The next book’s getting close . . .

Miss D. and I have just come home after spending the evening with Oleg.  I cooked for him and a few of our mutual friends, and he produced the cover for my prison chaplaincy memoir.  It’ll look like this:

(EDITED TO ADD:  Apparently some people are having trouble viewing the above image on certain browsers and/or operating systems.  If you’re one of them, try clicking on these links.  Here’s a .JPG image on Picasa, and here’s a .PNG version.  One or both should work for you.)

The man’s a genius at the computer.  Miss D. and I selected the base image and co-wrote the cover blurb.  He took both, combined them in a cover template, and added fonts, shading, special effects and his own unique skills to produce the above image (which will be used for the e-book version;  the print version contains a back cover as well, with the cover blurb).  I would say I envy him, except that I don’t have enough of a visual imagination to do what he does even if I had the same level of graphics program computer skills.  (Then again, he couldn’t write my books, so I guess we’re even!)



  1. @Oz: I don't know why it isn't showing up on your screen. It works on mine, and on Miss D.'s. Do you have some sort of filter in place that may be blocking the image?

  2. I think it's Firefox thing. I can see it in Safari, but not Firefox for Mac (this is as of 0820 CDT, Sat)


  3. OK, that's weird! I'm looking at it in Firefox on a PC, as is Miss D. It works for Oleg as well using the same platform. Maybe a recent Firefox update on other platforms has nobbled it?

    I'll add a link to a copy of the picture on Picasa, which I'll put in .PNG format in the hope that'll work.

  4. I can see it just fine with Firefox 23.0.1 on a PC running running Windows 8. It is a powerful image, kudos to Oleg.

    JD(not the one with the picture)

  5. I will SO buy this book.

    (Translation: I will definitely buy this book when it is released. Just keep us informed… Great cover. Do I get a dinner for saying so? ;->)

    Fair Winds,

    Cap'n Jan

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