The lighter side of the dysfunctional apocalypse

I had to laugh at this video prediction of everything that can (and will) go wrong when the dystopian apocalypse finally happens.  It’s so dire, it’s funny.

Oh, well.  At my age, I don’t have to worry about most of those problems – I doubt I’ll live long enough to encounter them.  I’ll leave them to my younger readers, who can write their own blogs (by then doubtless circulated on paper, rather than electronically) to describe them!



  1. Canadian geese surviving? The only thing keeping those flying feathered crap-bags from disappearing is we've put limits on ourselves.

    Seriously, in an apocalypse, Canadian Geese and Mallard Ducks will be gone overnight.

    Any animal with a bag limit or hunting season will be fair game 24/7/365 and no restrictions on sex, age, whatever.

    Yes, less people, but seriously, the only thing allowing deer populations to reach the levels they are at is people protect the darned lawn rats. Same with gators. Asian Carp. Pythons in the Everglades. If it's slow or stupid enough to be seen, well, yeah.

    Yes. Grand die-off, but much like the pre-modern era, once you survive baby-hood (up to 2yoa,) childhood (up to the teens,) the teens, and up to the early 20's, then, well, short of famine, you're set to live well into your 50's. People on the lower socio-economic scale will have less life expectancy after living a productive life, but upper-middle class to upper-class, with support you'll live into your 60's to 70's. That 33yoa life expectancy includes all the easy deaths up to the low 20yoa's and the rapid drop-off past 50yoa.

    Other than that, pretty spot on.

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