The new “Russia! Russia!” brouhaha is as bogus as the old “Russia! Russia!” brouhaha


In case you were wondering why the Biden administration and its hangers-on and lickspittles in the mainstream media are all-in on the “threat” from Russia, and how we must resist it even to the point of war, if necessary, consider the current situation in these United States and their need to divert public attention.

They’ve just lost their bid to pass “election reform” (read:  ways to steal elections from now to infinity, ensuring they never lose power) in the Senate.  They can’t pass it through normal means.  However, they know full well that their standing with the American public is cratering, and will continue to do so as the real results of their policies become more and more visible.  They know they’ll lose the House and the Senate in November if current trends continue.  They’re desperate for anything to divert public attention from their mismanagement, fecklessness and stupidity.

When they were desperate for a means to undermine President Trump, they turned to a manufactured and wholly untrue “Russia! Russia!” scandal – namely, that Russia interfered in our 2016 elections, and Trump was their puppet.  It was all nonsense, of course, but for almost three years they publicly maintained that fiction, until it collapsed under the deadweight of its accumulated falsehoods.  Even today, there are some brainwashed people who still believe it.

Now, when they’re desperate to find any means to ram through their “election reform” bill, they’re turning to Russia yet again.  The Russia-Ukraine crisis is real, but it should not affect the United States at all.  It’s hollow for us to pretend that Putin’s attempts to replace the current Ukrainian administration with a pro-Russia one are somehow evil, when we orchestrated exactly the same thingreplacing a pro-Russian administration in Ukraine with a pro-Western one – just a few years ago, by equally underhanded and anti-democratic means.  It’s stupid for us to assert that we have to intervene to protect Europe when major European nations (take a bow, Germany in particular) are kowtowing to Russia on every conceivable issue.  It’s nonsense for us to send our men and women in uniform to die for this issue when European nations have consistently and persistently underspent on defense, and are therefore unable and unwilling to send their own forces to do likewise.

The only reason the Biden administration is making a fuss about Ukraine is that some of them – and the hidden powers behind them – actually want this to blow up into a war.  When it does, they can seek to “unite” our nation around “war emergency legislation” that will somehow, magically include every point of their agenda – election reform, packing the Supreme Court, publicly subsidizing news media who toe the party line, enforcing vaccine and other mandates, and generally trashing our constitution and its protections.  They want to use Russia as a fulcrum to lever their way out of the swamp into which they’ve dug themselves, and suppress our rights and freedoms in the process.

I asked a few days ago, “Someone please tell me: what compelling national security interest does the USA have in Ukraine???“.  Nobody has yet done so, and I doubt that they ever will, for the good and simple reason that we have no compelling national security interest in Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson agrees.

The fact is, Ukraine is strategically irrelevant to the United States. No rational person could defend a war with Russia over Ukraine. Nobody thinks a war like that would make America safer or stronger or more prosperous. Have you taken a look at our economy recently? Dangerous levels of inflation, a workforce in disarray. Wildly chaotic swings in financial markets, in case you ever noticed.

Well, joining a conflict in Eastern Europe fix any of that? Come on. Of course not. It’ll make it worse. If the neocons aren’t restrained, and soon, Americans are going to be a lot poorer.

There’s more at the link.

War with Russia over Ukraine is simply a distraction, a means to divert our attention while our few remaining rights and freedoms are stolen out from under us.

I have little doubt that President Putin has taken careful note of the fecklessness and incompetence of the Biden administration.  He’s a realist.  He knows that if he moves suddenly and strongly, the war will be over before we can do anything about it.  He also knows – and may be orchestrating it behind the scenes – that President Xi of China would dearly love to have his own foreign adventure, taking over Taiwan and giving his economically battered people something external on which to focus.  If Ukraine explodes, I fully expect Taiwan to do so within days or weeks.  Putin and Xi know full well that the US armed forces, weakened as they are by political correctness, are simply incapable of fighting two major foes on opposite sides of the world at the same time.  They have every prospect of winning their short, fast wars, then defying us to do something about it.

I see nothing but trouble ahead if the Biden administration continues on its present course.  The tragedy is, that’s probably precisely what many in that administration want, because they’re hell-bent on ensuring that their agenda is rammed through at any cost – even if that cost is thousands of lives of American service personnel.  They regard that as an acceptable exchange, if their machinations result in the permanent loss of our remaining rights and freedoms.

Let’s be in no doubt who benefits from the current “Russia!  Russia!” brouhaha.  It’s not Russia, or even China (although both nations will doubtless take full advantage of the situation).  It’s the Biden administration and the hidden persuaders, the “Deep State” and its owners, who are behind its machinations.  If it takes a war to get what they want, they won’t hesitate to kill thousands or tens of thousands of people to do that.  Human beings don’t matter to them, after all.  They’re just people.  Compared to the reality of political power, they’re expendable.



  1. This has been going on in the U.S. since 1940, leading up to Roosevelt and Dec 7th……
    Nothing has changed since then whether it was Tonkin Gulf, or Bengazi.
    No More Neo-Con War!

  2. And I'm expecting to see Russia deploy troops to Cuba and Venezuela, too! Why not push when you know you have the advantage? Biden is a fool, playing checkers while Putin is playing 3D chess.

  3. As Rob said, the Ukraine has been funding & laundering money for the Biden family for years, and if Russia conquers the Ukraine, the evidence of that will come out. The Biden family cannot allow their dirty laundry to be spread thru the world's news.

  4. Wonder what the Carbon Cult will have to say about the massive amounts of GHG expelled by the movement of men and materiel and the detonation of explosives. Hunga Tonga, squared…. Isn't Joey Demento against climate change?

  5. I have a simpler explanation: Communist/Socialist factions hate each other. It's why the war between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union was such a knife fight. It's why Trotsky had to die. No group of leftists thinks any other group is right, so they must die.

  6. I don't want Russia to invade Ukraine, and I certainly don't think that Europe's reliance on Russian gas (which is what is enabling this) is good. But the people who need to fight this are the (Eastern) Europeans. All the US should do is sell them arms.

  7. The main reason (other than the reason$ we have gotten into wars over rather last 40 years) is to protect the graft and corruption of the Biden (and certainly others) family in Ukraine.

  8. One last question. I just want to see if there is any consistency. Or if the thinking is on a, "case by case" basis. I do not believe my question is off topic, or out in left field, or way off base.
    [Also, I do not believe the answer to my question should waver, depending on what party's president is in office (that argument typically comes up at my job, among my co-workers)].
    Here is my question:
    You wrote, "I asked a few days ago, "Someone please tell me: what compelling national security interest does the USA have in Ukraine???".
    What was the compelling national security interest did the USA have in Nicaragua War?".
    What was the compelling national security interest did the USA have in the Lebanese Civil War".
    What was the compelling national security interest did the USA have in the Bosnian Croat Serb Kosovo War ?".
    What was the compelling national security interest did the USA have in the Somalia War (1993) .
    What was the compelling national security interest did the USA have in the Syria War".
    What was the compelling national security interest did the USA have in the Libyan War".
    No need to reply using long paragraphs. Simple one sentence answers will do.
    My question is sincere. Do not assume any bias. Keep your labels.
    It's the thinking I am am interested in.

  9. Bulti:
    There was no Nat Sec Interest in any of those places.
    But, alot of Defense Contractors and Funeral Homes made money. And we had a Net Increase in the Number of Widows and Orphans….
    {Which is always a side effect of our little Foreign Adventures.)
    Oh, there was one other result. A great Number of very pompous Folks in DC had great things to talk about a Cocktail Parties.
    And, in the End, isn't that what this is all about? Cocktail Parties and Beautiful People having something to talk about?

  10. Here's the administration trying to explain why Americans should care… DO NOT HAVE LIQUID IN YOUR MOUTH…

    Joe Biden’s Deputy National Security Advisor on Tuesday said Americans should care about Ukraine because their borders matter.

    Jonathan Finer said Americans should care about Ukraine β€œbecause it goes to a very fundamental principle of all nations which is our borders should be inviolate, that our sovereignty should be respected.”

  11. Dems and globalists, especially the meddlers in the CIA and state department deserve to be exterminated. The only compromise we should offer them is permanent exile. They can go live with foreigners if they like them so much. The moment they get any of our troops hurt in this mess they created, we should start.

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