The minnow and the whale

One of the more amusing aspects of flying is the discrepancy in size between many aircraft.  Here’s a fun meetup on the runway:  a Bombardier Dash 8 commuter airliner (capacity usually about 35-75 depending on fuselage length, maximum takeoff weight up to 30-odd metric tons) takes off immediately ahead of an Airbus A340-600, at one time the longest commercial airliner in the world (capacity up to 375 [comparable to Boeing’s biggest 777’s or its 747], maximum takeoff weight up to 330 metric tons).  The contrast is eye-catching.

Like I said:  the minnow and the whale!



  1. It's a good thing they were in that order. If the Dash 8 had been following the A346, that runway delay would have been a lot longer, since they would need to wait for the wake vortices to clear.

  2. I was told this while I was in the Air Force . . .

    An F-16 found itself going down the taxiway with a C-5 coming the other direction. The pilot radioed, "Tower, what are the intentions of the C-5?"

    The C-5's front cargo hatch began to open. Over the radio came, "I'm going to eat you."

  3. Why am I reminded of the opening sequence of Star Wars Episode 4? Rebel courier vs. Imperial Star Destroyer.

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