The “smart money” nightmare – when the government can track and control every cent you spend


Here’s a short (15-minute) video clip outlining what the introduction of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) will mean.  The video speaks about the British banking system, but exactly the same thing would happen in the US banking system if CBDC’s are introduced, and cash is outlawed.

THIS VIDEO IS REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT.  Please don’t dismiss it, or say “I don’t have time to watch it”.  Once you’ve seen it, you’ll understand – and I hope you’ll share it with your family and friends.  Too many people are complacent about what CBDC’s mean for our financial future, without considering their very real dangers and the implications for control over almost every aspect of our lives.

Makes you think . . . doesn’t it?



  1. Having met some recent refugees from Cuba, this has been in place there for some time—a few years. The government deposits a person’s “social security” which is available only by a card, which is also used to transact any spending. The government controls it start-to-finish and has the means and motive to withhold funds and use transactions against you, if deemed necessary.

    In addition, citizens do not “own” their garden produce. The government does. It can all be confiscated on a whim. There is something akin to that afoot in the US, as well, which has been couched in harmless terms so that it can be proliferated.

  2. On 9 Mar 2022 the president issued an executive order concerning the creation of digital currency. I don't remember the EO number, but you can find it if you search on "executive order and digital currency".
    It makes for scary reading.
    If it is implemented, we will have the affect the film clip portrays and we will have lost individual control.

  3. The alternative is specie, either precious metal or precious commodities. There is already a pretty big gray market out there among the illegal alien community, those who receive tips and many small businesses dealing in cash. It really wouldn't be hard to get these markets to switch to specie. However, there are many young college kids who already use their cell phones to make payments and who have been taught the government will take care of them.

    Until people in general understand the abuse and evil done by central banks I believe we will continue down this path. On the brighter side, the gray economy already exists and will adapt.

  4. I was going to say "Nope. The bankers won't stand for that." However, once the top executives are offered excellent salaries and benefits with the expanded government banks…..on the other hand, the tellers can go become coal miners since the coal miners learned how to code.

  5. Regardless of anyone's supposed paranoia. What has government involved themselves in that they have not screwed up and made worse? Enough said. Don't register. Save your community the hassle and trouble.

  6. Mildly leftist American friend teaches in China. Thinks it's wonderful that he can use the app on his phone to pay for everything. Says he hasn't seen cash in three months as this is what everyone does. Thinks Americans are nutty for not embracing the convenience. Also doesn't see the problems since he isn't a dissident who's having his access locked.

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