The Uniparty and the oligarchy: their arrogance and our future


As we’ve said many times in these pages, there is no voting our way out of the mess we’re in following the electoral fraud last November that brought the Biden administration to power.  The Uniparty – those on both sides of our political spectrum who work together to impose the control of the oligarchy on our constitutional republic – are pulling together to ensure that we are forced into submission.

One of the clearest displays of Uniparty arrogance and in-your-face disdain for ordinary Americans came in the Senate last week.  Sundance points out:

[Last Friday] the UniParty Senate (Democrats and Republicans) voted to approve cloture on HR-3684, the Senate version of the House infrastructure bill.  The cloture vote now means the bill will be debated and opens the Senate floor for amendments to the bill.  However, this cloture vote is odd….


That’s right.  The U.S. Senate just voted to invoke cloture and begin debate on a bill that has not even been written.  This is how dysfunctional the legislative branch has become.  Not a single senator has seen the text of the bill they just voted to start debating.

The UniParty exists in both chambers of the legislative branch, but the UniParty in the Senate is absurd in the extreme.  How can a senator approve moving forward to debate the merits of a bill that has not even been written?

. . .

According to Joe Biden, who tipped his hand earlier today, the UniParty will likely insert “immigration reform”, aka amnesty for illegal aliens (DACA and DAPA), into the infrastructure spending bill.

The Senate Republicans, the right-wing of the UniParty bird, are trying to hide their support for amnesty by using this method to get it passed: (A) while the American public are distracted by COVID; and (B) without the American public knowing they are passing amnesty legislation.

The UniParty, a majority group inside the legislative branch, is the worst possible group of scheming and conniving creatures in DC.

. . .

Hopefully, America can see what is going on here.  The United States Senate doesn’t want US to see the bill they have agreed to vote on.

They are not hiding the amnesty bill from themselves, they are hiding it from US because they don’t want the immediate backlash from U.S. voters.

There’s more at the link.

Why would the Senate try to sneak amnesty for illegal aliens into the infrastructure bill?  Because it suits the Uniparty to overwhelm the votes of ordinary Americans in a tidal wave of new, reliably left-wing voters.  The game plan was revealed under the guise of a New York Times opinion column last week (the link is to an archived version of the article).

Nearly 15 million people living legally in the United States, most of whom contribute as much as any natural-born American to this country’s civic, cultural and economic life, don’t have a say in matters of politics and policy because we — resident foreign nationals, or “aliens” as we are sometimes called — cannot vote.

Considering the Supreme Court’s recent decision undermining voting rights, and Republicans’ efforts to suppress, redistrict and manipulate their way to electoral security, it’s time for Democrats to radically expand the electorate. Proposing federal legislation to give millions of young people and essential workers a clear road to citizenship is a good start. But there’s another measure that lawmakers both in Washington and state capitals should put in place: lifting voting restrictions on legal residents who aren’t citizens — people with green cards, people here on work visas, and those who arrived in the country as children and are still waiting for permanent papers.

Expanding the franchise in this way would give American democracy new life, restore immigrants’ trust in government and send a powerful message of inclusion to the rest of the world.

Again, more at the link.

As the American Spectator notes, “If Democrats ultimately place their radical election overhaul on Joe Biden’s desk, it could turn millions of foreign lawbreakers into voters as soon as the 2022 midterms.”  If that happens, we can write off future elections as meaningless.

Many of our Senators clearly don’t care that public opinion is strongly against legalizing illegal aliens.  It’s good for their corporate sponsors and their political interests;  therefore, they’re going to impose it on us, whether we like it or not.  Sundance asks (rightly):  “How can a senator approve moving forward to debate the merits of a bill that has not even been written?”  The answer, clearly, is “When those behind the bill have, directly or indirectly, paid that senator enough that he or she doesn’t care.”

The political weaponization of the COVID-19 pandemic is so well known by now that I don’t need to go into it any further.  Last week I called it “blatant propaganda and rampant dishonesty“.  That’s exactly what it is.  I fully expect it to be mobilized yet again to support the infrastructure bill, legalization of at least some illegal aliens, and other measures that the Uniparty can’t ram through any other way.  Tom Luongo warns:

We have reached the moment where Davos’ plans to vandalize the American and European people are coming to fruition.

From this week’s events forward we will be in a state of ’emergency’ described brilliantly in V for Vendetta where the media is used to ratchet up the fear beyond any reasonable level and the people increasingly say, “Oh, bollocks.”

Or, as we say here in the States, “**** this noise!”

The ride from here will only get worse and our only recourse is to look to shoring up our local communities rather than hope for any saviors at the ballot box. The rules have changed.

Democracy has been outlawed and the courts neutralized. The push for total control over your movement, your thoughts and your basic right to make your way in the world is no longer protected by law.

In fact, the law is openly hostile to your very existence. Just ask Australians and Canadians.

We’ve always known that public health was the cheat code to tyranny. Now we’re seeing it weaponized in a way that isn’t just creepy, it’s chilling in its inhumanity.

. . .

There is an urgency to this now that wasn’t there before. In the days after neutralizing Trump they backed off thinking there was more time, that there was more than a full year to stepwise up the pressure on us.

But it turned out that COVID-19 simply wasn’t deadly enough and therapeutics for it strong enough to unmask the agenda behind the operation.

. . .

The storm created by Davos has made landfall. The next two months will tell us just who is and who is not still on their payroll or is compromised by them … Either way, we’ve run out of time to prepare.

More at the link.

I confidently expect that the powers that be will ratchet up their campaign for universal vaccination to previously unheard-of levels, trying to scare the population into compliance.  This will be the “smokescreen” behind which they try to pass unacceptable legislation like that discussed above, in the hope that we won’t notice amidst all the sound and fury over COVID-19.  I somehow don’t think it’s going to work.  Throughout Europe over the past week, massive protests have blown up over attempts to steamroller society into draconian measures.  Hundreds of thousands of citizens have taken to the streets to reject such demands – but the mainstream media in the USA has had almost nothing to say about them.  Why?  Because they – and their Uniparty and oligarch masters – don’t want Americans to know how huge the opposition to their agenda is becoming in the rest of the world.  Fortunately, they don’t control all the news media and social media yet.  Look for the details for yourself, including TV footage.  They speak for themselves.

The question, of course, is whether enough Americans have seen through the COVID-19 smokescreen to understand – and resist – what’s going on.  Roger Kimball notes (bold, underlined text is my emphasis):

Last year at Encounter Books, we published an admonitory book by Joel Kotkin called The Coming of Neo-Feudalism: A Warning To The Global Middle Class. Some people thought Kotkin was overstating things with his talk of an increasingly stratified society in which a tiny elite lorded it over an increasingly pauperized and disenfranchised mass. It turns out, though, that if anything Kotkin understated the trends. The weaponization of public health diktats, their enforcement by a vast and increasingly overbearing cadre of nanny-state bureaucrats, is simply the latest manifestation of the profoundly anti-democratic spirit that has taken hold in Western societies.

It’s all about social control, as Jim Treacher says. At some point, there will be a revolt. The longer the arbitrary insanity persists, the more violent the reaction will be. The question is whether we are at or are approaching the point of crisis. Will the voters stand for another lockdown as we approach the 2022 election? Lockdowns markedly increased the opportunities for voter fraud; 2020 showed that. That is precisely why the swamp is prepping us for another go. Let’s see if we stand by grumbling impotently or if, finally, we actually do something. I am not holding my breath.

More at the link.

As we’ve discussed in these pages on several occasions, President Trump championed “Main Street” over “Wall Street” as far as the economy was concerned.  The oligarchs of Wall Street struck back in 2020 by rigging the election to prevent his return to office for a second term, and install a reliably pro-big-business administration.  That administration has moved with breakneck speed to claw back all the gains that the “Main Street” economy made under President Trump, and redistribute the spoils to its “Wall Street” masters and backers.

If we allow the Uniparty, the oligarchs and the statists to continue, it will become effectively impossible to undo the harm they have done.  They’re counting on that.  They fully intend to see to it that a populist political movement can never again attain power in the United States (or, for that matter, in Europe or elsewhere).  They’re becoming increasingly blatant in their efforts to do that.  Their program is totalitarianism under a thin, increasingly fragile veneer of respectability.  There’s little difference between what they want, and straightforward revolutionary Communism.

(Of course, under Communist rule, the Party and its apparatchiks became the oligarchs and masters of their respective nations.  Power corrupts.  You’ll note that our oligarchs and Uniparty players are quite happy to support openly, avowedly Marxist- and Communist-inspired movements like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  They know full well that they can – and probably already have – bought the leaders of those movements, just as they’ve bought the leaders of our existing political parties.  Money talks.  Oligarchs and Communists have a lot more in common than you might realize at first glance.)

I’ll let Aesop have the last word – and powerful words they are.  I hope and pray he’s wrong . . . but I fear greatly (and increasingly) that he may be right.

Let’s cut the horse****, kids.

There are not “Democrats” and “Republicans”.

There are not “Conservatives” and “Never Trumpers”.

Can we get serious?

There are Totalitarian Communists. And then, everybody else.

That group of “everybody else”? Those are Americans.


There is nothing American about Totalitarian Communism.

Never has been. Never will be.

You aren’t going to carve out enclaves of “Free America” … You aren’t going to pick the peas, carrots, and scrambled egg out of the fried rice, and divvy up neat little enclaves.

It’s not possible.

It’s not practical.

And no one could ever do it, in a million years.

. . .

The only thing that will work EVER, is going to be bog-simple:

One side is going to be alive within US territory afterwards. One side is not.

That’s IT.

That’s what “existential” means.

One side is going to exist. 

The other side is going to cease to exist.

If anybody is still hazy on the concept, I invite you to discuss what this looks like with the Carthaginians. Shout loud: Tunisia is a long ways off, and it’s hard to hear with six feet of dirt over your bones.

So make your decision whether you’re going to be the Romans, or the Carthaginians, in the next such struggle. It’s coming at you like a freight train, and there’s no third option if you plan to live in the U.S.

Totalitarian Communism delenda est.

You’re not going to carve out your happy homeland from amidst the rubble of FUSA. Not anywhere. Mothereffing Texas, FFS, is as purple as can be. So is Florida. North Carolina. New Hampshire. Even Alaska and Montana aren’t pure anything, and anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves. So forget “Redoubt” nonsense. It’s a porn mag fantasy.

You may have an easier time of it in some places than in others (which just tells you where the first bases are going to be), but in the end, you’re going to have to either win, or lose, everywhere, because commies, like rust, never quit, and they never sleep.

So wrap your head around what’s going to have to happen, sooner or later, instead of being all shocked and butthurt when Reality smacks you across the face like 8 pounds of frozen mackerel. And get busy getting ready for that day, instead of daydreaming about how it’ll be when your little patch is free and happy forever, like it’s been at no point in human history.

More at the link.

I’d pray for God to have mercy on us . . . but we’ve honored God and kept His ways far more in the breach than the observance, for far too long, for me to hope that such a prayer will be granted.  “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind“.  I daresay we’re in for our fair share of God’s justice before we can hope for more of His mercy – and yes, that’s a fearful and terrible thing to say, but in all honesty, isn’t that what we, as a nation, have earned by our conduct?



  1. And if they pass an amnesty to get around the electorate, they'll have lit the final match, IMHO.

    Deportations will be 55 grains at a time after that, and proper papers ain't gonna cut it.

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