The searing anger of those who know the truth about Afghanistan


Combat Flipflops is a company started by military veterans who wanted to make a difference in the world’s combat zones.  They use their profits to help educate women, de-mine areas infested with minefields, and generally try to help rebuild societies that have been shattered by violence.  My wife is one of their customers.

In Afghanistan, they supported the education of thousands of girls who would otherwise have been deliberately left in ignorance by religious fundamentalists.  From their Web site:

Aid Afghanistan for Education (AAE) provides education to marginalized Afghan women and girls over the age of ten who are denied access to a formal education. Currently serving 3,000 girls and 104 boys, AAE is guided by the indomitable spirit of Afghan women and children who, despite over 30 years of war and violence, are determined to build a bright and prosperous future for themselves and their families.

I daresay that work has now been destroyed.  I can’t see the Taliban allowing it to continue.

The founder of Combat Flipflops served in Afghanistan, and understands its problems intimately.  To say he’s furious about the Biden administration’s mishandling of the situation there is a massive understatement.  The company’s latest corporate blog entry is explosively expressive.  Here’s an excerpt.

Written in Taliban

The first time I saw you was in the Khyber pass.  You came with your technology, elite fighters fueled by revenge, and the hubris to believe you could disprove history.

This was a war that you didn’t have the stomach to fight.  But I’m glad you tried.

We bled you the same way we bled the Soviets in our Holy Land.  We bled you the same way the Vietnamese bled you in their home land.  We did it patiently and deliberately.

Patience.  Something Westerners never learn.

Our history is millennial.  We don’t yearn for an early victory when the Infidel ravages our Holy Land.  Our victory is celebrated decades from now.  We’ve endured, then ravaged every standing military that crossed our borders.   Why?  How?  We’re patient.

In 30 days, we’ll be stronger, richer, and have control over precious natural resources that you need for your pathetic life dictated by comfort.  We will have women, riches, land, guns, and ownership of one of the greatest chapters in military history.

You lose.

. . .

We will give your fighters credit.  Some are creative, tenacious, and fierce. They outgun us in every way possible.  But again, we simply wait them out.  Allah is patient.  You cycle them through our Holy Lands every 3 to 12 months for their combat rotations.  After their tour is complete, they return to the comfort of their warm beds and endless entertainment.  If you left them here, in our Holy Land, with no way out but to win, then you might of have had a chance of success.  The longer you poisoned our Holy Land with your presence, your “rules of engagement” only strengthened our position. There is only one rule in war – that is to win.

Your commanders made you fight with your hands tied behind your back. Your rules also confused our fighters too.  “We’re clearly the enemy; why are they letting us go?”  Thank you for your compassion as it allowed our fighters to kill more Infidels.  We began to feel as if your commanders were on our side.  We’re thankful your most vicious dogs were never allowed off their leash.

Your showcase Generals make us laugh.  You spend millions of dollars flying them around our country, inventing new ways to win while ignoring the guidance of our most capable foes.  Your Generals make decisions to minimize risk to their fragile reputation with the ultimate goal of securing a lucrative retirement–jobs with suppliers that fuel your losing force. A self-serving circle that’s built on the backs of your youngest and most naive fighters.

Your retired Generals “earn” tens of thousands of dollars talking to your political, industrial, and financial leaders about “teams, winning, and discipline.”  It’s a mockery of the war they refused to fight.  It’s a mockery of the Infidel warriors who died in our lands. We urge you to continue following their vacuous personalities so we can further watch your once great nation collapse.

Your statesman and elected officials are spineless, narcissistic, and more cowardly than your Generals.  They crave power over you above all else.  They come to our country, hide behind blast walls, and only heed the word of the indigenous leader they put in power.   I believe your soldiers call this a “self licking ice cream cone.”

. . .

Over the next few months, we will make the world understand that you failed worse than any fighting force that’s ever invaded our lands.  Today we celebrate victory.

There’s more at the link.  Go read the whole thing.

I’m hearing similar expressions of anger, fury, disgust, contempt and all the rest from Afghanistan veterans of my acquaintance.  I’d say most of them feel personally betrayed by the actions (or lack thereof) of the Biden administration.  Interestingly, that applies across the political spectrum.  It’s not just those with right-wing or Republican views who feel that way;  Democrats, even one or two fairly intense progressive leftists, feel that way too.  They believe their friends died in vain, that the wounded and maimed were crippled for no good reason, and that they’re so much cannon fodder in the eyes of the current powers that be – including the senior commanders of the US military.

And they’re very, very angry about that.

I suspect the Biden administration’s failure in Afghanistan may have domestic political repercussions in a way the progressive left doesn’t yet understand, and aren’t going to like at all.  It’s awakened people to what happens when you allow a bunch of ideologically blinkered incompetents to run your country.

It’s going to be interesting to watch the fallout, domestically and abroad.

Speaking of fallout, Bryan Wright, a former CIA officer, has serious concerns about what’s going to happen next after our Afghanistan debacle.  He writes in a series of tweets, consolidated here by Threadreader for ease of reading.

Former US intelligence colleagues are angry and deeply worried at what has happened in Afghanistan.

Here’s what I’m hearing, and why there’s nearly universal belief that America and the world are in for one of the most dangerous, unpredictable times in modern history.

. . .

America’s Elites are trash. 

China knows it.

They will become emboldened, covertly & overtly. War over Taiwan and contested islands in the S. China Sea and E. China Sea is now more likely.

Russia will consider similar covert & overt moves, focused on Crimea, & former Soviet satellites. 

The fear is that China & Russia will act in concert.

. . .

But who will trust America after Afghanistan?

Who believes we have the leadership to use our military might well?

Who will trust us when we say “We Will Stand With You”? 

. . .

The existential problem is that America needs good leadership to right its ship but there is none.

. . .

The above threats by China, Russia, & Co will metastasize well before the 2024 elections, and even a heroic new President will need years to clean things up.

Again, our enemies and allies know this. 

Upshot: There is fear and outrage streaming through former intel officers over the Afghanistan debacle.

America is rudderless. And the world now knows it.

Grave dangers lie ahead, some predictable, others unimaginable.

Again, more at the link.

I agree with Mr. Wright.  The old cliche about “Nature abhorring a vacuum” applies in geopolitics as much as anywhere else.  The USA has just demonstrated that its leadership is incompetent, feckless and clueless.  Rival powers are not going to be slow to take advantage – to “make hay while the sun shines”.  They want to grab all they can before our President is replaced by someone competent, who’ll respond more forcefully and more capably to their shenanigans.

If I were a resident of Taiwan right now, I’d be packing my bags and looking for an exit as fast as I could.  (If I were a US manufacturer reliant on computer chips from Taiwan, which makes about half the world’s supply, I’d be begging, borrowing and stealing any and all supplies I could get out of there before the invasion.). If I were in a country anywhere near China or the South China Sea – and that would include Australia – I’d be battening down the hatches, metaphorically speaking, and bracing for a geopolitical storm.  If I were in Ukraine, I’d be preparing for an actual Russian military invasion of the Donbas area, whether open or covert, to annex it and add it to their existing gains in the Crimea.  If I were in Western Europe, largely dependent as it is on Russian natural gas to get through the winter, I’d be standing by for shortages as Russia uses its energy resources as a geopolitical weapon.

And it’s all down to the Biden administration, which took power illegitimately following massive electoral fraud in November 2020 – and is living up down to that illegitimacy on a daily basis.



  1. An unstated military loss that left POWs behind was (as I recall) the proximate cause of the revolt that set up the Federal Service requirement in Starship Troopers.

    Heinlein was never specific about which conflict was the trigger. He might have been thinking about Vietnam but I wonder……

    1. No, he did specify. It was a war between China and the "Anglo-American-Russian alliance" that ended in mutual exhaustion.

  2. I can now imagine a terror attack in the U.S. being carried out by ex-pat Afghanis/U.S. veterans over this betrayal. Thanks for that Biden.

    Not that I expected Biden to last 4 years as President but I'm not looking forward to how much Harris would F' things up. And who would the DNC select as V.P. Has to be someone that can be confirmed through both Houses.

    This should throw a wrench into the mono-parties plans for "the Great Reset."

    Will the 2022 mid-terms deliver the rout the DNC/eGOP deserve?

    Take heart, you don't need nukes to win against the United States, just takes patience.

  3. Yeah, getting uglier quickly. And nothing 'good' on the horizon. Impeachment in 2023 is a real possibility if the GOP wins and has any balls.

  4. (If I were a US manufacturer reliant on computer chips from Taiwan, which makes about half the world's supply, I'd be begging, borrowing and stealing any and all supplies I could get out of there before the invasion.)

    That is incredibly, mind-numbingly expensive infrastructure and might well be what China is after in wanting to take Taiwan. There are existing fabs in the states and they could take over some production, but smallest geometry fabs are the most expensive. You can be assured there's no spare capacity in those geometries.

    How about tying the production of virtually everything from cars and pickup trucks to smart phones to home electronics of all kinds, to the Chinese Communist Party? Why should anyone trust those processors wouldn't "phone home" to the CCP all the time?

  5. The lettered agencies can suck lemons for all I care. They didn't support President Trump.

    As for chips, we need a new Silicon Valley that's not in Komifornia. Same with most stuff that got shipped overseas. Biggest problem there? Stockholders wanting enormous profits.

    What needs to be stockpiled, what should have been stockpiled either before or at the beginning of the shutdown, are the rare items need for the manufacturing of things like chips.

    And we should cancel Russian ownership of the mine Killary Clinton sold them.
    Does America own *any* of America any more?

    Perhaps some manufacturing could go back to Korea, Japan, or yes, Taiwan in the interim?

  6. CA will not allow new semiconductor fabs to be built. There are a number of old fabs mothballed here, but it would cost as much to refurb/upgrade as building new.

    China was allowed to acquire down-rated chip making machines back in the mid 80's that could be easily upgraded to then current leading edge capability, due to the idiocy/collusion of the State Dept. Was working in the business then.

    Chip security? THat's why the .gov/.mil was told not to buy Lenovo computers after China bought the company. Blame CA for driving chip making overseas. Stupid enviro weenies.

    China (Mao) tossed a whole generation of students out of school in the 70's. Had a roommate who escaped from that mess. He became a chip designer here.

  7. ukraine elected a pro russian leader, then hillary/barrack/cia deposed him and installed a figurehead more friendly to their/hunter biden's agenda. what followed was akin to the collapse of a'stan but covered up by the lapdog media. yes, russia will move in, install the rightful leader, but they have no interest in war nor subjugating the ukrainian people, again. nor do they want eastern europe. they are neo capitalists, they just want to make money, lots of it. frankly they can't fight their way out of a wet paper bag at this point….china, well that's the wild card. not really ready for prime time but this debacle is prime situation. only the Lord knows if they will try to take advantage. but remember, john kelley's brother is in charge of the pacific theatre. curious, eh?

  8. Well, if the Three Letter Agencies and the Tri Lateral Commission are all uncomfortable about the loss of American prestige abroad, maybe they shouldn't have spent four years working to undermine a President who was trying to re-establish America prestige. Just sayin' …

  9. The Taiwanese aren’t stupid. They’ll surrender on the best terms they can get rather than burn their homeland down.

  10. Man, this whole thing has been a great distraction. They are still busing in thousands of illegals, unvetted and untested for covid into the states. CRT and vaccine still be pushed, new lock downs coming soon, half the citizen are brainwashed commies; the ruling class couldn't be happier with this distraction. I can't wait to see what they come up with next because lets be honest, the American people are a bunch pussies. The elites having nothing to fear, they are going to milk this Afghanistan situation to the last drop.

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