The McCloskey’s need a better class of neighbor

I note with distaste that the neighbors of the St. Louis couple who used firearms in a show of force to defend their home against rioters last weekend have issued a cringing, groveling statement of apology.

“Some of us choose to speak up following the horrific event that transpired on Sunday evening near our homes. As the undersigned, we condemn the behavior of anyone who uses threats of violence, especially through the brandishing of firearms, to disrupt peaceful protest, whether it be in this neighborhood or anywhere in the United States,” the letter read.

“As residents of Westmoreland Place,” they concluded, “we seek positive action and constructive dialogue that builds and maintains a civil and good society.”

There’s more at the link.

How very courageous of the McCloskey’s neighbors.  I can only suggest that the couple consider a change of residence, because the rest of Westmoreland Place appears ready to throw them to the wolves.

In the cities and towns around here, we’d have the opposite problem.  Peaceful protest, respecting individual and property rights?  No problem at all.  Many of us would probably join in if it’s a cause we support – and the police tactics used in the Floyd case are worth protesting.  However, when it comes to rioting as opposed to peaceful protest, all bets are off.  Break and enter private property?  Threaten its occupants?  Like hell!

I think local cops’ biggest problem would be to keep the rioters alive and out of hospital, because at least half the homes on most streets would disgorge armed residents of all races, determined – and very well equipped – to protect what’s theirs.  (The other half would be passing out burgers and hot dogs, iced tea and ammunition to the defenders.  They’d also be keeping score.  Betting might even be involved.)  That may, of course, be one reason why the rioters haven’t tried their luck in these parts.  They know the price they’d have to pay for their shenanigans.

If you live in a place where you can’t rely on its residents to uphold and defend the law and stand by their neighbors, may I suggest it’s time, and long past time, that you considered moving?

The same goes for crime-ridden cities.  If their administrations care so little for their people that they leave them at the mercy of criminals, why should you reward them with your rates and taxes – not to mention expose yourself and your family to that level of risk?



  1. Based upon what the McCloskeys said after the incident (via their lawyer), no doubt they'd be signing on to their neighbors' statement themselves had one of their other neighbors been forced to defend themselves.

  2. You can make nice to a hungry tiger BUT he will STILL Eat you.

    The Color Revolution rolls forward gathering strength from weaklings that Apologize for defending themselves OR being defended from violent thugs.

    Maybe Aesop is correct about 22 LR…..

  3. You cannot pick you neighbors, you can install a high
    and strong fence.

    Defend them as they defended you.

    Have ample water when their house burns, to protect yours.


  4. Here in East Idaho, I figure the response would be the same. We don't have enough potential rioters to make more than a small mob. That said, a full blown riot would last about 5 minutes. It would take longer to clean the blood off the sidewalks.

  5. Peter, have you lost your mind?

    What the McCloskeys did was tactically unsound and completely unnecessary. It plays like a press stunt.

    "The police tactics used in the Floyd case are worth protesting"? The police used one of the least violent techniques to restrain somebody resisting arrest. What would you suggest they do? Tase him? Beat him into submission? All of those have risks made worse by his preexisting COVID infection, heart condition, and chemical augmentation.

    If Floyd had not been inappropriately intoxicated, and resisting arrest, he would likely be alive today.

  6. So Bladerunner1066 WHAT would YOU DO if a Mob chanting they are going to BURN YOU OUT destroys your LOCKED GATES and comes up YOUR Driveway?

    Go On describe how YOU would have done it better, I bet a lot of us are waiting….

    I'm not going to say how that would play out in my area. But my neighbors have our plans and commo ready. There be BEARS in our woods, they LOVE Tourists.

    Incase you were sleeping though the many other articles and comments the "Protesting" isn't about Floyd it's just the Media Cover for the Color Revolution that Marxist Trained Antifa and BLM are doing using useful idiots as "peaceful protesters" and part time burn and steal crews.

  7. i remember one late night in San Diego where I heard a girl shouting no! No! and went out with gun in hand to find a dozen other neighbors armed facing a confused girl who was just having a bad moment on the sidewalk with her boyfriend. We all exchanged sheepish looks and headed back inside, tucking away the hardware.
    All things considered, that is the kind of neighborhood I wish my girl lived in.
    People who care,

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