The sorry state of the elections, and the nation


I don’t have anything pleasant or uplifting to say about the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear Texas’ complaint about electoral irregularities in four swing states.  I think it was a cop-out, a dereliction of duty on the part of the Justices.  SCOTUS is the court of first resort for such inter-state disputes, and for it to abdicate that responsibility is extraordinary.  Even if Texas didn’t have much chance of success on the merits, I believe the case should have been heard, if only to make that clear in open debate.  As it is, since that has not been made clear (at least, in a way many citizens can understand or accept), a great many people are going to hold SCOTUS responsible for shutting one of the last legal doors available to “stop the steal”.

There are very few legal avenues now open to stop the open electoral fraud we witnessed last month from succeeding in its objective.  That’s catastrophic for our constitutional republic.  Once such open contempt for the constitution and laws of our nation takes over the government, I don’t know that we will ever have another free and fair election.

There are those who are already preparing to take action accordingly.  A few examples (out of many I’ve seen over the weekend):

  • We are facing the end of the Republic. It is easily argued that it already expired, the point being that now we face a deep state coup, massive election fraud, huge corruption, an attempted Marxist takeover, and foreign control from China … The three letter agencies (of which so many of you are so afraid) have sold out to the dark side. They are part of the deep state … The attorneys who have attempted to fight the election fraud in court are fools. Why? Because they are working in an old system, where they had success with big lawsuits in court, and cannot get their heads around the massive corruption of the rule of law and the court system. They are working in an old system that no longer has merit. The supreme court is not doing its job. The Lawyers will not save you; you have to save yourself … In 2021, it will all be over. The Republic will be finally dead. They hate you, and will be after you. That means your livelihood, your family, even your very lives. It always happens with a socialist administration.”
  • The soap box has failed us. The ballot box, ditto. The jury box just collapsed in a sodden, stinking heap before our very eyes, whatever the weaselly fictions conjured by the Slippery Seven to justify their betrayal. That leaves us with just the one. Time we all stopped wasting our time clutching at straws and faced the facts, I think. There are magazines that need loading, and there’s a clock ticking.”
  • Tell ya what, campers: We’re just shy of ‘nut cuttin’ time, that’s what.

    All this BS about, ‘a time to heal’ is pure unadulterated BS. Don’t fall for the hype. They take your guns, no matter the type, they can kill you. If they CAN kill you, they WILL kill you, on one pretext or another. One might double check to make sure one’s crap is all in one bucket. Maybe even do some personal practice…talk to like minded people (that you actually know and trust and did not meet on social media for cripe’s sake!)…get to the range, make your Peace with God, all the things you need to do, because when it hits, there’s going to be NO time left. Ignore these events at your own peril.”

  • I’m in a killin’ mood right now, no lie.

    War you say? Aye.
    Tis a war they want, then that’ll it be … If I go dark, y’all will know why. Especially since I’ve been on a tear lately.

    If I ‘go dark’ for over 5 days solid w/out anyone hitting this, it means “watch the news, film at eleven”. Cos I’m That pissed right now.
    30 years service in defense of ****wits and traitors. Time to get that time back by pounds of flesh.”

  • With this dismissal, the Supreme Court of the United States has just ruled that the Constitution of the United States no longer has jurisdiction over the United States. In so doing, they have also self-deligitimized any jurisdiction they formerly possessed.

    The only answer to that has to start with gunfire, and end with nooses.

    Conduct yourselves appropriately. The entire social contract is therefore dissolved.

    If you swore an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that bill has just come due. The government of the United States has now entered into a state of war with its own people.

    If there is no Constitution, there is no law, no republic, and no allegiance due to any authority constituted under it and subservient to it. That includes the national government, and every former US state and territory. At the stroke of a pen, they have all become pretenders.

    The time for talking has ended.”

Do not, whatever you do, assume that all those words are just talk.  They are not.  Those quoted above are among the milder and more printable expressions of anger, frustration and outright rage that I found online this weekend.

I won’t be following suit.  I’m in my sixties, semi-crippled thanks to a permanently disabling injury some years ago, and I’ve suffered two heart attacks.  I’m in no shape to threaten anybody.  However, I have to agree that there are very few peaceful ways forward left to us.  This electoral fraud cannot be allowed to stand.  If it is, our republic is at an end, along with its constitution.  Therefore, if all other avenues are closed off, the result is probably going to be inevitable.

Some on the right appear to be hoping that President Trump will invoke the Insurrection Act and move against those responsible for the electoral fraud we’ve all seen.  However, bear in mind that some on the left are at least as determined to get rid of President Trump as some on the right are to support him.  They’ll resist any such action on his part, just as fervently as many of us are resisting the electoral fraud the other side has perpetrated.  Even if he succeeds in arresting those responsible, that will trigger civil conflict – even, perhaps, a full-blown civil war – just as surely as will allowing electoral fraud to triumph.

We should also bear in mind the enormous efforts being made to subvert the Senate run-off elections in Georgia next month.  Tens of thousands of new voters have been registering there, many from out of state.  I sincerely doubt that many, perhaps most, of the new registrations are valid or legal in terms of federal and Georgia law.  I think they’re yet another attempt to steal the elections, this time to allow progressives to dominate the Senate.  If they succeed, I think that will be the last straw for many of us.

I think this country is balanced on a knife-edge right now.  Where things will go from here is impossible to say . . . but I don’t see any short-term relief in sight.  Brace yourselves, friends;  and, if you’re so inclined, pray for peace, and for justice to prevail – because if it doesn’t, there probably won’t be peace for a long, long time to come.



  1. I disagree. While I do agree that there were election shenanigans, it isn't the job of Texas to swoop into GA, PA, MI, or MN and fix their problems. It is the legislature and judiciary of those states who must defend their own laws, not TX.
    We complain all the time about activist judges. To demand otherwise now is hypocritical.
    If there is to be a judicial remedy to this mess, it must come from within the states that caused it. Let one of the cases from GA, PA, MI or MN go to SCOTUS. The TX case was the wrong case and the wrong plaintiff.

    1. If a foreign terrorist held in a foreign land can have standing, then 19 states, a presidential campaign, 75+ million voters, and several of the usurped state legislatures standing together certainly do.

      If the Supreme Court can redefine the fundamental building block of society, directly overruling the majority of the populace in the process, then they certainly have the power.

      So pull the other one.
      They ducked.
      There is no ambiguity in the Constitution.
      They'd either have to uphold it, or dissolve the republic.
      They chose to wash their hands while choosing the latter.
      And so, there will be blood.

  2. The only way out is through, be prepared to make a hole.

    Me, too. 61 and busted up, but we can still shoot. Gather yourself a good escort, if you have to go.

  3. Something wicked this way comes, for sure. A collapse happens the same way F. Scott Fitzgerald described going bankrupt: "slowly, then all at once". An asymptotic curve, turned down. And we're just ready to hit the steep part.

  4. The slide has now been greased… Prepare for the quick fall. DM, what SCOTUS did was to put the issue BACK on the individual state legislatures, which is where it should be. Now the question is, whether any of those individual suits will make it to SCOTUS. And there have been suits filed in each of the four states concerning the illegalities done without legislative approval as required by state laws.

    1. Exactly. The last thing we want is SCOTUS saying one state can sue to change election results in another. As much as it sucks, the states with shenanigans need to fix their own problems. Whether they have the guts to do it remains to be seen.

  5. The forensics on those 22 dominion machines have been released.

    Those conspiracy theories?
    They're real.
    And actually worse than most of the crazies were alleging.

    1. We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results."

  6. Wow, those Democrats must be well organised to be able to cheat and manufacture votes in so many states, make it look like 7 million more people voted for their man over the other fellow, arranged for state officials from the Republican side to defend and certify their voting system and results, organised for more than 40 courts including those with Republican appointees across all jurisdictions and locations to back them up, got Fox on board, even arranged for federal officials including the A-G to say there was no widespread evidence of voter fraud.
    If this is the case, any party that can manage this level of organisation deserves to govern. Even more so, when they're being challenged by a plucky group of disappointed voters, keen pseudo-statistical analysts, amateur bloggers, unpublished advocates, fronts for various groups and urged on by a president with questionable ethics and a strong ego.
    Yep, losing to that level of organisation is more than enough reason to justify talk of violence and civil war. I'm sure the Balkan-like horrors and and atrocities that people are seeking will lead to a much better USA or group of little USAs.

  7. "I won't be following suit. I'm in my sixties, semi-crippled thanks to a permanently disabling injury some years ago, and I've suffered two heart attacks."

    Well, you can sure as hell get yourself a good scoped rifle and find a comfortable place to sit and wait. If you are like most of us, you already know where that place is and who the targets are. Going out with a bang and taking a few scumbag rats with you will leave a memory and a story well worth the telling. I'm in my eighties, still fairly healthy, and just another nobody vet who took an oath. Don't know what my story will be, but I do hope it's will be worth the telling.

  8. Mark: Communists are always organized. It's what they do. It's all they do. They've been rigging elections and cooking the courts since before any of us were born. And look at the history of Dominion voting systems: they were created specifically for Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, so he could manufacture election results at will.

  9. Hear Ye Hear Ye!

    Gather around folks and listen to Mark justify and cheer other great acts of efficiency like those of the Khmer Rouge, the Timurid Empire, the Hutu majority, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the National Socialist German Workers Party, and his all time favorite, The Communist Party of China.

    Watch in detail how he explains why they deserved to "win" through their greater coordination and organization! Maybe you can have Mark sign a copy of Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals" or a "Ends Justifies the Means" poster.

  10. @McChuck Do you actually believe that 81 million Americans who voted Democrat are communist? Is anyone who either didn't vote for Trump, isn't a member of the GOP or simply disagrees with your views either a out-and-out communist or even a fellow-traveler? Do you label anyone slightly left of centre in the American context a socialist or communist? Do you know what a communist actually is?
    It's amazing how often "they" (whoever that is) are accused of all sorts of "rigging and cooking" for so long without the production of any disclosure or evidence. You'd think over all that time there'd be at least one major, credible whistleblower, perhaps the finding of some major pieces of evidence. Really, it's just a convenient way to find a simple explanation to complex issues.
    By the way, if communists are so organised, how come they couldn't sustain the USSR, why is China a communist state in name only and is really a capitalist market economy with an autocratic government? If communism is so organised, why didn't Cuba and North Korea turn out to be workers paradises?
    How come in the post war WW1 turmoil, those decidedly non-communist governments of Hitler and Mussolini were elected by popular vote in their respective countries.

  11. @Chris Nelson Frankly, your posting is a bit hysterical. I don't know how you could draw any conclusion that I align with any of the regimes or values you've listed. Far from it, I'm no support of either socialism/communism or the far right. You can see it in my response to McChuck above.

  12. @Mark: Let me address your many questions, strawmen, and red herrings.
    1 The rigged election doesn't require a large conspiracy. Much of the US is evenly split 50/50, and with the EC system set up the way it is, even a small number of fraudulent votes (as few as 150,000) in the proper districts can sway such an election. Remember that Gore lost by a single state in 2000, and lost that state by less than 600 votes.
    2 Once the fix is in, it doesn't require a conspiracy to defend it, but just lifelong government employees doing what humans always do: protect their jobs. See, if the security of the voting systems is exposed as easily compromised, the person responsible for that system will lose his job. So of course they will defend the system, because is so doing, they are defending their own reputation and career.
    3 Fraudulent ballots were inserted into the system in the middle of the night. All a recount accomplishes is recounting the fraudulent ballots.
    4 Yes, there are communists who have orchestrated this. They call themselves communists and socialists while claiming that their goal is to get rid of capitalism in the USA. I am merely taking them at their word.
    5 There are a few whistleblowers. There are dozens of affidavits, there are videos, and there is eyewitness testimony. Yes, I agree that any one person can be ignored. But there are DOZENS here who claim to have seen what happened. Combine that with statistical evidence, and yes, it is credible to believe that the election was rigged. Voting records show that thousands of people voted twice, sometimes in the same state, sometimes in multiple states. The dead voted. There are people who are on record as having voted, but would have to be over 120 years old. There are voting districts that had 500% turnout.

    Dude, there is plenty of evidence. If the evidence is so inconsequential, then why wasn't one single lawsuit allowed to go to trial? What are they afraid of? Every lawsuit that was dismissed was thrown out on procedural grounds.

    For the last four years, we have heard about how the Russians ran a couple of dozen Facebook ads, and this influenced the election. That accusation was enough to impeach a President. What happened this election was THOUSANDS of times more significant.

    You are playing team politics. I get it, your team won, so you are going to be intellectually dishonest.

  13. @Divemedic,

    Mark is a partisan concern troll making a victory lap. Evidence is moot, because his side "won".

    I've spent days of personal time going through election logs and my team found almost every level of fraud from noncitizens voting to computer hacking. But if the media says it didn't happen, well golly, I guess I was dreaming all this data…

  14. The left, the Democrats, and a majority in the media; but I repeat myself; carefully created a climate where all of President Trump's accomplishments were disparaged while mistakes, gaffs, and an admittedly crude and egotistical persona were constantly shoved in our faces. Trump was demonized for act actually performed by his predecessor, children in cages anyone? So when your opponent is in your mind the literal equivalent of Hitler all bets are off, cheating is not only allowed but is morally justified, at least in the minds of many loyal followers.
    Soap Box: impossible to implement when the left controls the means of communications.
    Ballot Box: prima facia evidence of massive fraud and fake and illegal votes counted.
    Jury Box: fails with sufficient partisan judges, or impartial judges being blackmailed or their and families lives threatened.
    Cartridge Box: I fully expect draconian gun control to be a primary focus early in our rulers' new administration. Expect mass registration leading to confiscation in the first year.

  15. Come and get mine, I will surrender them shooting end out. And I am a good shot.

    I for one have flat out had it. I just want to be left alone.

    And I am 65 so little left to live for

  16. Texas was not demanding to "change the election results of another state".
    That's codswallop.

    Texas was demanding that SCOTUS enforce one constitutional standard for holding elections be applied to all 50 states, and that those states who attempted unconstitutional elections have their illegal ballots (that would be every single vote cast) thrown out.

    SCOTUS decided that the Constitutiton no longer applies, if you don't feel like doing it. (Apparently law school curriculum is light on the history of the US from Dred Scot to the Fifteenth Amendment; c'est la vie.)

    SCOTUS literally shot themselves in the foot.
    With a shotgun.
    While that foot was in their own mouth.

    They're officially part of the problem, not part of the solution, and I hope the nooses filled come the Day of Reckoning reflect that assessment.
    They've got it coming.

    And the Grand Experiment is over.
    This is only going to end in rivers of blood.
    Sooner. Or later.

    The only two options in that case are to either lose, or win.

    Anyone who cannot tell the difference between the two states of being should save time, and eat their own gun now, to avoid the rush on mortuary services.

  17. With all due respect to Divemedic, an attempted coup is not shenanigans, it is high treason and must be dealt with accordingly. The Texans understand this, and at least gave the supreme court a shot. The court's abrogation of its duty has increased the likelihood of a continuation of politics through other means.

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