The snark, it burns . . . !

Readers will doubtless recall Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden’s mixed-up, confused harangue about assault weapons a few days ago.  Amongst other errors and inanities, he mis-identified the commonly available AR-15 rifle as the AR-14 – a weapon designation that doesn’t exist.

Palmetto State Armory, never slow on the uptake (and with a sense of humor to match their business acumen), have rectified that situation.  You can now buy an AR-15 lower receiver labeled according to Joe Biden’s specifications!


$ 49.99

*This is a Pre-order item.  Please expect lowers to start shipping within 8-10 weeks of order placement.*

Fire Selector – Left Side: “WUD HE SAY?” (Safe), “DOGFACED PONYSOLDIER” (Fire), “FULLA SH!T” (Full-Auto)

Fire Selector – Right Side: “MEMORY LOSS” (Safe), “DEMENTIA” (Fire), “LIBERAL” (Full-Auto)

There’s more at the link.  Click the images for a larger view.  “Only” 5,000 will be made.

Talk about being careful what you say, because it may come back to haunt you – even in a limited edition!



  1. In Slow Joe's defense (a phrase which actually hurts me to type,) there is actually an AR-14.

    It is a civilian semi-auto looking like most other semi-auto wood and steel hunting rifles. Except with the magical AR buffer tube going deep into the stock of the rifle.

    Here's the Quora link:

    Why Slow Joe hates a rifle that maybe 5-6 ever existed, I don't know.

    But, sure, take all the mythical AR-14s away.

    Wait, no, since I am a firm supporter of the 2A, don't take the AR-14, the AR-13, AR-12, the AR-180, the AR-10 (only 2/3rds as deadly as an AR-15) or any of the myriad ARs of creation, including any variant that has the ability to turn a crate of ammo into smoke and waste quickly (that would be the giggle-switch variants..)

    So Joe was right about the AR-14, but what he wants to do with it I cannot and will not support, at all.

    What a jerk. I'd say he has dementia, but he's been like this since before 2008.

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