The puns are flying in Scotland . . .

It seems a truckload of fish was spilled on the road in Scotland yesterday.  The BBC tweeted this image of the result:

The Telegraph reports:

A lorry carrying dead fish shed its load on the A737 near the Renfrewshire village of Kilbarchan, Traffic Scotland confirmed, and the puns soon followed.

Motorists in the area were met with the bizarre sight of hundreds of fish splayed across the road at around 4pm today.

Traffic was reduced to one lane causing tailbacks as contractors cleared the misplaced shoal off the road.

Motorists stuck in traffic were quick to upload pictures of the bizarre incident on Twitter, followed by a predictable stream of fish puns.

#A737 Any more fish puns or do you need time to mullet over? Let minnow and get them in quick before salmon else does…
— Traffic Scotland (@trafficscotland) October 29, 2015

@ScotTranserv @trafficscotland Diversion in place via Inverkipper
— Slimshady (@ultramontanian) October 29, 2015

@trafficscotland eel be avoiding that road then!
— The SNUDGE (@thesnudge) October 29, 2015

Many more puns are quoted at the link.  BBC Scotland’s Twitter feed also has a bunch of them – for example:

Go read them all for a good laugh. Given the location, I’m surprised no-one’s asked – yet – who kilt all those fish . . .



  1. That "reduce speed" sign seems to be good advice, even if placed a little late 🙂 I like the chum a la voiture but it's probably not as bad as running over a skunk.

    I've never seen a fish-strewn divided highway, but a few years ago while driving westbound on Route 90 late one night we spotted innumerable head-sized white objects in the road ahead as we approached the Cheektowaga (a suburb of Buffalo, New York) exit. Turned out that a double-trailer (formerly) containing thousands of gallon milk jugs had just jack-knifed minutes before our arrival, spilling many many of the plastic jugs over at least 200 meters. (Fortunately no one was seriously injured.) For a wonder, they were all intact – no big puddles of milk as one might expect. We got clear of the milk and, it being late and taking the accident as a warning sign from above, pulled off to check into one of the innumerable craptastic $59/night motels near the exit. Five minutes later, having checked in to a place overlooking the tollway, we saw that traffic was massively backed up; lights as far as one could see receding into the east. A check on the GPS indicated miles.

    Cheektowaga is a weird food-accident magnet in my experience. Among other things, once saw an overturned banana truck. Thing'd flipped on its side and skidded on an icy cloverleaf ramp. The top of the truck was seriously bowed out from the force of the cargo slamming into it. Multi-ton banana smoothie.

    Incidentally, driving on peri-Buffalo back roads this summer (on the way to East Aurora, NY and the charming Roycroft Inn) we were pleased to see a number of outdoor ranges and other signs of a healthy gun culture. The derided "Up-Staters" are apparently nothing like the NYC-area denizens of the state.

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