The mainstream media continues to refuse to report the truth about COVID-19 deaths and treatment


As often noted in these pages, the mainstream media has abandoned all pretense at objectivity and factual reporting.  Instead, they’re ideologically motivated by and in lockstep with the talking points approved by the Deep State and the progressive left.  They are never, under any circumstances, to be trusted unless and until their reports are confirmed by independent, reliable sources.

Their reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic is a classic example of this.  They continue to publicly denigrate Ivermectin as a “horse dewormer”, ignoring the fact that its developers won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for their work on it.  It’s proved spectacularly successful in treating COVID-19 in several countries – but you’d never know that from reading US news reports.  Instead, it’s “talked down” and sidelined in favor of vaccinations that are causing more and more deaths and life-threatening medical complications (of which more later).  The same happened to hydroxychloroquine, a drug that’s been in worldwide use for decades longer than Ivermectin, and has also proved very effective against COVID-19.  They’ve both been cast out into the health care wilderness, and I think I know why.  Follow the money.

In Japan, where despite massive vaccination programs the number of infections and the death toll were again rising steadily, a sea change took place last August.  The Tokyo Medical Association announced publicly that Ivermectin had proved to be a worthwhile treatment for COVID-19, and that henceforth it would be recommended for use without restriction.  (Note that so-called “fact-checkers” immediately tried to pretend that the announcement didn’t matter, because official Japanese government policy hadn’t changed.  Talk about being in lock-step with official propaganda!)  Well, guess what happened to Japan’s infection rate after that?  (Click any image for a larger view.)

India and Japan have both relied on Ivermectin to treat their COVID-19 outbreaks.  Austria has not – in fact, after encouraging voluntary vaccination for months, that nation has just made it compulsory.  Talk about doubling down on failure!  Just look at the comparative infection rates in all three countries.

Have you seen anything about that in the mainstream media?  No?  Neither have I.  Have you seen the same emphasis on “vaccination, vaccination, vaccination!” found in Austria and Germany and Australia and New Zealand from the US government and its health care spokespersons?  Yes, we have – and it’s as doomed to failure here as it’s been everywhere else.

Something else the media are refusing to speculate about is the sudden and alarming increase in the general death rate in countries where vaccination is widespread.  I suppose they’d parrot the old line about “correlation is not causation” – but nobody’s checking to find out whether the cause correlates with vaccination or not.  It’s a taboo topic.  Medical research into the subject is verboten, and doctors who raise the issue risk losing their jobs.

A few sample headlines:

There are even those who claim that the push to inoculate everybody with COVID-19 vaccines is a sinister depopulation agenda, designed to kill off “excess” human beings.  I find that almost impossible to believe, but those making the claim point to evidence that’s hard to refute.  You’ll have to make up your own mind.

You’ll look in vain for coverage of these issues in almost all the mainstream media.  The silence is so deafening that it’s suspicious in itself.  It’s clear that the silence-in-lockstep is being organized and directed.  It couldn’t be so universal in its effect unless it was.  You’ll find coverage only in “fringe” media and blogs like this one – sources that the mainstream media are quick to label as unreliable, or biased, or even deranged and unhinged.  Again, you’ll have to make up your own mind about that.

Archbishop Viganò is one person who needs no convincing.  See for yourself:

I find his arguments persuasive and convincing, as I do the other evidence I’ve linked above.  Decide for yourself.



  1. Many know this and yet they continue to lie. I guess its the ole tell a lie big enough or often enough and it becomes the truth. Oh well.

  2. Having lied so long and so broadly about so much, I'm pretty sure they've forgotten how to do anything else, if they'd even ever wanted to.

  3. I went to a medical clinic last week to check an earache my 17-old-old had. When the PA discovered we hadn’t been vaccinated she launched into a pro-vaxx speech that was so full of lies I ended up yelling at her. She was telling my son that the vaccinated could not die of Covid. When I mentioned the VAERS database she waved it off as “misinformation.” She knew my 17-year-old was as a persuadable age and was trying to convince him to get vaccinated despite all we know about the risks to young men and how low the actual risks of Covid are at that age. I was livid.

    Of course Yelp removed my review because we can’t have anyone telling the truth can we?

  4. To be fair, the real virus, which is the basis of all the bad claims by government, is, well, GOVERNMENT. The uni-party global not-so-secret-squirrel global elitist party. That's the real virus.

    The other one? With basic treatment, just a bad flu and cold season. We will never ever know (yes we do) how undeadly the Wu Ping Cough was/is (except for the Flu Cruise, full of perfect targets for death-by-Covid and that was less deadly than the normal cruise-induced food poisoning event, or the Flu Carrier (because some dumb captain decided to go let the boys and girls play in some disease-infested turd-world port and deaths were… yeah.)

    How many killed by government? From mis-information, from denial of preventative treatment and/or supportive treatment and/or basic care and Hydrocloroquine, Ivermectin, anti-depressants, allergy medicine, tobacco, good diet, sunlight, fresh air (all of which proved much more capable of slowing or stopping the Lung Pow than sitting inside in fear with a mask on.) Seriously, Der Covid was so powerful you had to take a test that was ridiculously over-sensitive to find out you were asymptomatic?

    Government. Government is the virus. Which responds quite well in advanced stages of the viral cycle to proper applications of cupric-covered plumbum, to various petroleum distillates and to chiropractic adjustments of the upper spine using gravity and resistance. (Since, apparently, nobody at the electoral pharmacy is bothering to read the electoral scripts.)

  5. I have always been a person that pooh poohed conspiracy theorists as simple minded people who would believe anything, no matter how outlandish. Since 2019 I have been forced to reconsider. Today, no matter what crazy sounding statements someone makes, I can't rule them out.

  6. If they started telling the truth now, everyone would figure out that they were lying before, and we can't have that. Worse, people might discover that our government lied to us, and that we stayed home for two weeks (lol), wore the masks and all the rest, up to and including ruined our economy, for a disease that is roughly a bad flu year and that will be with us from now on.

  7. Was watching the Hulu series Dopesick. The FDA approved Oxycotin and allowed Perdue to claim it was only 1% addictive. The media just parroted the pharmaceutical company talking points.

    Also in the same series the same James Comey who said there was Russian Collusion also believed it was Perdue Chicken being investigated by U.S. Attorneys not Perdue Pharmaceutical.

    The Media has been lying since Remember the Maine days if not before. Anything to bring in that ad money.

  8. It seems to be past time to identify – name and title – the men and women whose authority causes these situations. Who are the managing editors? Who are the members of the boards of directors? Names, titles, documents bearing their signatures – otherwise we're just charging at shadows.

  9. My wife and I came down with the kung flu in May, and while it was unpleasant, it felt like a worse than average flu. I lost 35 pounds over the course of about a month, and that gave me the incentive to start lifting weights again after a hiatus of perhaps 10 years.
    There were and are lingering side effects; my night vision is gone, I get chills more often, and I'm even more anti-social than I was.
    Since I refuse to take the needle, I am resigned to the fact that I can no longer find work as a CAD senior designer, and I am retired some years before I planned to.

  10. As a retired physician, I agree completely with what you’ve said. About 4 years ago, 4-star General Jack Keane said, when talking about some adversial country on Fox News (Russia – if I recall correctly), said you can’t trust what their government says. Wow! Like you can trust ours. I thought that was a whopper back then, but that’d be enough to make me spit out my beer now. When I was younger, I thought our government’s role was to fairly benefit it’s citizen’s and in the process, to tell the truth. Actually, it’s sole purpose is to benefit itself, and to do so by consolidating power. Sadly.

  11. @SQT,

    Wrong answer.

    You 'splain to PA Bitchy McHighhorse:

    "We came here seeking treatment for an earache, which has no-fucking-thing to do with COVID. Deal with that appropriately, and we part friends, without any need to report you to the state medical practice board.
    Every time you mention COVID or the Vaxx from here on out this visit, including any discharge paperwork, you get punched in the face. Do we have an understanding of your appropriate scope of practice now, or do we activate your dental plan?"

  12. @Aesop My conversation started very much like your hypothetical one- and I was not polite. But I know darn well any complaints will be lost by any medical authority I turn to. I have family in the medical industry and the indoctrination is heavy and thorough. They feel justified in pushing the vaxx by whatever means necessary and will protect others that do the same.

    I just hope I made that wagon think twice before ding that again- but I doubt it.

  13. The other question I have is this: What percentage of the American population has ACTUALLY been given the Clot-Shot? Here in Cincinnati, the local media trumpet numbers of 80-90 percent, but in the next breath they say that there are so many un-vaccinated people.
    One media outlet reported dozens of people were lined up at one location to get the Needle, but I walked past the place and saw a few homeless types wandering about around the same time.

  14. Japan is a bit more complicated. The vaccination program didn't hit its full stride until during/after the Olympics. Where I live the 50-59 age range was vaccinated starting early September and the 40-49 etc. mid September, the 30-39 early October etc. Other places where quicker, but IIRC Osaka (Japan's second city after greater Tokyo) was notably slower

    We know that the Pfizer vaccine (which is what Japan has mostly used) works for a couple of months. So the drop in infections and the relatively low death rate of those infected could also be due to vaccination and vaccine induced herd immunity etc. Overall vaccination rates are very high in Japan.

    It is worth noting that Japan is already authorizing for 3rd shots for older people though I don't know how advanced the effort is.

    So Ivermectin may be a part of the cure, but it may not be. There's no way that I can see to separate the decision to use Ivermectin from the fact that vaccination also picked up at about the same time.

    Also the Japanese are also masking all the time in public spaces, religiously washing hands, using perspex/vinyl screens, ventilating, working from home and a ton of other things. In particular as the most recent wave kicked off after the olympics a lot of places introduced lockdownish measures such as reducing sporting events, closing karaoke bars and generally discouraging internal travel. Some of these may also have helped, we don't know and you could make a similar argument for any or all of them.

    It is notable that whatever the cause Japan now has essentially zero active cases and deaths (I think we're at <50 new cases a day and c. 1000 total and one or two deaths).

  15. From CDC data in 2020 natural cause mortality was up 20 percent over average of 2014-2019. I’m using July, August and September data only. In 2021 we are up another 3 percent. There are about a dozen different categories including COVID. Can’t get US data to compare vax vs unvax Conclusions: 1) COVID is a more subtle killer than we recognize 2). Vax is worse than useless

    Other info: effecting men more than women and impacting all age groups.

    Blocking Ivermectin and not collecting data on differences between vaxed and unvaxed tells me all I need to know about how evil this is. The rush to vaccinate kids confirms it.

    OBTW my doctor won’t see me without the vax and told me it is safer than ibuprofen but they want to make the data confidential for 50 years.

    Difference in reported vax rates is I think due to different rates by age group and State. You can Cherry pick your number. I would like to see by occupation as well but you can’t make good decisions without good data. The intent is for poor decisions and that is to get the vax

  16. "Safer than ibuprofen." My word.

    I wish Novavax would get a move-on with their butterfly sauce. I'd be much more comfortable taking theirs.

  17. Ibuprofen isn't what I would call a "safe" medicine. Its adverse side effects are both more numerous and more serious than ivermectin's. Yet ibu is freely available while they try their damnedest to prevent you from getting ivm.

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