The truth about the riots and the rioters, plain and unvarnished

Tucker Carlson is, in my opinion, a national treasure, because he’s one of the few commenters willing to put the truth out there, complete with supporting evidence, and let it speak for itself.  He doesn’t lie to us, unlike so many other so-called “journalists” who wouldn’t recognize a fact if it bit them in the butt.

Here’s Mr. Carlson’s address from last night.  THIS NEEDS TO GO VIRAL!  He speaks nothing less than the truth in everything he says, and backs it up with video clips and other evidence.  Watch the first 17 minutes of this video, and see for yourself – then tell your friends to do the same.  The more people who see this, the better.  It speaks for itself.

EDITED TO ADD:  It looks like Mr. Carlson’s video clip on YouTube has been censored.  I’ve left the embed up, so you can see for yourself that the account associated with it has been removed.  Why would they do that?  I’ll leave you to figure that out for yourself.  However, the video is still available on Fox News.  You’ll find it here.  Please click over there and watch it.  It’s truly worth your time.

This is what the November elections are all about.  It’s a choice between democracy and tyranny;  between capitalism and socialism;  between individual rights and the rule of the mob;  between truth and lies.

Remember in November.



  1. The government will try and railroad Kyle, but I predict that the case will ultimately be dismissed. The immediate goal is to keep Kyle in jail, where I believe his life is in danger, and to garner as much idiotic sympathy for the dead and wounded Antifa/BLM members as possible.

    I carry my pistol when I'm inside my own home, and never go anywhere unarmed. My only other thought is packing some effective deterrent that isn't high velocity lead based. Bear repellent is what I'm thinking. I also need to learn first aid.

    Thanks for posting this one.

  2. The video has been axed by utube, claiming that the account associated with the account has been terminated. Time to try fox.

  3. @Jack Ward: I've added a link to the video on Fox News itself. Looks like YouTube's censors don't want it circulating.

  4. Thanks Peter. Don't see the link; however, I found the video at:

    video slug: dems try to distance themselves from violence.

    and, yes it was hard hitting vedio. i really don't know how Tucker is still on the air, even at fox. if they cancel him fox may fall far.
    I agree with Peter; Carlson is a national treasure.

  5. Thanks all. Feel like I've hogged the comments today. Peter: looking forward to the next book[s]. Your writings are always purchase and read, don't waste time thinking about it.
    Oh, looks like near to the Tucker show. Maybe I can make Fox work tonight.

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