The ultimate running accessory???

OK, this is officially weird!

If you’re like me, halfway through a typical long run you get a yearning that’s both thirst and hunger. The only thing that can satisfy it? An ice-cold…tomato? That’s what Japanese food producer Kagome is banking on with its new Wearable Tomato machine.

The Wearable Tomato resembles a mechanical backpack that, with the push of a button, dispenses one of seven medium-sized tomatoes in its reserve. Weighing a hefty 17.6 pounds, it’s not suited for lithe runners, which is why Kagome also created a mini version that tips the scales at six pounds and dispenses 12 cherry-sized tomatoes.

There’s more at the link.  Here’s a video clip of the product in action.

Only in Japan . . .



  1. Things like this seem to confirm my theory that populations on relatively-isolated islands become progressively stranger over time. Like Japan and Great Britain.


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