The “San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus” are proud of their perversion


I’m sure that by now, most of my readers have heard of the beyond disgusting, sexually predatory musical threat made by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus against normal, heterosexual children.  I have no intention of putting their video into this post, or of reproducing all the lyrics to their song, but you’ll find them in this article if you’re interested.  I’ll just cite a couple of pertinent lines.

You think that we’ll corrupt your kids
Fine — just this once, you’re correct
We’ll convert your children
Happens bit by bit
Quietly and suddenly and you will barely notice it.

Frankly, I’m glad the SFGMC were so open about their intentions.  It’s good to hear them confirm, in their own words, that they plan to “corrupt our kids”.  We should take them at their word, and plan ahead to protect our families from their predation.  (In case you think I’m joking, consider how eighteen SFGMC members openly discussed how many sports are “gay”, and used a video of high school wrestlers as a talking – or should that be stalking? – point.  Do you have kids in high school, and/or taking part in sports?  To people like these, they’re a target.)

The SFGMC has issued a statement about the controversy, full of injured innocence and refusing to back down.  You’ll find it here, if you’re interested.  They protest that “the tongue-in-cheek humor is lost on many” (it certainly is on me!), and conclude by stating, “We are proud of who we are. We are proud of what we sing.”  They’re PROUD of planning to corrupt our kids???  I think that tells us all we need to know about them.

I’ll let Rod Dreher say it for me.  He’s a lot more polite and restrained than I’d be.

What these smart-asses in San Francisco did was make a satirical song and video that would win them plaudits in their own circles by making fun of normies. They posted this online on July 1. My guess is that they began hearing back today from LGBT people outside of safe blue districts telling them that they are out of their damn minds. This is confirming the worst possible stereotype: the gays are targeting our kids. I say fantastic: the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus said the quiet part out loud. Sure, they say in the video that they’re talking about converting them into being “tolerant and fair,” but that is not at all how it will be received. And that, I’m sure, is why the fools took it down.

. . .

I’m still flabbergasted by how idiotic this was. These childless men apparently have no idea at all how most people feel about their children.

. . .

The contempt these men show towards parents who don’t think like them is at the heart of this. The taunting that says, whatever your religious beliefs, we are going to steal the hearts and minds of your children, and there is nothing you hicks can do to stop us. It gives the game away. It gives the game away for them, and for all their corporate allies.

. . .

Those guys are funny, all right. Pedophile rape of boys — oh my, that’s hilarious! San Francisco values…

There’s more at the link.

As I said, Mr. Dreher is a lot more restrained than I feel.  As a retired pastor, and one who’s had to help more than a few families cope with the results of sexual predation, I tend more towards Vox Day’s viewpoint“This is pure and unadulterated wickedness of the form that God has crushed kingdoms for merely tolerating.”

I very strongly urge all readers to look up the SFGMC for themselves.  They have a Web site.  A number of their members also have criminal convictions for sexual offenses, many of which (as you might expect) involve children.  You’ll find details on social media if you look for them, because many others besides myself have been outraged by the group’s message and are taking steps to unmask them for what they are.

I highly recommend that all of us note these peoples’ names, and perhaps (if we live in areas where they might be tempted to prey on our children) their photographs as well.  Keep that information handy.  Forewarned is forearmed.  Use it, if necessary, to keep your children safe from them.  If, in the process, you can help keep other children safe from them, that will be an added bonus.  It might even be considered by right-thinking people (particularly parents) to be a public service.



  1. There's a vaccine that can be injected for people who prey upon children. And it travels at about 3000 feet per second.

  2. These are the same people pushing for NAMBLA to be allowed by law… Pedophelia won't fly (maybe they will) out in fly over country.

  3. Oh, to have cool gays again, like Cary Grant.

    But, yes, they aren't joking. The gay friends my wife and I were around went from being nice to just like this over a 10 year period. And just like that, no longer our friends. We didn't change, they did. And not for the better.

    This is just like any other group that openly states their agenda, from the Satanists (let's put a satanic statue up) to NAMBLA and other perverted bullscat that, yes, needs a rapid injection of cupric-covered plumbum, or a good old bonfire to roast their vanities on.

    Just like everything else leftist, they won't like what's coming for them when they finally push the 'get frisky kinetically' button to 'ON.'

  4. Fun to see them squirm and run from sunlight.

    "A number of their members also have criminal convictions for sexual offenses, many of which (as you might expect) involve children."

    Do you have a reference?

    The one meme I have seen, the convicted pedo and the member of the gay choir look alike but have different names. I could not find whether they are the same person.

    Our side has to be meticulous and accurate.

  5. These filth are all the same it turns out.Theyre all After the exact same things no matter their protestations to the contraryTge corruption of our culture and our posterity as embodied in our kids.
    Like had been said before,they can't breed,so they recruit.
    Like vampires.

  6. Jamie in Texas, 4chan is hunting the pesos among them down for the lulz. At least one convicted pedophile… The safe place to see this is Vox Popoli

  7. This is a bit like a twisted version of the boy who cries wolf tale. Boy runs into village and tells villagers, "There's a wolf among the flock." Villagers grab pitchforks and long knives and run out to the field. There they find a wolf tearing into a lamb. At the point the boy who cried wolf says, "Ha Ha It's all just a big joke." Villagers then notice boy is wet with blood, has bits of wool clinging to his lips, and madness in his eyes.

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