The manipulated media, and how it manipulates you

Sharyl Attkisson describes how the news media and social media are manipulated by special interests, and how they in turn try to manipulate us.  In the light of the Covington affair, the Smollett fiasco, and other recent events, this is well worth watching.

Ms. Attkisson has been independently investigating and reporting on scandals for years.  She knows whereof she speaks.



  1. Watching that was 10 minutes well spent, I've no doubt it's still current today! It's neat to see someone show how the manipulation is done!

    Now if she could do one that would convince my wife that something is not right when over 90% of the news reports on Trump are negative… I don't trust anything corporate owned these days..

  2. Hey Peter;

    Our founders envisioned an independent press reporting on what was going on. the news..who, what, where, how and why. But the term "Yellow journalism" started in the late 19th century and the yellow press got us into the war with Spain in 1898. I am still not sure what interest was served. Now the press is overwhelmingly cheer leaders for one political party and seems to take the bullet points of the DNC with most of the journalist supporting one side of the aisle openly with money and support. When the press that has constitutional guarantees on the principle of impartiality don't follow that policy bodes poorly for the republic

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