The reason so many NFL players don’t like cops . . .

. . . is apparently because so many of them have been arrested by cops – sometimes for repeated offenses.

If you want the short-and-simple version, USA Today has published a list of NFL player arrests going back to the year 2000, in reverse date order.  It’s very informative.

For the full, much longer version, a Web site provides searchable information on NFL arrests.  It’s been so overloaded in recent days that the primary site is currently offline;  but it’s been mirrored on a backup site, which is still working.

The Web site notes:

Keep in mind there are 1700 NFL Players and their arrest rates are lower than the USA arrest rate.

That’s all very well, of course . . . but if you look at the NFL players who are actually taking a knee in protest, and compare their names to the arrest database, there appears to be a strong correlation – and that would make the arrest rate for the former a lot higher than the USA arrest rate.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?



  1. Amazing that the same thing that ties most of the protesters in the NFL to the very criminals in the public that they supposedly support is… Rap Music.

    What? Did you think I was going to say something as crass as Racial makeup? Me? That would be inappropriate (but true, oh so very true)so, well, yeah. I must be a racist to say that the racial group that is 15% of the population is causing 85% of the crimes, with an even greater proportion of violent crimes than other racial groups.

    But no-one says anything about the need for them to 'heal themselves.' As anyone watching more than one episode of 'COPS' or 'Live PD' can tell you, they (the arrestees) will tell you "they aren't resisting" and "these aren't my pants" or "it's my (name person here) car, so it's their stuff" or a whole litany of excuses as to why it is never their fault, as drugs, guns, money, stds and other things fall off their bodies.

    Tired of it, I am.

    Hey, NFL playas: Grow the F up.

  2. That is the problem using aggregated numbers.

    The arrest rate for ALL NFL players may well be lower than the national average.

    Drill down JUST a bit deeper…..

    Break it out by culture, or race, or stuff like that and I think the story might be different.

    But then again, "lies, damned lies, and Statistics" and all that

  3. They make our Premiership footballers in the UK look like schoolchildren by comparison. I have to agree with the conclusions drawn by Andrew and B.

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