The pedophiles are at it again


Yet another organization appears to be trying to make child sexual abuse more acceptable by renaming it.  (If that link doesn’t connect – it seems to work intermittently – try this one for the same article at a different Web page.)

Ageplay is the latest attempt to mainstream the obscene fetishes of “minor-attracted persons” (“MAPS”), who normal people call pedophiles.

Prostasia Foundation, the “nonprofit” that promotes it, defines ageplay as “a form of role-play in which at least one of the participants adopts the role or mindset of someone younger—a teenager, child, or even a baby.”

San Francisco-based nonprofit Prostasia Foundation’s blog post titled “Online ageplay safety tips” says:

“Although it may be tempting to launch into an online ageplay scene while the energy is hot, it’s important to begin the scene by having the ‘underage’ partner confirm their real age.”

By “confirming their real age,” presumably, the Foundation means the foolproof method of clicking a button that says “I am 18.”

Fascinatingly, Prostasia markets itself as a sex-positive “child protection organization”.

Their PR people made an “Our Values” graphic to let law enforcement know they are all about preventing child sex abuse.

The Foundation hosts a “MAP Support Club (MSC),” a “safe, chat-based peer-support network for teenagers and adults who self-identify as being attracted to younger minors.”

There’s more at the link.

Every pedophile I’ve met – and I’ve met more than a few in the course of my work as a prison chaplaincould not be reformed.  Every prison psychiatrist and psychologist to whom I spoke about that confirmed it.  Pedophiles are basically set hard into the mold of their perversion, and most of them are quick to proclaim it a “sickness”.  In other words, they are not responsible for their sexual preferences – they’re the victims of illness, and therefore should not be blamed or held accountable for their actions.  They deny that their choice to engage in such crimes is in any way voluntary, in any way subject to their conscience or will or self-control.  Even worse are organizations like this, that try to normalize pedophilia behind innocent-sounding buzzwords like “ageplay” or “minor-attracted persons”.  Allow me to assure you, there’s nothing innocent about pedophilia, and there’s no possible justification for it.

I know a number of current and former law enforcement officers, prison psychologists, etc. whose blunt assessment of pedophiles is that they can’t and won’t stop offending in that way until they die.  Some of the former have voiced, in my hearing, their personal distress and disgust at having had to deal with the aftermath of such crimes.  They’ve expressed their personal willingness to bring about that final “healing”.  I can’t blame them for such sentiments.  I harbor distinctly un-chaplain-like feelings towards those guilty of this crime.  I’ve described two encounters with them (in prison) in some detail in my prison chaplaincy memoir.  The memories still make me feel unclean, as if contact with them somehow slimed me.  Ugh!

The fewer pedophiles walking our streets, the safer our society and our children will be.  That’s the bottom line.



  1. I recall a time when this crime was dealt with swiftly on a local level. The recidivism rate was 0.

  2. "Age-Play" used to mean adults acting as mommy-child or daddy-child games. So adult babies and stuff like that. Eh, weird but okay, as long as it stays play and amongst adults.

    Actual under-age sexing? That's wrong. Very wrong. Oh so very wrong.

    There is, as our noble host says, no recovery from pedophilia. If it is a 'disease' or more likely a mental abberation, only by basically going 'cold turkey' and 'staying sober' can the afflicted be allowed anywhere near normal society.

    And after meeting several of these creepers in real life, I just got that itchy-hand feeling. You know, the itchy-hand feeling that makes you want to grab a hatchet or hammer or rope or gun and just go old-school justice on them.

    Come the inevitable collapse of the Rule of Law (it's teetering on the precipice right now, tipping over, starting to fall) the various open sex offender registries will become a shopping list for mostly justifiable vigilante justice.

  3. I know of one who to the best of my knowledge has not reoffended. Call him the exception that proves the rule. He had a bona fide religious experience in prison, reformed, and was a model inmate after that.

    I'd also note that he lives in a 55+ community and does his best to never come near children. He shops at Walmart after midnight, for example. He does a lot of praying, mostly at his home (church visits are at odd hours to avoid families).

    Of course, many inmates will claim to have been gifted with divine inspiration, seen the light, etc. Peter can say more to that than I can.

  4. Once took a psychology class in college. Professor introduced himself as a guy who used to work with both children who were victims of sexual abuse, as well as sex offenders. He quit after one day where one of the abusers said "well, I know what I did was wrong, but I have needs too…"

  5. Such individuals provide good uses of quick-lime, and compost pits. Perhaps the occasional pig-feeding lot….

  6. I have dealt with juvenile pedos.
    In my experience their predilections start early and are very obvious…initially.
    Most, as they mature, gain experience, and "polish" are not so readily detected.
    However, weirdly, if you look at a series of mugshots an experienced officer can, with an amazingly high percentage of success, determine the crime connected to the mugshot.
    I have know several situations were young family members were molested/raped by uncles, grandpas, step fathers, and even aunts where the family covered up the crime and the pedos did not face punishment, judicial or non-judicial. Everyone of these cases resulted in very destructive outcomes, either immediately or often many years later to the victims.
    Justice is an important part of the healing process and even those who claimed they had forgiven the offender did not thrive if justice was not done.

    Often the old ways are the best ways, because the old ways developed over centuries of dealing with the same problem…over and over, again.

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