“The Lord of the Rings” meets “Star Wars”

Immersion VFX has produced a new twist on the Peter Jackson film of “The Lord of the Rings”.  It’s digitally substituted light sabers from the “Star Wars” movie franchise for their original swords and other weapons.  The result is entertaining.

They’ve added light sabers to other movies, too, including John Wick, Game of Thrones, Thor Ragnarok and more.  See the list at their YouTube channel.



  1. I think it would have made more sense for Gimli to wield light-axes, and for Legolas to ignite light-daggers. A dwarf and an elf both dual-wielding long swords doesn't quite fit their respective personalities.

    I suppose this means that mithril contains cortosis, if it could stop the troll's light-pike.

    The interplay of LoTR and Star Wars theme music was very clever. I think that was actually the best part.

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