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Earlier this month, I reported that the Governor of Colorado had angered the ranching and meat industry in his State by declaring March 20th to be “Meat Out Day”, and encouraging residents to eat vegetarian and vegan foods on that date.  I commented that a backlash seemed to be building, with many Coloradans planning to eat as much meat as possible.

The Colorado meat industry certainly isn’t taking this lying down.

Many on social media are proposing that we as beef-loving Americans push back and speak loudly by voting with our dollars on March 20. Use the hashtag #MeatInDay to spread the word!

Together, let’s make March 20th, MEAT IN Day.

Don’t just plan to barbecue on that day. Even if your freezer is full of homegrown beef, let’s all plan to head to our locally owned grocery stores and purchase beef in bulk that day. Feel free to donate it, grill it yourselves or invite the neighbors over for a huge barbecue!

Let’s just make a point to flood the markets with our dollars and show that beef is in high demand, it’s beloved by consumers across the country, and no politician has the right to dictate what we put on our dinner plates, especially when the declarations are based off of personal ideologies and not sound science.

I plan to feast on beef March 20. Steak and eggs for breakfast. Cheeseburgers for lunch. And maybe brisket on the smoker for supper.

There’s more at the link.

That attitude is being promoted by Colorado livestock and agriculture associations, many of whom are putting on or supporting events to not only boost beef sales, but also support local charities.  It looks like a state-wide carnivorous celebration may be in the offering this weekend – much to my amusement.

I daresay I’ll join in the fun, even though I’m further away from most of the entertainment.  Miss D. and I raided visited our favorite German meat market yesterday and loaded up our freezer, so we’re well stocked for the occasion.  Let’s see . . . various German wursts, warm savory potato salad, sauerkraut and lashings of mustard, all sourced, prepared and served in north Texas.  How’s that for trans-Atlantic cultural appropriation?

Neighboring states haven’t been backward in coming forward.  Governor Mark Gordon of Wyoming has signed a proclamation making March 20 “Hearty Meat Day” in his state;  and Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts has announced that in his state, March 20th will be designated as “Meat On the Menu Day.”  Oklahoma’s governor has also come out strongly in favor of the agricultural community.  All three governors have shown clearly that they understand the needs of their constituencies, and are responding appropriately.

I don’t suppose the Governor of Colorado cares – he’s made his position clear.  However, in doing so he’s alienated one of the largest industries in his state, one that enjoys widespread support outside the left-wing, liberal, progressive urban enclaves that gave the Governor and the Democratic Party their victory in recent elections.  It’s a classic example of politicians pandering to their base, but sparking a backlash among the rest of the electorate by doing so.  One can only hope they’ll learn from that . . . but I won’t hold my breath waiting.



  1. Most of us Kansans are on board as well though not our governor, a progressive democrat who won nine of 105 counties.

  2. Oooh… Warm German Kartoffelsalat…

    We had a very teutonicly themed lunch yesterday too, smoked sausage (wurst), potato salad (Kroger "southern style") and Mac & Cheese (sorta like a Spaetsle? Close enough!). Had mine with saurkraut and spicy mustard.

    But oh boy do you win w/ the hot tater salad ��

  3. Fischer's is a neat place and the last time I went down to TX, I stocked up on copious quantities of their Dusseldorf Mustard. Mmmmmm!

    I may just go buy some beef myself this weekend. The only reason I don't buy more of it is cost. They're sure proud of it at the groceries!

  4. And yet the small minority of human herbivores in Colorado are the same ones that are destroying Colorado's petro and gas industry, the mining industry and every other non-'Green' industry.

    It's like if Miami/Dade/Broward was just a little larger in Florida, we'd have Gillum the cokehead in charge doing the same thing to us. Bad enough that good ranch and farm land down here is being converted to 'solar farms' and that we have an anti-big ag Agriculture Commissioner who's a friggin socialist. But solar farms? Florida soil is one of the most productive soils in the whole nation and we do solar farm?

  5. I just canNOT deal with cold potatoes in any form. Thus potato salad, despite claims of some, IS *hot*. Or it's not ready.

  6. We have more than twice as many cows hereabouts as we do people. I guess I'll have to do my part to ensure they don't take over.

    Look up Danny's Coleslaw if you're not a potato person. You'll be glad you did.

  7. 4th Congressional District Re. Ken Buck and newly elected Weld County Commissioner Lori Saine are hosting a pancake and bacon breakfast March 20th. I plan to attend.

  8. Mmmm, Wurst.

    I would point out that Great Lent for Orthodox people just began, so our small sliver of the population in Colorado (I assume it must be pretty small) will wait until May. I assume further that the governor did not publicize this decree or exhortation for pious reasons.

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