The rioters are a tiny minority of society

I’m astonished at how people who should know better are getting worked up about the “mass protests” on US streets at present.  They’re not “mass” protests at all – just very vocal, very noisy, and sometimes very violent.  Multiple news reports about the Portland riots, which are currently the most violent that the media is covering, indicate that there are about 2,000 protesters on the street every night – many of them from elsewhere, as is Antifa’s and BLM’s habit.  2,000 protesters, out of an estimated Portland population (according to Wikipedia) of 654,741 in 2019, equates to 0.3% of the city’s residents.  That’s less than one-third of one percent.  Hardly a “mass” protest, is it?  I’m pretty sure similar proportions apply to most other cities plagued with mob violence at present.

There’s also the physical area covered by the riots and protests.  I understand that in Portland, it’s no more than ten city blocks – rather less than one square mile – and usually less than that.  The city covers a land area of 133.42 square miles, making the “protest area”, once again, a lot less than 1% of the total.  So much for “big”.

Of course, you wouldn’t know that from the news media coverage.  As always with the Fourth Estate, “If it bleeds, it leads”.  They make money out of covering crimes and incidents that grab and hold reader/viewer attention.  They’re making a great deal of money out of coverage of these incidents, so they’re going to emphasize and re-emphasize them, irrespective of whether or not they deserve such extensive coverage.  Besides, it fits their political narrative.

It’s obvious that the rioters are very organized and very determined.  They’ve established production lines for shields;  they’re bringing molotov cocktails, high-powered lasers and other potentially highly injurious weapons to protests;  and they’re also bringing portable power tools to attack barriers and other defenses erected to keep them out.  These aren’t “protests”.  They’re organized mayhem.  There’s nothing spontaneous at all about them.

The organizers and hard-liners, of course, are relatively few in number compared to the “useful idiots” who march alongside them.  There are an astonishing number of “useful idiots”.  Watch video of arrests being made and you hear screams and cries of “Why are you doing this to me?”, “I’ve done nothing wrong!” and “Let go of her! She’s innocent!”.  Just one example:  “I’m not sure why this is happening!”.  (I’m sure.  So, I daresay, are most of us.)

The late Garrett Foster, shot and killed during a riot in Austin, Texas on Saturday night, was hardly a model for peaceful protest, either.  Consider his comment on injured Federal officers:

Note also this brief video interview with him, apparently filmed earlier on the same evening that he was shot.

If I see anyone in a riot approaching me with an AK-47 – or any firearm – I’m going to take immediate action to ensure my safety.  Depending on the circumstances, I place no limits on that action, up to and including the fullest extent that the law allows.  I’m very grateful I’m living in Texas, where the law generally understands and codifies our right to self-defense – as the late Mr. Foster seemingly found out to his cost.  (Austin police have already released the shooter from custody, a very clear sign that – at least so far in the investigation – they’ve found no evidence that he committed any crime.  If there’d been any doubt about that, he wouldn’t have been released.)

Memes about Mr. Foster’s death are already spreading, on both sides of the Internet’s political divide.  For example:

So far, forces on the other side of the political divide from the rioters haven’t made much of a showing – largely, I think, because they’re much more law-abiding in general.  However, I have no doubt whatsoever that they’ve taken note of everything described above;  and I have reason to know, from information received from many sources, that they’re organizing in their turn.  I suspect that, one of these days, they’re going to be just as visible on our streets . . . and Antifa and BLM are not going to be happy about it.  The late Mr. Foster may be a harbinger of what’s to come.



  1. Lasers for eye damage have been outlawed by military treaty. Blinding those cops would certainly count for war crimes. If it was a declared war instead of this undeclared civil war.

    These antifa clowns are always using unconventional but just as deadly weapons. Casting concrete in ice cream containers or putting a heavy lock in a black bag so they look innocent but will still break a skull. Sharpening flag poles so they can run someone through.

    Don't go there if you can help it.

  2. The anarcho-communist arsonists are going to be picking lead out of their own internal organs one evening, with surprised looks on their faces.

    The L.A. Rodney King/Free TVs and Nike tennis shoes riots ended the same day that looters shot at Marines up from Camp Pendleton, who had only shortly before marched into Kuwait in GW I, and were brought in – WITH live ammo – to do what neither LAPD nor the CA Notional Guard had the sense nor will to do: end the riots.
    The Marines returned fire with a .50BMG, and the riots evaporated by that evening citywide.

    Currently, there's no penalty for Egregious Public Stupidity.
    The minute the ante for participation is your hide, the lemon will no longer be worth the squeeze, and the marksmanship of Joe Average puts the marksmanship of Officer Friendly, and Deputy Fife to shame.

    This nonsense would have been over on Day One, if TPTB had simply possessed the wit and will to shoot public terrorist in the face from the outset.
    That always whittles such events down to low double digits of participants right away, and careful aiming cuts that number by half before sunset.

    After than, no one else wants to play Cowboys & Communists, because the Cowboys always win in a shutout.

  3. As Larry Correia pointed out, "violence on the left is a volume knob, violence on the right is a switch."

    Zero one minute, 100 the next. And it won't go back to zero until the switch is returned to its original position. And, "100 means 100." Once it starts it will not end until WE say it needs to end.

    The Left does not understand that; I would suggest it does not want to go there, but The Left is not that smart.

    Not a problem, the education will be provided, if it is necessary to do so. Most of us do not want it to occur, but when / if it does, we will not shy away from it.

  4. Seems Garret Foster leaned the hard way, a lesson many of his fellow rioters are soon to learn: This is not a game. This is deadly serious and many are going to die. They are like drunks in a bar getting ready to fight over a tramp that wants a man for the night. There are no winners.

  5. I read that shield production line thread the other day when Matt Bracken linked to it on the Book of Farce. Two things stood out to me, above all else:
    First, the lame legalism of "possession of this shield does not indicate affiliation with an organized group."
    Second the "protective sigils" applied by local witches. The spiritual dimension of this fight is a lot more obvious that I would have expected, which makes things more complicated. These people serve the enemy, but they are also enthralled by the enemy. Praying for peace in the streets of Portland may not be enough. Real victory might require prayers for the spiritual deliverance for our apparent enemies.

  6. IF you discuss anti-fa.. you imply there are facists.

    That means some of who we are watching behaving badly
    may be under the guise of nationalism or supremacy or
    other fascist action. Its interesting in all the
    video I see without cops there are still people
    fighting each other. That usually implies there on
    opposing sides.

    So that means we have multiple groups and just as
    likely multiple sides of the "line".

    I ponder… and avoid.


  7. Most dangerous lasers are NOT VISIBLE to the unaided eye. Some of them will have an aiming laser beam that is visible, usually red, sometimes green. Visible lasers can be powerful enough to do damage, but are not what I would expect to encounter.

    Those employing such damaging lasers should have eye protection against back splatter off of reflective surfaces. Typically goggles, although they may just look like fancy glasses. Those glasses will have side shields, or be a wraparound style. If their laser doesn't have a visible aiming beam, their eyewear must allow them to see it for aiming purposes, unless the laser is aimed like a telescope they look through.

    People might want to look into info that has photos of portable lasers so to familiarize themselves with the equipment they should be wary of. Personally, I would be prone to shooting anyone I see packing such around in public, as there is no valid reason to be equipped with this sort of thing, except to harm people.

    It's been 20+ years since I have worked with lasers, so I'm a little rusty on the subject.

  8. Yes they're a minority…in total. But when your a Fed, and 4,000 of them attack your courthouse's perimeter all at once, it's a tad disconcerting….

  9. The number of lefty professional useful idiots on the street might be small at the moment but nearly half the country would be delighted to come kill us and take our stuff if the commies secure power and give the green light on "operation ayo f— whitey"

  10. Its not just the handful of instigators, its them, most the people they stir up, and all the dem voters who all willfully provide cover for them. They all gotta go and yes that will take a nasty war.

  11. As others have said, they are a small minority.
    But as is so critical in modern warfare and guerrilla wars before, thanks to the traitorous politicians and lying media, they have the support of most of the city's population as well as a good chunk of the country.

    And one thing many on the right fail at is trying to see things through the left's eyes, but using their perspective.
    Most of these people have such a warped understanding of things that they simply do not behave as rational people would expect.
    They REALLY think they are fighting a righteous cause (but don't all warriors, eh?) and desperately need to have some major meaning or event in their lives.

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