The Second American Civil War: “War it will still be”


That’s the conclusion of J. Robert Smith, writing at The Federalist.

What’s triggering the second American civil war?  Trump’s unexpected election in 2016, and his four highly successful years — despite implacable opposition and attempted subversion by the Democrat-led axis — and the prospect of a final Trump term, when the president would not only consolidate his achievements, but push new initiatives to break the corruption and imperiousness that infects the nation’s “elite”… these were the Rubicon.  Anti-liberty forces have long been marching through the nation’s institutions.  But this became a double-time as they grasped Trump’s primal threat to their fortunes, present and future. 

Liberty’s enemies have opted for brinkmanship to settle matters, once and for all.  They haven’t mustered armies to seize Washington, D.C. (would they have to anyway?) and occupy red states.  Give them credit.  They aim to achieve their coup without firing a shot.  Call it a velvet-gloved coup d’état.  Some are terming it a “Color Revolution.”  The war they’re waging to seize power is conspiratorial, innovative, multidimensional.  It relies on subterfuge, misinformation, misdirection, audacity, and a gamble: that while millions of patriots may now squawk and shake their fists, they will go no further… that when Biden is installed as president, and the cabal he fronts holds the levers of power, resistance will be futile, anyway.  Anger will give way to sullen resignation. 

. . .

Antiliberty forces — Democrats, leftists, Big Tech barons, monied interests of all stripes, Deep State players, and other establishment elements (and lurking in Great Oz-like fashion, Xi Jinping) — underestimate patriots.  They regard working- and middle-class Americans as inferiors — rubes to be had.  Anti-liberty forces occupy many — if not most — of the power centers in the nation.  And, as stated, they’re pursuing a highly complex silent coup.  The war being waged is far too sophisticated and devious for patriots to ever figure out, much less counter effectively, they reason.                        

The enemy’s conceit is its Achilles heel.  As of January 20 and moving ahead — if there’s a pretender president — millions of patriots will remain defiantly unreconciled to consigning American liberty to history’s scrapheap.  Patriots are neither complacent nor fearful.  They’re confirmed in their dedication to the Republic and resolved to restore it to its fullest measure.  Patriots will not surrender to tyrants what God granted as a birthright.  They appreciate that life without liberty is base existence.

. . .

Don’t let this phony war fool you.  The present is deceptive.  The cabal that failing and corrupt Joe Biden fronts knows that if it succeeds in installing Biden, it will have 48 months to cement its hold not just on presidential elections, but elections down ballot.  48 months to scuttle Trump’s achievements and impose its own radical, antiliberty polices and edicts, thereby forever changing the United States.  If successful, the Constitution won’t be worth the parchment it’s written on.  And if Trump returns to the White House?  War it will still be. 

We’ve entered momentous and perilous times, comparable to the four years of the Civil War and the eight years of the Revolution.  How this war evolves is unknowable.  Wars tend to have lives of their own.  No patriot should assume a favorable outcome.  The days ahead must be hard fought, for victory must be hard won.  It’s simply the price of freedom.

There’s more at the link.

I’ve got nothing to add to that, except that the struggle for freedom is both necessary and worthwhile.  I’m proud to be an American – by adoption rather than birth, but nevertheless an American.  When entering law enforcement service, I swore an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”.  That oath, was, and is still, binding on my conscience.  That oath has no expiration date.



  1. If they persist in attempting this, the only time I'll be shaking my fist will be to jiggle the empty brass out of the brass catcher, and I won't be at the shooting range.

    We aren't playing. But if they are, they'd damned well better understand they're playing for blood, and playing for keeps. This isn't going to be the velvet revolution they imagined.

    CNO Stark's telegram the afternoon of Dec 7th will be a template for what's going to happen.

    After the first one, the rest are free.
    They're about a New York Minute from playing Math For Revolutionary Retards for their one and only time on this earth.

    Then we'll settle the question, for them, about whether there's really an afterlife, and if so, where it shall be spent. In an up-close-and-personal sort of way.

    I'm your Huckleberry.

    Say "When".

  2. As a former federal civil servant I swore an oath also and like you I don't recall there being an expiration date attached……..jes saying.

  3. If the rumor about the raid on the server farm in Germany is correct, where Delta Force guys got in a firefight with CIA paramilitary, then the civil war has already started.

  4. If Americans allow an election this highly tampered with to stand as valid, there is no constitutional republic.

    Taxation with representation – gone.
    Government by consent of the governed – finished.

    All that will remain will be the inevitable rule by fear and force of arms.
    And if the people stand by and do nothing they will deserve the contempt of the would-be rulers.

  5. I've seen war, big wars and "low intensity conflicts" which are not low intensity for the people living through them. War is not pretty.

  6. I wonder if history will call the period between election and January 20 the great pause.

    It feels like we are just waiting, locked and cocked as the saying goes.

    To quote W. R Meade, the Jacksonian component of the American population is overlooked, and not understood by the Jeffersonian, Wilsonian or the Hamiltonian philosophy.

    When it comes to the vote there will either be a new reckoning or there will be a Reckoning.

  7. And an RV just went pop in Nashville. Thankfully no fatalities, but three injured and a load of property damage.

    Welcome to the Troubles, American Edition.

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