The not-so-sweet smell of political success?

Just in time for this election year, here’s the perfect gift for the politically minded persons in your life – a candle made with (and smelling like) Kentucky horse doo-doo.  Just keep it out of your own home!

Ahh, politics. United, divisive, and smells like the same old s***. Burn it down and start over with a revolutionary new scented candle!

Featuring a subtle bouquet of profits over people, nothing ever changes, well whaddabout, also guns are actually people, and if you don’t like it maybe you should move to Canada!  between layers of actual real deal dehydrated horse s***.

There’s more at the link.

I wonder if they’d make an extra smelly version on request?  There are more than a few politicians who deserve it, IMHO.  In fact, I can see President Trump buying several cases of them, to present to (un)favored recipients!



  1. OK, where did that creature get the meme, "guns are actually people"? I know the left decries the legalism that corporations are 'people', but guns? Yes. I know, I've named (a couple of) my guns (before they were lost in a tragic canoeing accident), but I never thought of them as people.

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