“The racial dot map”

Courtesy of a link at Mr. B’s place, I came across something called ‘The Racial Dot Map‘, from the Demographics Research Group at the University of Virginia.  Here’s a scaled-down representation (clickit to biggit).  I recommend consulting the original, scalable version to see specific areas in more detail.

It’s very interesting to look at that map, and then compare it to this one, showing the results of the 2016 Presidential election by county.

As Mr. B reminds us, ‘correlation does not imply causation‘ . . . but there’s an awful lot of food for thought in the visible correlation between those maps.  Put them on your screen (or, even better, two screens) side-by-side, in full size, and see for yourself.


EDITED TO ADD:  As suggested by Mr. B in a comment, if one looks at the US murder map by county, there’s also an interesting visual correlation.


  1. You'll have to show me how to make the "Dot" map into something that is embeddable…I couldn't do it.

    Also, compare to the "Murders By County" map.

    The correlations are…..interesting.

  2. What correlations? We've all been programmed by the media and our betters not to see such incidents, much like the hosts on HBO's 'West World' are programmed not to see 'bad things.'

  3. Natzsofast.

    The "Murder map by county" is an enormous waste of time.

    Call me when they make one by zip code, or voter precinct.
    Huge swaths of those bright red counties in CA are covered by mostly uninhabited desert, and even within the high-pop cities therein, the murders are all happening in very, very concentrated sub-sections of the civic centers within them, with the rest of the county in most cases having a murder rate approximately equivalent to that of Luxembourg.

    One should also bear in mind those are only reported murders, and given the huge numbers of missing persons annually in the US, the white imaginarily "murder-free" areas are more of a testament to the un-picky eating habits of feral pigs, 'gators, coyotes, and buzzards, rather than an indication of being actually murder-free.

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