutter about wearing a safety pin in the comments. I have resisted the urge to point out to them they are being bigots and showing intolerance by wearing symbols like that. I guess that's the difference between being an adult and a pouty child that needs to be sent to your room. But you know what really pisses me off; they are teach that hate and fear to their own children from what I gathered in their comments. I thought we as a nation grew past that crap after the mid-sixties.

  8. Here in Thailand, women wear a safety pin to signify that they are pregnant. I learned this from my daughter when I asked her why she was wearing one.

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