The Paris climate accords, moonbats, and reality

The moonbat reaction to President Trump’s announcement about withdrawing the USA from the Paris climate accords has been, predictably, hysterical.  Here’s just one example.

However, none of them appear ready, willing or able to address the actual facts of why the USA needs to be out of the Paris accords.  Thankfully, Phil Kerpen sets the record straight.

(To watch the entire excerpt, and hear the case from both sides, see here.)

I think Mr. Kerpen puts it in a nutshell.  The Paris accords would burden the USA unnecessarily for very little, if any, benefit (short- or long-term).  They’re a mantra for climate change ‘true believers’, but because they’re voluntary and non-enforceable, they offer no real solution.  Given that reality, I think President Trump was right to pull the USA out of the accords.



  1. If there's anything beneficial in specific measures, we can (and probably will) implement them without the treaty.

    And we're already far closer to the goals that many of the signatory countries that have been given an extended deadline (2030) for compliance – and countries like China are producing the vast majority of the targeted pollutants.

    The Paris Accords aren't about pollution, except nominally. What they're about is making the US less competitive and sticking us with the bill – while they posture about their moral superiority.

  2. Well the usual suspects are running around squealing and pissing so Trump is doing something very right. Let them rage for a few news cycles and trigger their amygdalas again with something else and send them into pant shitting hysterics yet again. Lather, rinse, repeat… for 8 more years.

  3. It would be great if the USA could just leave the room and close the door on the Paris scheme, however I fear it will take a little longer.

  4. I recall similar ranting and raving when the US refused to sign up to the Kyoto accords some years ago.
    Thing is, unless I'm mistaken the US is the only country to actually meet and exceed the emission levels called out in Kyoto.
    All of the signatory countries have failed, some dramatically.
    And as indicated in the film clip, in any case this isn't about climate change at all. On the international playing field it's all about crippling big old evil America and at the same time picking our pocket to the tune of billions of dollars.
    Fortunately, Mr. Trump saw through the scam and bailed. And the greenies are having a hissy fit because of the feelz while the international community, aka UN and its fellow travelers, is outraged at the loss of all that lovely American cash that won't be passing through their very sticky fingers.

  5. If the President had said he was all for the Paris Accords, it would have needed approval of the US Senate to be legal here. That probably would never happen.

    Putting the USA at a economic disadvantage in the world market place would border on the criminal.

    Russia has the same opinion and did not sign on for the Accords either.


  6. It's amazing that a couple days ago they were arguing that we should stay in, because it was non-binding and didn't actually require anybody to do anything.

    how is exiting an agreement that doesn't require anybody to do anything the literal end of the world?

    David Lang

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