The real peril behind vote-by-mail

Tucker Carlson puts it into a short, concise segment.  This is a “must-see” if you’re to understand why certain political parties, pressure groups and influencers are trying to promote universal vote-by-mail as a “solution” to the coronavirus pandemic and the risks it poses.

I think he’s right.  If this pressure succeeds, you can effectively say goodbye to democracy in the USA.



  1. Seems to me that we have not lived in a Democracy for some time now.
    Just look at the Democrat's reaction to the 2016 election.
    At least a plurality, more probably a majority of them have consistently refused to accept Trump as their legitimate President. He must have cheated somehow, Russians, collusion, yada, yada, yada, so obviously they are not obligated to acknowledge this obvious illegitimate pretender.
    Here's the thing. When Obama won not once but twice those of my political bent cursed the results but never denied that he had somehow pulled the wool over the eyes of a majority and won the election. Sure we pointed out all the times that bumbling fool screwed up, disrespected our nation, and now long after the fact apparently subverted the FBI and other agencies to commit illegal acts. But other than that very fringe birther business we accepted his legitimacy in office.
    Should Biden win this November I think it will be the end. A very large number of Americans will never accept that the election was not stolen through cheating and fraud.
    But then again should Trump be reelected the left will continue their policy of claiming that he is an illegitimate President. Likely try another run at impeachment, almost certainly should they keep the House and win the Senate.
    So, in a nutshell, democracy is dead and gone, the left have at last succeeded in turning our Great Experiment into just another third world craphole kleptocracy.

  2. One thing, if the democrats in congress can make it a federal law to allow ballot harvesting and ban voter id, then this is the crucial election, because if the republicans get the majority, they can do the opposite. Ban ballot harvesting and enforce voter id.

  3. Some might consider this to be pedantic; it is not even close to being so. It is fundamental that one does not cede vocabulary and definitions to communists.

    We do not, and have never live in a "democracy". The very premise of a democracy is exactly what they intend as a means for destroying this country. Read Article Four Section Four of the United States Constitution: "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government". There is zero mention of democracy in the founding documents, and it is rarely used in the then contemporary speech except in warning against the premise thereof.

    We are a federal republic, based upon the principle of foedus (Latin) pertaining to a covenant or treaty formed by agreement among independent states.

    The willing surrender of children to statist government "education" has resulted in an intentional stupefying that has created an ignorance of our own governing principles.

    People now write, incredibly, regarding threats to something that does not exist, nor should: "our democracy".

    How inane.

  4. Most of us, I think, are seeing voter fraud in terms of the presidential election. I have another take. My guess is that the donks know that Biden is a lost cause. We've seen this before. In the same way that McCain was a sure loser, Dukakis, was a sure loser, and John Kerry was a sure loser. It's what both parties do: field their losers in races against incumbents.
    Voter fraud is about securing the house, and taking the senate leaving Trump checkmated in all he would like to do.
    Here in CA the attorney general has fielded a proposition that will take down prop 13, and allow the state free rein to increase property taxes until the middle class is bankrupted. For my wife and me, it would mean our modest but comfortable existence would fall to subsistence level, barely getting by. Our retirement nest egg has been badly cracked by the stock market meltdown. We could easily find ourselves having to sell, or reverse mortgage our home. How many states would find measures on the November ballot that would curtail more liberty, raise more taxes, and render greater power to the state legislatures?
    A Biden candidacy could be a head fake, a distraction. While we focus on keeping Trump in the White House, they will be working overtime to strip away any and every bit of freedom we have left.


  5. I found it illuminating that mail-in ballots showed up at the house I share in CA, for multiple people that I know haven't lived there in the last 30+ years, and probably never did.

    Who is generating the output of these names?

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