The nightmare of the bureaucratic “nanny state” is that it has no conscience


The Intrepid Reporter highlights one of the most sickening aspects of the current draconian, authoritarian, anti-democratic Australian lockdown.

Whelp…Australia’s gone full retard.  

Completely ****ing insane-retard.  

Make that Potato-Insane

Link Here:

According to the Sydney Morning Herald: “Bourke Shire Council, in the state’s north-west, killed the dogs to prevent volunteers at a Cobar-based animal shelter from travelling to pick up the animals last week, according to council’s watchdog, the Office of Local Government.”

They. Shot. The. Doggos.


Somewhere there’s a lesson here:  Something about the fact that IF they’re so willing to kill innocent animals, then they sure as hell wouldn’t have a problem killing humans… especially those who would oppose them.

Bigger Lesson: 

Never. EVER. Give. Up. Your. Guns.

Under ANY Circumstances.

The Australians did

And now?  The Psycho-Feelz Slores in Charge have unleashed their low-IQ bullyboys and trustees on the population.  And appear to be enjoying theyselves.  Lording it over the population.

Man, what a shame

Gutless ****less Wonders

I used to admire the Aussies… 

Wanted to ‘do the Outback’ thang before I joined the Regular Army… 

Loved the commercials… like the beer commercial where a giant-assed boulder would land on a dude, utterly crushing him, and you’d hear a muffled “Ow!” from under the boulder, and the Announcer would say “Wimp.”

Not no more apparently.  ‘Cos me?  It’s be old fashion night-rider time.  Masks, Nooses, Trees… just add Bourke Shire Councilmembers (and family members) wash, rinse repeat.

Hang ’em high, and leave ’em for the crows to pick out their eyes from their rotting corpses.


DARE the authorities to do something if they have the *****.

. . .

Oh yeah, that’s a ‘burning at the stake’ level crime…

Right up there with child-rape and such.

There’s more at the link.

That’s definitely one of the most nauseating aspects of the Australian lockdown, as far as I’m concerned.  Put down dogs because they’re carrying a dangerous disease?  I can understand that, even if I don’t like it.  Put them down because there are no homes for them, and they’d otherwise go feral or starve on the streets?  Check.  But MURDER THEM IN COLD BLOOD, JUST TO STOP PEOPLE COMING TO RESCUE AND ADOPT THEM???  That’s what Kim du Toit would call a RCOB moment (“Red Curtain of Blood”, in front of the eyes, signifying fury), if ever I heard of one!

If anyone in my town or county administration took that decision, and if anyone dared to carry it out, I’d make it my personal responsibility to bring charges against them of cruelty to animals, abuse of public office, and any and every other crime I could think of.  I’d picket their homes.  I’d organize groups to throw rotting refuse at them every time they showed their faces in the street.  I’d make their lives a living hell, because it’s no more than they would deserve.  Will any Australians have the guts to do likewise?  I certainly hope so, otherwise they don’t deserve to be called human beings.

Note this critical point from the excerpt above:

Somewhere there’s a lesson here:  Something about the fact that IF they’re so willing to kill innocent animals, then they sure as hell wouldn’t have a problem killing humans… especially those who would oppose them.

That’s it, right there.  If the authorities can be so callous, so uncaring, so self-righteous as to do that to animals without a qualm, I have little doubt they’d do it to people as well, and feel just as little restraint about it.  Such people are dangerous.  They don’t deserve to be in public office at all, and they should be driven out of it before their callousness can carry over to how they treat us.

If you find that bureaucrats in your local or regional administration are that sort of critter, you have two choices.  Get rid of them – or get out of that area.  If you don’t, they will force you to submit, because they don’t care about you as an individual.  You’re just a digit in the system, a brick in the wall, and they’ll treat you as such.

If worse comes to worst, make sure you know and can identify every one of the statist SOB’s in your area who try to rule over you by diktat or executive fiat.  If things come to a crunch, deal with them as they deserve.  There are far too many of them right now, in America as well as Australia, and we’re likely to have to thin their herd before long.



  1. It's the flu folks…..a severe form of flu FOR PEOPLE THAT ARE OBESE AND HAVE LOW VIT D.
    Yes I know all of the arguments that are bandied about for how bad it is. Yes, you can "catch" it from loved ones blah, blah, blah.
    BUT,if you would bolster your immune system with; vit d, zinc, vit c, and possibly that med that starts with "H" and even that med that starts with "I". You will have given yourself a tremendous amount of protection against the virus.
    The sad thing is, these nazis are afraid that just breathing the air will give you covid. They call us anti-vaxxers unreasonable; yet they demonstrate complete illogical actions without any scientific merit.
    Yet, I don't discount any of what I'm hearing about their actions….because a nazi has to nazi….and I fully expect their actions to ultimately show up in America.

  2. In some civilised countries they have already killed off the helpless elderly.
    Got some sick oldies in your hospital? No worries. Just pack them off to the oldies (don') care homes.
    Oh dear! The rest of the residents have caught the highly infectious virus. No body could have foreseen that.
    Never mind we have a wonderful drug which ensure equality of outcome.All will slip off, without raging, into the dying of the night.
    What? You want to visit your aged mother? Well you can f off.
    You might have the virus.

  3. I seem to recall reading somewhere that psychopathic killers often have a progression from torturing and killing insects, to small wild animals, to pets, to humans.

    Tell me why this official police response is different from psychopathic progression?

    After pet dogs, can humans be far behind?

  4. "After pet dogs, can humans be far behind?"

    If they shoot my dogs, there'll be some humans getting shot in very short order afterwards. I guarantee it.

  5. Wasn't too many years ago that one could read about some miscreant that had deliberately killed someones pet cat or dog here in the US, and the story would end up with them going to prison. Strange, I don't recall hearing any of those stories for some years now.

  6. I first came here Peter many years ago after you re-posted my warning about "Living" wills and how to protect loved ones. I was alert for such dangers because for many years I had been warning against the Prog's incrementally discarding the key foundation of Western ethics — holding human life as sacred. Few took the threat seriously.

    It appears they have built up their nerve to brazenly use an overblown health concern as a cloak to end lives and livelihoods. That they have gotten this far without a truly large uprising does not just attest to their cleverness, but as you note, the gutlessness of the victims and those that should have protected them.

    The killing of pets could indeed be a game changer if more people read your words or react on their own as you did here.

    Heaven help those few grow in numbers quickly.

  7. Some of the outrage in Australia has been because they used bad guns and not lethal injection. I'm not making this up, I read it in the comments on one of the reports.

  8. I'd make it my personal responsibility to bring charges against them …

    Peter, Hillary Clinton ran an unsecured email server hosting Top Secret information from her basement. Hunter Biden had child porn on his laptop. No doubt the Authorities will look on your complaint with *ahem* enthusiasm.

  9. To add to Borepatch…

    Several state Governors openly moved old people into places that were overcrowded and had the Covid running rampant through their facilities.

    And nothings happened, except that all New York state agencies and the Feds have dropped all investigations on Cuomo.

    San Fran Nan openly pushed for people to 'be with the Chinese' on Lunar New Year and then fought against any measures to be taken. Oh, she also helped control the way the Fed Gov acted towards BLM and Antifa, while also controlling the way the Capital Police responded to the Jan 6th 'insurrection.'

    And Fauci.

    And all the top docs at the CDCs and the NIH.

    And all the doctors and nurses who danced Tic-Tok while people died from lack of care.

    And the Governors and State Attorneys/Lead Prosecutors who emptied the prisons and jails, who refused to prosecute the BLMers and Antifas, who pushed for 'no bail release' and fanned the flames of insurrection by not shutting down, with force, all the peaceful protests that burned our cities down.

    So many feckless guilty-as-all-sin who need to be reaped.

  10. The police need to police themselves. Any police commander who tolerates this kind of quasi legal but grossly immoral, outrageous behavior needs to be taught a lesson from the public. Hopefully a judicial or political lesson.

    If the police don't eject these problem LEOs from service, some motivated members of the public may take care of it for them. Wouldn't shock me to hear someday the entire precinct of officers was gunned down in the precinct building by justifiably outraged citizens.

  11. I'm waiting (regretfully) for the day when an unimpressive but pompous gathering of incompetent bureaucrats – full of themselves, basking in the assumed power of their official positions and depending on the expected total protection they supposedly have from the government – sit their arrogant rear ends down for their next local board meeting with the intention to impose their will further and harder on an unassuming populace, and some parent that has been previously and unduly disturbed by previous board actions and proclamations, walks into the room with one of those (now unmentionable devices) and sprays the entire room with the directed particles associated with such a device, thus eliminating any further discussion by this gathered collection of intellectually challenged societal failures, causing great moaning, groaning and sad-song-singing by others of their ilk. It may indeed be the feather that breaks the camels back. Fun days are ahead, no matter the outcome.

    1. Ironically, what religion has a track record of the last 20 years of beheading or otherwise killing people who offend their religious strictures? And what effect has that behavior had? Yes, no one will dare publish anything critical or offensive to this group for fear of physical harm. The lesson clearly taught is that violence works. The authorities have incentivized violence.

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