1. @T Town: I think we should hold a fund-raiser to fly a flock of vultures from out West to Washington D.C., feed them copious quantities of offal and carrion, then dose them with laxatives right in front of Capitol Hill. Who's with me?

  2. Err, OldNFO there's quite a nice beach here in FL at Venice. We like to take Wolfgang there. I hope the dickheads who got the seaguls to poop on the baby's head don't come here.

    Or heck, I have a 110 lb German Shepherd. Maybe if I have the right words with them they'll take a swing at me and Wolfgang will finish that discussion.

    Peter, this is really not cool. You post a lot about the decline of civilization and this is right up there. The proper response to this prank isn't laughter, it's horsewhipping through the public square.

  3. Not for nothing, but the whole bunch should fall under the FELONY cruelty to Animals law Trump brought into being- being OD'd with laxative must be a horrid way to be killed, similar to Cholera. YES, that would fit Felony animal cruelty. Those preps deserve no less. If they get away with this, their next targets will have two legs, and walk upright.

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