The most ridiculous firearms accessory I’ve seen all year

There have been many weird accessories developed for firearms – some ostensibly serious, some with tongue firmly in cheek.  For example, who can forget the pistol bayonet?

Or how about the awesomely-named (NOT!) “Tactical Military Multifunction Aluminum Detachable Carry Battle Rail Mug Cup“?

The latest entrant in the ‘ridiculous’ category is a baseplate for Glock magazines that the manufacturer calls the “Meat Hammer“.

That may be a great steak tenderizer, but I’m hard-pressed to recall a more stupid idea for a gun part.  Think about it.

  1. The standard malfunction drill for a pistol is “Tap-Rack-Bang“:  tap the magazine (hard) with the base of your off hand to re-seat it if necessary, then rack the slide to eject any non-firing cartridge or case and load a new round, then aim the gun and pull the trigger.  It usually happens at high speed, under great stress.  In the heat of the moment, if you slap your non-firing hand hard against that thing . . . need I say more?
  2. Let’s imagine that you have to use your firearm to defend yourself.  Even if you only display it, and never fire a shot, just think what the prosecuting attorney (or the attorney for the attackers against whom you defended yourself) is going to say in court.  “Your honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the defendant deliberately equipped his firearm with a device called a ‘Meat Hammer’.  This proves his malicious, premeditated intent to inflict grievous bodily harm!  He bought and installed a torture device!”  Good luck winning that court case.  You’ve handicapped yourself from the get-go.

Nope.  I won’t be buying or installing one.  We can add that to the long, long list of accessories likely to be encountered only on rooney guns like this one.



  1. I am reminded of a comic book character whose pistols had -taser prods- in the magazine bases (no, I don't know how that worked). But all I could think was 'One slipped finger from doing the electric boogaloo on a reload…'

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  3. Personally, I think one of the … more unusual options … is the chainsaw bayonet, though I'll admit it is too big for a pistol, so it technically doesn't fit here.

  4. Didn't we have a video on here of some fool's training class teaching students to shoot a target at arms distance with the strong hand and then use a backhand motion with the weak hand to stab another target behind/on the weak side of the student? And the entire class was in a line repeatedly doing this drill…Or did I see that somewhere else? Anyways, the video of the class was on youtube and it looked really bad. So the pistol bayonet sounds like a perfect accessory for that class.

  5. I think the knock-off "Spirit of Ecstasy" hood ornament really finishes that rooney gun off just perfectly. The best finishing touch of all finishing touches.

  6. Back in the 80s, Skeeter Skelton did a bogus review on a Nicaragua made 9mm pistol with integral grenade launcher.

    In the Army people the go for all sorts of gear, like the rifle, are called Geardos, for a very good reason.

  7. Very good – presumably, that "waffle-stomper" magazine butt-plate could be rather successfully marketed to some of the "gotta-have-one"-fringe members I sometimes encounter on some of the less-"stable" survivalist sites…as a perfectly "handy" add-on for those occasions when one bags a bit of wild game, and wants to "tenderize" immediately, then dine al fresco – so to speak…

    Otherwise – as you imply, the rather-hazardous aspect of such an "accessory add-on" would SEEM to be obvious…to most folks, anyway!

    (Nice-looking "rooney rifle", BTW…)

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