The next front in the war against President Trump?

I was aware that the incoming Democratic majority in the House of Representatives had promised to launch all sorts of investigations against President Trump.  I was not aware that this appears to be part of yet another tactic to attempt to undo the results of 2016’s Presidential election.

The attempt to undo the 2016 election has gone through various phases, some overlapping in time period.

The first phase was the attempt to prevent the transfer of power by intimidating Electoral College Electors into not following their respective state votes.

Then came the protest phase, fueling the Inauguration protests and Women’s March, and Antifa.

Then came the Mueller phase, Part I … the current phase of The Resistance is the public lawfare against all things Trump, led by Democrat state attorney generals. Unlike the prior phases, the public lawfare is not just against Trump, his campaign or inner circle, it’s an attempt to take down Trump World.

And starting in January, House committees will join this public lawfare, and possibly the House as a whole through impeachment proceedings.

Timothy O’Brien at Bloomberg News calls it a Legal Vise:

The breadth of investigations is so sweeping — as many on social media and reporters with the Washington Post, the Associated Press, and Bloomberg News have already noted — that few of the worlds Trump inhabits have escaped prosecutors’ attention. The Trump Organization, the Trump Foundation, the Trump family, the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, the Trump inauguration, and the Trump White House are all being probed for wrongdoing.

Wired counts 17 investigations, as summarized here by Axios … This is a full frontal attack on Trump World. And it’s just a continuation of the refusal to accept the results of the election with a Lilliputian strategy to tie down the giant. The sheer breadth of investigations is the point.

There’s more at the link.

As I’ve said many times in these pages, I did not support President Trump in the 2016 election.  I continue to have serious reservations about the way in which he conducts himself in office.  Nevertheless, the man was fairly elected in accordance with our Constitution, and he’s done a great deal of which I heartily approve during his period in office so far.  Barring a better candidate, he’ll have my support in 2020.

Having made my position clear, let me say that if these allegations are correct – if these investigations are part of a giant plan to tie up the President and the Executive Branch of government, preventing them from exercising their office by wasting their time and resources in answering a barrage of politically motivated investigations – then IMHO, this amounts to treason.  It would do so whether launched from the left or the right wing of US politics.  If an offense against Presidential office, authority or powers has been committed, by all means uncover it; but these investigations appear to be focusing on anything but that.  They’re trying to trip up the Presidency, and by extension the running of our country, by tossing all sorts of unrelated tripwires in front of it.

I can only hope that the sheer venom, vitriol and bitterness of the forces trying to undo the results of a legitimate election by illegitimate means will make themselves clear to the US electorate . . . and I can only hope that the electorate will respond appropriately in 2020.  That’s not an anti-Democrat sentiment, by the way.  It’s an anti-fanatic, anti-extremist, anti-revolutionary sentiment.



  1. Did you notice that New York's new (state) Attorney General has said among the first things she'll do is start investigating everything about Trump, every member of his family, and every aspect of the businesses, in attempt to find some crime they might have committed.

    Notice she's not there to investigate a crime, she's going to investigate to find a crime. Considering Silvergate's observation that we're so tied up in "lawfare" that every person commits three felonies every day, what do you think the chances are that they'll find something? Do you think the "other side" will do the same thing the next time the other party wins the office?

    This is a horrible precedent. Who would run for office and voluntarily walk into that sort of 8 year long, 24/7/365 rectal exam? Even if they would submit to it themselves, what about submitting their families to it?

  2. The judges involved are the worst. Without their help, the FISA warrants would never have been granted. These judges have the power to review the seditious efforts to mislead the court, and charge those involved with criminal contempt. Whether they do is the big question.

  3. The trouble with living in a cesspool of liberalism is that I'm surrounded by useful idiots. Nearly everyone I talk to "knows" that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia because 97 intelligence agencies said so, "knows" that his bimbo payoffs are more criminal than any previous president's similar payoffs because Orange Man Bad, etc., etc. You can't give them any information that contradicts this nonsense because their brains are already stuffed full to overflowing with all this stuff that ain't so.

    So no, I don't have much hope that the electorate will recognize the illegitimacy of these attacks. I just hope that my view of the electorate is badly skewed by living in Austin and hanging out with the fiberarts crowd.

  4. I agree with everything you said; and with all the comments here.

    but these investigations appear to be focusing on anything but that. They're trying to trip up the Presidency, and by extension the running of our country, by tossing all sorts of unrelated tripwires in front of it.

    This is exactly it. And there are so many of them, they are protected by their sheer numbers. Just like a huge ball of feeder fish trying to stay away from the predators. Strength in numbers.
    How can we prosecute them all for Treason, even though they should be!

    All I can do is keep praying and hope that God will take pity on us. But of course it is all in His time.

  5. It's not "Democrats." It's ALL of the Establishment, which most certainly includes "Republicans."

    Bloodsuckers, liars, cheats, and brazenly proud of themselves….

    FWIW, there are a number of reasons that Scott Walker lost the Governor's race here, but one of them was the incessant pounding he took in the press from Day One of his first term. And what they did to Walker is nothing, nada, zip, compared to what they're doing to Trump.

    It's not a matter of What Is True. Never has been. It's What Can Be Sold With Enough Time.

    Now I must stop because of FCC considerations and family stuff, and like that.

  6. Agreed, Dad29. Brainwashing they used to call it. Tell someone something long enough and they start to believe it whether it's true or not.

    The other thing is, it doesn't matter to me what anyone finds. After all this time, I simply won't believe it. All they are doing is browbeating people until they find what will make them give in and say what they want them to say.

    So I can't believe it.

  7. This is not a mere allegation. It is a simple statement of easily observable fact. Is it still a conspiracy when they write books and make movies about it?

    This is full-court-press lawfare. The process is the punishment.

    I have only two responses to our Democrat enemies now.
    1. What goes around, comes around. We won't always elect spineless weasels.
    2. You want right-wing death squads? This is how you get right-wing death squads.

  8. They'll keep pushing because we have zero representation any more. Not a single one has been held accountable for their anti-American activities and I can only assume that is because the right is as crooked as the left…..maybe in a different way but just as bad.

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