The sounds of . . . sausage???

Well, this certainly falls under the headings of ‘artistic’ and ‘creative’ – not to mention ‘digestive’!

What does a currywurst sound like? The Konzerthausorchester Berlin, a symphony orchestra based in the capital, has answered that question with a new video recreating the preparation of the famous snack through music.

Using only their instruments, the musicians evoke each stage in the careful preparation of the spicy sausage.

. . .

The grilling and slicing of the Wurst, the shaking of the salt, the squirting of the ketchup, and not forgetting the clink of coins in the tip jar are all replicated through different instruments.

Then it’s onto the sizzle of the fries, the wiping of the table, and the chink of beer bottles being opened. Close your eyes, and you can almost taste the food…

. . .

This is the first of a planned series of pieces from the orchestra inspired by sounds of Berlin, with 12 more to follow.

There’s more at the link.

Here’s the video.

That’s great!

The first six of the videos in the promised ‘sounds of Berlin’ series are already on the orchestra’s YouTube channel.  Click over there to enjoy them.



  1. One of my favorite memories from my time in Berlin is the currywurst from street vendors in the early 60's. Great snacks!

  2. Neither of the carriers on which I served made it to Germany, so I was unfamiliar with this. I think I'll have to attempt it at home with a good bratwurst the next time I smoke some (with an appropriate beer or several, of course)!
    Thanks, Peter!
    –Tennessee Budd

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