The plot behind the riots is now clear

It remains true, as it has throughout history, that if one wants to understand an event or a series of events, look for a pattern.  If there’s no pattern, it was probably spontaneous and unplanned.  If a pattern emerges . . . it was almost certainly planned, premeditated, scripted and directed, to at least some extent.  It may not have been 100% intended – the “spark to the flame” may have been accidental or spontaneous – but the pattern will reveal those who were ready, willing and able to jump on a bandwagon or take advantage of the spark.  They were prepared for it.

The same is true of the current riots across America.  The pattern is now becoming much clearer, and anyone with two working brain cells to rub together can see it for themselves.

The clearly intended, pre-planned nature of the riots is itself a give-away.  Sure, the tragic death of George Floyd was the spark that lit the fire.  That could not have been planned, but the plans to take advantage of any such incident were laid long ago, and preparations were made.  You don’t think the riots were prepared in advance?  You’re deluded, to put it mildly.

  • Riots in scores of cities, breaking out simultaneously?
  • Pallets of bricks distributed in advance, and rioters advised of their location through megaphones?
  • Activists handing out Molotov cocktails and improvised explosives?
  • Identical signs printed, T-shirts worn, and slogans chanted across thousands of miles?
  • Solemn, almost universal left-wing proclamations of white American guilt, black American innocence, and the need for “healing”, “reconciliation” and “justice for all” – all while allowing the injustice of brutal, thuggish, indiscriminate riots to continue, to intimidate the electorate?

Need I go on?  The evidence is overwhelming.  This response was pre-planned, awaiting only the right incident to activate it.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying through their teeth, and takes you for a fool.

I have no doubt that racism exists in America.  Anyone can see it in news reports from day to day.  The recent, tragic deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and (most recently) George Floyd are graphic illustrations of that reality.  However, note the fuss that’s been made about those three deaths in particular.  What about the hundreds – literally hundreds – of black deaths at the hands of other blacks, in crime-ridden cities such as Chicago, Baltimore, and many others?  They happen daily, with big “scores” almost every weekend – and no liberal or left-wing or progressive politician says a single damned word, or does anything effective to stop them.  It’s a strangely blinkered outrage that ignores the many tragedies for the few.

As Larry Elder, himself black, has pointed out:

In 2018, according to the FBI’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, there were about 600,000 nonhomicide violent black-white crimes each year, with 90% involving a black perpetrator and a white victim. According to economist John Lott, writing in 2014: “Based on the most recent available FBI crime numbers, black male teenagers were nine times more likely to commit murder than were their white counterparts. That’s right, nine times, and the gap in these urban areas is undoubtedly even larger.”

Blacks kill twice as many whites (500 in 2015) as whites kill blacks (229 in 2015). Blacks, at 13% of the population, commit 50% of murders, and 90% of black murder victims are killed by other blacks. The Wall Street Journal‘s Jason Riley wrote in 2014: “Blacks commit violent crimes at 7 to 10 times the rate that whites do. The fact that their victims tend to be of the same race suggests that young black men in the ghetto live in danger of being shot by each other, not cops.” The No. 1 cause of preventable deaths for young white men is accidents, like car accidents. The No. 1 cause of deaths, preventable or otherwise, for young black men is homicide. In absolute numbers, Chicago often has more murders than any other city in America. The population of Chicago is approximately one-third black, one-third white, and one-third Hispanic. Yet, blacks account for over 80% of the city’s homicide victims.

As to this narrative of blacks being “hunted,” several recent studies found cops more hesitant, more reluctant to shoot a black suspect than a white suspect. One such study was conducted by black Harvard economist Roland Fryer, who called his conclusion the most “surprising result of my career.”

There’s more at the link.

Why aren’t we hearing those facts from commenters across the political spectrum?  Because they don’t favor the politically correct narrative, that’s why.  Political capital can be made from white or police killings of black people, but not from black-on-black violence.  It’s the ultimate in cynical exploitation.

Sundance sees it that way, too.  Bold, underlined text is my emphasis.

Once you see the strings on the grievance marionettes, you can never watch the pantomime without seeing them; thus the playbook is transparent. Team Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Team AME Church have again aligned, exactly as we expected.

. . .

All of the activist grievance leaders, in addition to the politicians, have been instructed to reign-in the protests in coordination with the 5:00pm Obama remarks. That timing allows the media to present the ‘healing Obama’ narrative; riots and looting stop etc.

Meanwhile, attorney Ben Crump will deliver the same healing message with the added demand that all police officers must be arrested by the time the first memorial takes place at 1:00pm tomorrow.

The “all we want is an arrest” approach, comes directly from the BLM/AME playbook as executed in Orlando/Miami (Trayvon Martin), Ferguson (Mike Brown), and Baltimore (Freddie Gray). Now that both networks have come back together and aligned, all of the coordination is much easier.

. . .

The actual goal is far less about racial healing and more specifically about how to obtain political benefit and paint President Trump as the problem … Everything within the strategy is coordinated and planned carefully. The script is how the political value is maximized. In the larger background the goal is activism based on race for 2020 to avoid the problem that was encountered in 2016. Joe Biden, and the DNC apparatus writ large, are the intended beneficiaries.

There’s more at the link.

The drumbeat of anti-Trump, anti-police, anti-establishment rhetoric is constant, incessant, and almost identical across platforms and people.  Open, blatant lies are disseminated without blinking, and without correction.  The same talking points are being parroted by politicians, clergy, community leaders – anyone who can command a microphone for a few moments to hammer home the agreed talking points.  They don’t criticize the rioters, except in the most general terms.  Instead, they criticize the system that has produced the conditions that engendered the riots, and blame everything on President Trump.  It’s all his fault.

(No-one ever seems to add up the number of years in political office of all the Trump critics, and compare the total to the President’s number of years in political office – three, to be precise.  Have you ever wondered why all those critics – including former Presidents – didn’t manage to fix the problems they’re currently bewailing, after all those years when they were in positions of authority and could have done so?  Nobody seems to want to ask – let alone answer – that question.  Funny, that . . . )

These riots are being used to obtain the maximum political advantage.  That’s why Democratic-Party-controlled cities and states are not cracking down on them, are not using the National Guard and/or federal government assistance to control them, and are wringing their metaphorical hands and bewailing the evil Trump administration instead of doing something effective.  That’s why even some anti-Trump Republicans are doing likewise.  It’s all a setup.  They want more chaos and destruction, because in it they see a path to electoral victory in November 2020.  They are relying on their allies in the mainstream media to see to it that a majority of voters blame President Trump for the chaos, and vote against him (and for them) in the elections.  This is nothing more or less than an attempt to tear down the entire country.

We need to draw a sharp, clear distinction between the righteous anger of many people at institutionalized racism and police brutality on the one hand, and the thuggery and nihilism of the rioters on the other.  I have no problem standing against the former issues:  indeed, I’ll gladly join any public demonstration against them, and demand investigations and answers.  However, I will have nothing to do with any attempt to excuse, tolerate or justify the riots, the destruction being wrought by gang-bangers, thugs and looters in the name of racial justice.  They need to be brought to heel, as quickly and as expediently as necessary.  If violence is necessary to accomplish that, I believe it’s fully justified.  They’ve brought it upon themselves.

What many of the liberal, left-wing and progressive commenters are missing, I think, is that a great many Americans in the “silent majority” – Democrats as well as Republicans – are thinking along those lines too.  I’m hearing from many of my contacts in other cities and states that there’s a growing groundswell of anger, resentment and determination among “average” voters – a determination to vote for law and order in November, irrespective of the party concerned.  If President Trump can capitalize on that, particularly if he can find a way to crack down on the violence despite all the obstacles put in his way by his political opponents, I think he may benefit from it.

In many ways, current domestic US politics reflect 1938 European politics.  In that year, Hitler at last took the mask off his aggression and naked ambition and demanded compliance from his opponents.  Cravenly, they caved in.  Appeasement was the order of the day.  Neville Chamberlain came back to Britain from Munich waving a piece of paper and proclaiming “peace in our time”.  September 1939 proved how misguided and foolish he was.  In the same way, we have appeasers trying to persuade us that only by knuckling under to the forces of violence and destruction can we stop them.  If we do, we’re rapidly going to find that they’ll be back for more, taking advantage of our weakness to wreak yet more havoc on our society.  Appeasement won’t stop them.  Only determination and the reimposition of the rule of law will do so.

It’s long gone time the riots, and the rioters, were stopped.  If the government won’t do it, it’ll be up to ordinary Americans to do so.  I don’t think the rioters have figured that out yet . . . and certainly the politicians, activists and agitators who are using them don’t appear to have taken that into account.  In particular, they don’t seem to realize how many Americans are now ready and willing to do that, if it becomes necessary.  As Kim du Toit asks:  “What if we – we, the suffering middle classes who form the backbone of this nation – just say, ‘F*** you, and your conversation’.

By demonizing ordinary Americans, accusing them of racism, deriding them as “bitter clingers” and “deplorables“, and characterizing them as “vigilantes” if they dare to protect their livelihood and property against rioters, the left is making them angry enough to turn them into activists.  Perhaps that’s overdue.



  1. Who paid the bill for the signs, the bricks, the transportation or anything associated with this? Someone did, under a pseudonym or a shell company. Has any agency looked at this? I doubt it, as you suggest, there is an ulterior motive.

  2. Arbery was the test. Why else would a case from February, which the local police and prosecutors already had ruled a good self-defense shoot, suddenly result in the arrest 74 days later? They – the Left – tried to push it into a full-blown riot-inducing incident but the 48 hour news cycle (where the truth comes out in 48 hours) cut the legs out of 'Just a Jogger' Arbery. Funny, attack a man with a gun and he will shoot you.

    So, here comes along George 'I've thrashed my heart with drugs' Floyd who dies in police custody, the only tragedy is that his death is being pinned on 4 cops who were following procedures. Sorry, when the big one comes, there's just no stopping it. Floyd would have died in the back of the cruiser, or in booking or in lockup. Maybe at his first appearance, or in pre-trial intervention, or on his next commission of a felony. The only difference? The Left, like at Parkland, were ready to pounce and get ahead of the 48 hour true-news cycle.

    Breona Taylor? I hate, have hated, will hate 'No Knock' warrants. Blatantly unconstitutional. Must stop. Cops have guns and body armor, they can sit out a stand-off.


    Where's the burnt cities, looting, calls for mass firings, stemming from the blatant murder of Justine Damond, a white lady who 'frightened' a black cop into shooting her before he announced he was armed? (crickets, insert sound thereof.)

    And, if Noor, the black racist (known way before the incident) shooter of Damond had been fired and arrested less than 48 hours after the shooting, guess what? Minneapolis would have burned, riots everywhere, looting.

    Sorry. Not sorry for being tired of this 'It's okay when WE're Racist because Black, but it's Racist when anything happens to us by white people because WE're black' garbage.

    No. Just stop. Racism is endemic amongst a large segment of the black population. Hatred of non-blacks seems to be the only almost universal rallying cry of most segments of 'Black' society.

    And all that is being done is some nasty white leftists are pulling the racist strings of their black puppets in order to set on fire.

    Hey, Black People. Try controlling your own people for once. Get them to stop committing crimes, killing whites, robbing whites, committing racist attacks against whites, killing blacks, just being criminals. Police yourself. And when arrested, just stop. Stop resisting. Quit making a spectacle of the arrest.

    Seriously. How many times have we seen a black criminal violently resisting arrest while screaming at the top of his or her lungs "I'm not resisting, I'm not resisting, I can't breathe, I can't breathe, Ow, OW, You're hurting me…"

    This was all bullscat from the beginning. It was an okay arrest, with all procedures followed. The only difference is magic black powers that make arresting blacks racist?


  3. Why is it so unbelievable that, after two months of people being cooped up inside with nothing to do in an era where instantaneous communication is a thing, that there wouldn't be spontaneous rioting in a bunch of different places?

    I wouldn't be at all shocked if it turned out that there were people waiting to take advantage of such, mind you, but the idea that this is all a Leftist plot ascribes powers of near-omniscience to them that I find hard to credit.

  4. I'm hearing from many of my contacts in other cities and states that there's a growing groundswell of anger, resentment and determination among "average" voters – a determination to vote for law and order in November, irrespective of the party concerned.

    This is like the elections of Nixon in '68 and '72.

  5. It been my strong impression, simply based on Rightwing protests vs Leftwing protests, that the Right is better organized, better disciplined, and (of course) better armed.

    I don’t think the Fascist Left realizes this, but thenThey live so much in denial that Egypt really ought to offer them citizenship.

  6. I’m surprised at Mattis and Allen’s comments.

    BLM got a lot of funding, millions. From Left foundations And Soros. Plus Antifa. I’m impressed by how well organized Antifa is. I want to read that 26 page document.

    9 Unarmed Blacks killed by police last year.
    Around Five thousand killed Black in Black shootings 2019
    22 police killed YTD By shootings

  7. I have a basic rule when I see all this if you hear hoofs bests do you think horses or zebras?

    Were the brick placed or were they in places convenient to the construction that is incessant in many cities and especially NYC.
    Where did all the hammers and crowbars seen come from?

    >>>The drumbeat of anti-Trump, anti-police, anti-establishment rhetoric is constant, incessant, and almost identical across platforms and people. Open, blatant lies are disseminated without blinking, and without correction. The same talking points are being parroted by politicians, clergy, community leaders – anyone who can command a microphone for a few moments to hammer home the agreed talking points. <<<

    Lets edit that and see if it flies….

    The drumbeat of anti-democrat, pro-partisan, anti-deep state rhetoric is constant, incessant, and almost identical across platforms and people. Open, blatant lies are disseminated without blinking, and without correction. The same talking points are being parroted by politicians, clergy, community leaders – anyone who can command a microphone for a few moments to hammer home the agreed talking points.

    Sounds like the first is the repeat of the big lie. And trump does lie and it does get repeated. The second is also a repeat of the big lie. Neither are totally true, unless it fits your specific belief set. Neither are not even close to the facts that establish truth.
    Both could easily be someone/(countrybacked?) with an agenda.

    Truth is supportable by facts, not beliefs or feelings.

    It seems we had peaceful protests, its the American Way. Part
    of the triad, soapbox, ballot box, and cartridge box.

    We had riots, as in criminal activity. Don't give a shit who they are all criminals. However based on all I can find there were four groups playing in the fray.

    MUYs militant urban youths, some of color. People doing the herd mind and wilding. I watched enough video of people doing
    outright stupid stuff. Best example was the white young guy
    without a shirt trying to break down a glass door with his
    bare hands and body and being cut to ribbons and seemingly
    having a fine time. Drunk, Drugs?

    The radical righties… stirring the pot and trying to
    discredit the protests. seems mostly white supremacist based.

    The radical lefties… also out there trying to discredit the
    whole scene. Oddly seems mostly white supremacist based.

    Then we have people that seeing this going on think crime under the cover of riot. Clearly opportunists.

    There clearly are those that seek the fight, they are playing
    at it and have no idea what it may turn into. I suspect they are
    the disenfranchised and outside (opinion) wanting their piece
    of the pie or hurt someone for not getting it. If they get what
    they want we will see death. They do not want compromise they
    want anarchy. In the end what they seem to be screaming for is
    widespread rioting with guns, they think its a win-able civil war.
    It will just be widespread destruction, no winners.

    Each case has a specter of bad in it. A SWAT team doing a no knock and its the wrong address and the person they seek is already in hand. This is far from first time that has happened.

    Jogging while black is of racism and gross stupidity by and ex-cop
    that was fired for infractions.

    Floyd, regardless of what he did, it was unacceptable action by a
    cop that apparently knew him from the same bar they worked at and
    also had less than stellar rep.

    All three may justify a protest! None should justify criminal riots.


  8. Don't forget that in several communities, New York and Kansas City off the top of my head, all the arrested looters were immediately released. Yeah, that's helpful.

  9. Well, don't forget, these people opposing President Trump and a conservative outlook regarding the function of government, are willing to fight "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" (BAMN)

    You forgot one more fact in there, Soros backed D.A.s letting these "protesters" go free.

  10. Amazing the attempted gas lighting using the Boogeyman of White Supremacists.

    And even calling Antifa as White Supremacists?

    Any time there is a gathering of White Supremacists in the us they are usually out numbered At least 10X now days.

  11. Actung! A white killing a black (or, black on white) is in itself not indicative of racist motives. To think this is to say that racism could be the only motive, that no other motive is possible. That style of thinking is retarded to the third order.

    Your sin is in saying that Floyd's death is the result of racism. These two knew each other for over a decade. And they had been involved in illicit enterprise. Don't you think there may be something there? Yet you jump straight away to racism.

    Forget the rioters, the looters, the BLMers. When, uh, normal, people jump right to racism we as a country are kaput. KAPUT!


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