The real zeroes of the future?

The Z-man considers automation, people who can’t work even if they want to, universal basic income, and its income on inflation.  All those things are very important, and you should go read what he has to say.  The real sting in his article comes in the tail.

The truth is, the zeroes that our rulers will be forced to address are zero population growth and zero TFR among the surplus populations. For example, you could fix Baltimore in a generation with mandatory Norplant for the underclass. A generation of childless females means the last generation of 80 IQ residents with a propensity for violence. The reason Baltimore is a violent city is not an excess of hard working, college educated STEM workers. The reason the city is a violent mess is the surplus of violent stupid people.

It also means zero immigration. When 80% of today’s immigrants end up on public assistance, the immigrants of tomorrow will be nothing more than useless people to police, feed and house. Japan is the model to follow. They have no immigration and their population levels are about to drop in the coming decades. They are the only nation on earth that is truly ready for the automated future, as they have the demographics to meet a shrinking demand for labor. They also have the cultural confidence to pull it off.

There’s one other zero the West will have to tackle and that is zero participation. The fact is, free-market consumerism and mass democracy work when the right answer is not obvious. As automation takes over more and more tasks, the number of issues that need to be hashed out collectively will diminish. Rule by robot means exactly that, which means voting and popular government will have to be reconsidered. What’s the point of being mayor when there are no more patronage jobs to dole out to friends and family?

There’s more at the link.  It’s far from politically correct (of which I approve), and particularly sobering to those of us who are (legal) immigrants, including myself.  Very thought-provoking indeed.



  1. …For example, you could fix Baltimore in a generation with mandatory Norplant for the underclass. A generation of childless females means the last generation of 80 IQ residents with a propensity for violence. …

    On occasion, the curtain around Z gets pulled back to reveal just another Margaret Sanger.

    You and I understand the problem differently: it is the lack of MARRIAGE which causes the 'propensity for violence' among the youts. What we have here is a serious deficit of pastors and preachers who have ….ahhh….cojones; who will utilize the old Scarlet Letter approach to boys and girls who can't (or won't) do the right thing.

    This is not "religious" flapjaw. The Howard Institute has published REAMS of studies which demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt that the INTACT FAMILY is the best blueprint for an orderly society.

    You can find Allan Carlson's info here:

    We also note that Z very carefully avoids defining "the underclass." That's an omission which is–in fact–an ADmission.

  2. This gets back to that email i sent you awhile back. Catholics say it is good to marry and have children. Science says that automation will make man obsolete. So who do we have faith in?

    I believe that the future will be far more complicated than we imagine, but beyond that? Has God provided something in the foundations of the universe such that Man will always be needed and the more men the merrier? Or will it soon be that we need very few of us? (See: that Hideous Strength)

    Who do you put your faith in?

  3. Remember the '70s, when Mother Earth was sacred, and ZPG was a great idea because it was directed at distant dark people and lower class white Americans? When contraception and abortion severed the connection between sex and procreation, and the focus was me, me, me?

    This, this is how you wind up here.

    Obligatory Old Man Rant – You kids stay off my lawn.

  4. @Dad29

    … it is the lack of MARRIAGE which causes the 'propensity for violence' among the youts

    OK, so the answer is to have "circuit riders" of preachers and Justices of the Peace traipsing up and down ghetto avenues marrying everyone they bump into; run that program 24X7 and the "marriage problem" will be solved within weeks and, with it, crime, homelessness, alcoholism, drug abuse, promiscuity, veneral disease, illegal parking, and overdue library books. Overnight, West Baltimore will become a mecca of happiness, joyful reverie, and peaceful celebration fop life.

    Yay !! Let's do it now !! Conquer Baltimore's ills by March, then onto Detroit, Chicongo, Miami, FNYC, et al. We'll all be in Heaven by autumn !!

    Sorry, "Dad," the "mating in marriage" of two 80-IQ parents do not produce one 160-IQ kid It ain't additive (if it were, we could get Einstein-level geniuses with a three-way and rule the freakin' world with biological output from a commune….). American blacks live within a dysfuntional culture, and it's not a little dysfunctional, it's hugely dysfunctional. Which is the reason for the violence, crime, drugs, booze, illegitimacy, etc.

    I will not argue that marriage, and all that it entails, is a very beneficial cultural function, but to get there you'll have to solve the cultural problems first because culture comes first; things like marriage, financial respnsibility, good social behavior, personal responsibility, all come from culture.

    Z Man has it right: put your money on Norplant; the odds of long term success are much better. Not to rule out the ossibility of cultural improvement, but much better men (and women) than you have gone down in flames over that. Often and repeatedly. Because achieving permanent cultural change from outside the culture requires relentless application of massive behavioral modification through overwhelming force; true cultural change must come from within the culture and there is no indication that particular culture seeks to embrace such a change.

  5. Some people pay to work now. It's called having a hobby, and some people spend large sums of money and time. Sometimes they end up with an enduring work of art, and sometimes it's a one time performance.

    We're watching Babylon Berlin on Netflix. It takes a look inside German society in 1929. Fascinating stuff.

  6. Anony, you should write speeches for the Democrats!! You have a talent for creating straw men by the hundreds in just 2 grafs.

    You have nothing much else, I fear.

  7. Bread and circuses didn't work for the Roman empire, and it isn't working any better for the American empire. Government largesse has all but destroyed the black community in a few generations, and is chewing into the white bluecollar community. More of the same isn't likely to be a help.

    Having a disability means free food, housing and money, so more people are claiming a disability (with a burgeoning government bureaucracy to make it happen and spend tax money). Single mother with children get the same, so marriage has become passe for the poor. Once you're on the government gravy boat, it's hard to get off – starting a job means that you're no longer getting those subsidies, and so being employed loses your place to live before you can save up to move elsewhere.

    Stop taking away good reasons to work and marry, government!

  8. The phrase "Africa wins again" comes to mind as a response to the culture problem in America's inner cities and why Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago etc. are the way they are.

    Perhaps not so much due to Great Society programs.

  9. lpd……

    State-forced sterilization or abortion is no different from State-forced Zyklon-b treatments, whether or not it is dressed up with Academic Justifications.

    What do you know? We're back to Margaret Sanger!!

  10. We also note that Z very carefully avoids defining "the underclass." That's an omission which is–in fact–an ADmission.

    The underclass depends on the area. In Baltimore, it is mostly AA's that have little to no education, don't work outside of maybe running drugs, and have no desire to form family units.

    Up here in northern New England, it's mostly PWT that deals drugs and scams the welfare system, living together and popping out kids while staying 'single' and working, if at all, 90% under the table so they only make enough to get the various tax credits for a return of a few thousand dollars.

    Both groups are low-IQ and high-violence sub-cultures. Race has less to do with it than the mindset that somebody else owes them. Playing the race card here means you're looking for a fight.

    State-forced sterilization or abortion is no different from State-forced Zyklon-b treatments, whether or not it is dressed up with Academic Justifications.

    Norplant is not sterilization. It's a long-term birth control implant that can and is eventually removed. If the state is taking the place of the father (providing financial stability for the family), then it should be able to act to minimize it's expenses by providing/mandating birth control for the relationship to continue. If they end up with a stable job that gets them off welfare, they'd no longer be part of the underclass. It's not Margaret Sanger, so enough with your straw man.

  11. So is the untermensch determined by IQ or by job status? Seems that you and Z are making different claims.

    You argue that the State's money should call the dance tune. It's a legitimate argument, but so is the counter that the State has no right to control fertility, long- or short-term. It does, however, have the right to change the terms of the money handouts.

    A change in those terms would lead to the State becoming "not father". That would be the right thing to do, of course, but certain politicians would lose their constituencies.

    And by the way, Margaret Sanger was a friend and mentor of A. Hitler. Both despised the untermenschen and believed in eugenics. Not "straw man." Learn history.

  12. I think he’s wrong about the problem in Baltimore, or at least the cause. Ever since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution shattered class barriers, people were able to move more freely. This was usually due to their economic situation changing. If you could afford to move to a nicer area, you would. Since the suburb started flourishing after World War II with the Justin’s being conquered by cars, more wealthy people would flee the worst areas of the inner city to the suburbs. This left the city populated by poor people who couldn’t afford to leave.
    There’s also some relationship between job availability; If all the “good jobs” leave, so do the good workers. Detroit’s hardship is directly tied to the loss of good paying automotive jobs.

    So, a city filled with poor people, IQ and everything else aside, won’t do as well as a city filled with affluent people. Is there a direct relationship between IQ and income?

  13. Is there a direct relationship between IQ and income?

    Good question and an excellent point. One doesn't have to be >125 IQ to slap tires onto wheels, or nuts onto bolts. And since Detroit assembly jobs usually are paying ~$100K (including benefits), I'd say that IQ is not a determinant of 'good' income. Those non-union automotive jobs are not bad, either, paying $60-80K including bennies.

    We also know that there are a lot of very intelligent retailers–usually having started as clerks–who, as clerks, earned near nothing, but eventually rose into better-paying or even very lucrative slots.

  14. The actual problem of the future isn't that there will be too many people, but not enough, especially of the sort who are the "maintainers of civilization".

    Japan is not likely to pull out of its demographic death spiral, and the "benefit" of automation is just going to be another driver. Once they start making the realistic sexbots, it's all over. It will be like that planet in Serenity, a massive open-air mausoleum.

    I think we may be witnessing the opening act of the Great Filter, an explanation for why there aren't any aliens contacting us. The answer is simple: They're all dead, Jim.

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