The perils of a wandering eye

Shakespeare may be spinning in his grave . . . probably because he’s rolling with laughter?  The Telegraph reports:

… a recent performance of Shakespeare’s King Lear accidentally descended into pantomime after a fake eyeball hit an audience member in the face before landing in her ice cream.

The Old Vic production … includes a graphic scene where Gloucester, played by Karl Johnson, has his eyes gouged out as a punishment for helping the king escape.

But instead of screaming in horror, some of the crowd were left suppressing laughter as the stray eyeball ended up plopping into a dessert.

After watching the play, audience member Honour Bayes tweeted: “Two seismic things happened tonight – I saw Glenda Jackson’s King Lear and got hit in the face by Gloucester’s second eye ball”.

When asked if she had kept the prop as a souvenir, she added: “I wanted to but after it bounced off my face it fell into my ice cream & as that melted it consumed it – which feels rather apt!”

There’s more at the link.

I’ve heard of (and sampled) many different toppings for ice cream . . . but a fake eyeball has to be one of the weirdest!  (Unless, of course, “the eyes have it”?)


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