The real reason for the impeachment effort becomes much clearer

Listen to Senator Lindsey Graham comment (yesterday) on foreign influence in the last US Presidential election, and since that time.

All the countries mentioned have already been demonstrated to be involved in the Mueller investigation, either as instigators of specific areas or as collaborators.  One does wonder why the Establishment is so desperately afraid of Barr’s investigation of that, and what he might uncover.

What’s more, the Senator says we’ll know more “in two weeks” (3m. 30sec. into the video clip).  That’s a pretty specific timetable . . . and tends to explain why the Democrats are pushing so hard to get impeachment moving within the same timeframe.  I suspect they want to take public attention off the investigation, and pin it on allegations of malfeasance by President Trump instead.  The water’s getting uncomfortably shallow in the Swamp, and it’s about to expose all sorts of things that they’d rather stayed hidden in the depths.

Pass the popcorn.  This is going to get interesting.



  1. I don't want to see resignations in DC, I want necktie parties. If not proper gallows, then light poles will be perfectly satisfactory. Lots of those poles in DC. Lots of bad politicians and aids. Hang them all!

    Cleaning stables comes to mind… LOTS of poles in that town, put them to good use.

  2. This is a new low on the part of the Democrats. I guess they are aching for some civil unrest.

    Even Tulsi came out in favor of impeachment, so it's disappointing she is as worthless as the rest of them.

  3. I was under the impression that the Demo‚ė≠rats in the House would never
    follow through with impeachment proceedings because that would put
    them on record. While that may be the case, there may be another reason.
    I just listened to a clip on a conservative talk show where I learned
    that a formal impeachment gives the minority the right to subpoena
    witnesses of their own. Think Slow Joe Biden and his son, the people
    at Crowdstrike, Hitlery Klingon, Adam Schitt, etc. This is an
    orchestrated smear campaign and formal impeachment proceedings will
    never happen.

  4. I've been hoping and praying for Barr or some honest DOJ lawyers to bring indictments.

    I'll believe them when I see them.

    I'd prefer more, even if many end in trials with "not guilty", rather than fewer. Dozens. Hundreds. Thousands? (all gov't employees who sent emails to Sec. of State Clinton's illegal server?)

    I don't believe the Dems will actually go into the formal impeachment. Since it would then be shown to be a Witch Hunt, like Trump has been honestly claiming. Might also find out more details of the illegal activities of more deep state swampers.

  5. Tom Grey – agreed. Yesterday I read a statement that the formal impeachment would lead to a Senate trial in which Trump would have the right to call and subpoena any witnesses he liked. If true (as our masters in the media like to say) that brings up the enticing picture of Deep State actors on the witness stand. Under oath. They can't afford to risk that.

  6. I got a question. Wasn't Lindsey Graham in John McCain's hip pocket? And why has he suddenly become the Trump Administration's cheerleader?

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