The Ukraine war: lies, falsehoods and propaganda are the order of the day


As we’ve said in these pages on previous occasions, both sides in the Ukraine war – and the Biden administration as well – are lying through their teeth about what caused the war, how it’s progressing, and what its outcomes are likely to be.  The “fog of war” is deliberately caused, in this case, and it’s getting thicker by the day.

Mike Cernovich sums up the situation in two tweets:

What we know as of now about Russia / Ukraine:

You can say this doesn’t or shouldn’t matter now – and you might be right. That’s a value judgment.

If, however, you deny this as a factual matter, you are a liar and fraud and not allowed to be part of the discussion.

It’s hard to argue with any of his points.  There are so many unanswered questions, and so many obvious lies, and so much evidence of wrongdoing on both sides of the war, that any honest observer is left shaking his head and wishing a plague on both their houses.

For those treating Zelensky as a hero president, remember that he and his cronies in the Ukraine government raked off enough “corruption money” to be named in the Pandora Papers last year.  He’s anything but sinless.

For those eulogizing Putin as redressing the wrongs inflicted on Russia, remember his lethal treatment of opponents – hardly the actions of a patriotic hero – and his own and his compatriots’ fortunes, extorted from his nation.

They’re all so crooked as to defy description.  Those telling us to trust and believe in one side or the other are completely ignoring this reality, and they expect us to do the same.  If we do, we’re fools – but they’re not fools.  They’re deliberately trying to mislead us, to tug at our heartstrings and get us to respond emotionally rather than rationally.  They’re trying to manipulate us (again).

Most of the US politicians who are demanding action in Ukraine to defend that nation’s sovereignty are the same politicians who’ve been reaping millions, perhaps billions of dollars in corrupt money out of that nation over the years.  As Sundance pointed out recently:

In the bigger picture I don’t think many Americans outside the DC beltway give a flip about internal Ukrainian squabbles and Russia’s support for the Eastern Ukrainian independence effort.  However, inside the DC beltway Ukraine is very important, stunningly important, because Ukraine functions as the corrupt money laundry operation for DC politicians to receive taxpayer kickbacks from their financial support into Ukraine.

They’re not out to defend Ukraine so much as they are to defend their own “corrupt money laundry operation”.  If they tell you otherwise, just follow the money, as so many informed commenters have done.  Go read about the Panama Papers, the Paradise Papers and the Pandora Papers, and the scandals that have engulfed Credit Suisse and other secretive banks.  Our politicians have enough clout to ensure that most of their scandals are swept under the rug . . . but the clues are there, if you dig deep enough and look long and hard enough.

In short, the Ukraine war is their plaything.  They’re using it to distract us from domestic issues, and to disguise their further attempts to downgrade our democracy into a sham, and make all of us into subjects rather than citizens.  It’s up to us to refuse to swallow their propaganda, and open our eyes to the reality of the situation.



  1. My assessment…

    The monetary system is about to change drastically in a couple weeks to a new currency being backed by China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and other countries in this Alliance group.
    This US Dollar has been weaponized that if you don't follow the United States, you'll be punished by a variety of options.
    So many countries agree in principle to avoid the wrath of the US Government’s punishment.
    So we have a huge disconnection of reality to political promises and unlimited funding which can't keep it's promise by reality restrictions or materials needed as inflation makes it impossible. Currency debasement can't be reversed or changed, just increases.

    Interesting times coming if you see how this is playing out.
    Now, what to do?
    What to do?

    When it breaks, it'll be Trump Derangement Syndrome on steroids.

  2. While we can only observe what little truth oozes out of the media, we have to go to basics to protect our families.

    It's nothing new. Proverbs speaks to it many times as does Ecclesiastes.

    Proverbs 28:12 When the righteous triumph, there is great elation; but when the wicked rise to power, people go into hiding.

    That song Silent Running from Mike and the Mechanics springs to mind. Worth looking up the lyrics.

    Take care of the basics for your family. Don't go into debt, become very useful at work. Find a side job or a hobby you can earn side money with like raising seedling's into started plants.

    Pray for wisdom, He will give it.

  3. I happened across this fellow's channel earlier this morning:

    Whilst I don't consider it unbiased, perhaps less biased. And for the few videos I watched, better on the ground content.

    This video also hit the Conservative Treehouse last night:

    The retired Col. McGregor paints a very different picture than everyone else in western media.

    The next few weeks are going to get interesting. Either Putin wraps this up by, shall we say Easter? If he does not the likelihood of this turning into Afghanistan 2.0 for Russia will dramatically rise. Meanwhile the Western powers also ramp up at minimum a second cold war, or it continues to escalate into WWIII. But with 4th and 5th gen warfare in the mix. Interesting times.

  4. Two plus years ago many of us said, "They'll burn the place down to get what they want."

    And they did. In spades. Now they feel empowered to run open-loop.

    "Ukraine!" is only the newest siren cry. While real for some Ukrainian's it is a charade by those running amok, and only a precursor to "What's next?" Guessing what's next will be worse because we have a bunch of 70-80 year-old meglamaniac cretin's running the place who have no impetus to do the right thing (DST? Really? Constantly screwing with the masses…friggin' leave it at Standard Time you morons.)

    Do not get too distracted by what's in the media propaganda machine or the idiots in DC. Instead – as Peter has implored – get prepared.

  5. "No country fears a non-nuclear war with Russia."

    Really? Does he mean one-one or all of NATO against Russia? Based on what?

  6. IMO all the corruption arguments are simple red herrings. None of it justifies naked aggression of an invasion. Is it a case of bad vs worse? Sure. Realpolitik has made for stranger bedfellows. How long do we ignore Russia's aggression? Wait until they get to someone we really do care about, or try to stop them short? This one looks good for stopping them short of say the Baltic States or even Poland. By proxy most preferably. I for one have *zero* confidence Putin will stop with the Ukraine short of his death.

    Anyone willing to look can find plenty of legit combat footage, we are just spoiled by how open the USA is with active combat videos…or do you think those burned out apartment buildings we keep seeing are all the same one or two over and over?

  7. I just love all these blanket statements made by fools who think they’re smart. Like “no major country fears a non-nuclear war with Russia”. How the F would a schmuck like Cerno know that?

  8. There are unpleasant people on all sides of this, in Russia, in Ukraine, in NATO, in the US, even in the "conservative" movement.

    Still, the high order bit is that Russia attacked Ukraine and none of their stated reasons hold water.

    1. Were you as "high order" when it came to Iraq? Serbia? Panama? Kuwait? Was the US justified in toppling the Ukrainian government in 2014?

      Let's all just drop the hypocrisy already and admit that we, the US, and the rest of the so called West are just as dirty as Russia. (I used to think we're not as bad as genocidal CCP but then again our govt has been pushing gene therapy injections known to kill and disable millions so…we're not too far off). Where do we get off telling Russia that their "stated reasons don't hold water"? So, fine for the US to do whatever the hell we want and kill civilians all over the globe but goodness gracious, damn those Russians if they take military action without our permission.

      I got one rule of thumb here on this: is Ukraine a place i want my sons going to die to defend? How about you and your sons? Didn't think so. So stop the pontificating about a country we don't care about. We've got enough problems dealing w the rogue regime in dc.

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