“The Real Story Behind Drag Queen Story Hour”


That’s the title of a long and interesting article in City Journal.  It exposes the warped, twisted view of human sexuality that’s behind the rise of “Drag Queen Story Hours” across the nation, and makes it clear that they’re nothing more or less than an indoctrination exercise aimed at young children.

The article begins:

Drag Queen Story Hour—in which performers in drag read books to kids in libraries, schools, and bookstores—has become a cultural flashpoint. The political Right has denounced these performances as sexual transgressions against children, while the political Left has defended them as an expression of LGBTQ pride. The intellectual debate has even spilled into real-world conflict: right-wing militants affiliated with the Proud Boys and the Three Percenters have staged protests against drag events for children, while their counterparts in the left-wing Antifa movement have responded with offers to serve as a protection force for the drag queens.

Families with children find themselves caught in the middle. Drag Queen Story Hour pitches itself as a family-friendly event to promote reading, tolerance, and inclusion. “In spaces like this,” the organization’s website reads, “kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where everyone can be their authentic selves.” But many parents, even if reluctant to say it publicly, have an instinctual distrust of adult men in women’s clothing dancing and exploring sexual themes with their children.

These concerns are justified. But to mount an effective opposition, one must first understand the sexual politics behind the glitter, sequins, and heels. This requires a working knowledge of an extensive history, from the origin of the first “queen of drag” in the late nineteenth century to the development of academic queer theory, which provides the intellectual foundation for the modern drag-for-kids movement.

There’s much more at the link.

I can’t excerpt more of the article here, because its subject, and the terms used, are emphatically Not Safe For Work, as well as not being family-friendly.  Nevertheless, if you have children or grandchildren (or plan to have them one day), I very strongly recommend that you click over to the article and read it carefully.  It’s sometimes nauseating in what it describes (at least to any person of faith and/or common sense), but it does expose the real evil behind this grotesque parody of human sexuality.

“Evil” is, in fact, the right word for it, IMHO.  As the recent meme points out, when you label Drag Queen Story Hour for what it truly is, a whole lot of parents are suddenly less willing to allow their children to attend it.

I can’t think of a better label for it.

Go read the whole article.  It speaks for itself.



  1. These kinds of overreaching demands from the mentally ill will be their self-undermining last stand. Pick a fight with the parents … go down in flames.

  2. Talk,talk,talk. When is something going to be done about this? I grow weary of self-righteous "turn the other cheek" types mouthing off just so they can feel good about themselves and think they are actually doing something. Going to a schoolboard meeting and addressing a school board that will ignore and sneer at them has been shown to be a waste of time. The disgusting animals on these school boards will continue unabated until they are held fully accountable, however physical that accounting may(and IMO, should) be. Just talking about the problem will not solve it. While we talk, they ACT. These monsters need to be removed from the school boards and never allowed within shooting distance of any school again.

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