The Rittenhouse trial: order, counter-order, disorder!


The utterly bizarre spectacle of the prosecution in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial destroying their own case has captivated audiences around America for more than a week.  I’m no exception.  I’ve particularly enjoyed the belly-laughs provided by witness after witness contradicting the prosecution’s assertions, and in so many words making the defense’s case for it.  If Rittenhouse is convicted on the basis of what we’ve seen so far, there will truly be no justice in America.

Here’s how Tucker Carlson sees it.  If you’d prefer to read rather than watch, a transcript of his talk is available here.

I hope and trust that Mr. Rittenhouse will be found not guilty of all charges, based on what we’ve heard and seen so far.  The big question mark is what the Biden administration will do.  They don’t want citizens standing up for themselves against extremist far-left progressive rioters.  They may try to use federal charges against Rittenhouse to send a message that no matter what, they’ll come after us.

That would be a travesty of justice, too . . . but then, the Biden administration doesn’t exactly care about justice.  It’s just advised corporations to ignore a court-ordered stay of the vaccination mandate.  So much for the rule of law, eh?



  1. I sure hope Rittenhouse gets to sue various parties over this. It's such Bullshit that prosecutors have no skin in the game. Things like this would never happen.
    Some guilty might get away? So what, look around today.

  2. The prosecutors will one day be judges in Kenosha County. If Kyle is found not guilty, which should already have been a directed judgement from the bench given the testimony of the prosecution's witnesses, I suspect a Seth Rich type event to get the message across to all of us. The FBI will investigate, of course.

  3. Advocating others to disobey a court order. Isn't that impeachable?

    They may still get Rittenhouse (and/or his friend) on firearms violations. Sure sounded like a straw purchase … though given that Rittenhouse didn't take legal possession of the rifle, but only had it for short periods of legal use, maybe not.

  4. As Branca explained it, the Wisconsin statute that Kyle is charged under only applies to short barrel rifles. Judge should have dismissed as a matter of law.

  5. Interestingly, the embedded video is now saying that Fox have removed it on copyright grounds. Direct at YouTube it says that the video is private. The transcript link? Also goes nowhere now.

    Most interesting indeed.

    For the moment I was able to download it via (select preferred resolution to then download a file of the YT video)

    Hope this helps for those who wish to see.

  6. Sadly, it doesn't matter how screwed up the prosecution is. It's all about the jury.

    There's a very very very bad bestiality joke about lawyers, one who is a whiz at trial but stinks at jury selection. The other is the complete opposite. Guy goes with the cheap crappy trial lawyer that can choose a jury like no other. Needless to say, the joke hinges about what one jurist says to the other during a particularly damning statement by the defendant.

    Same here. Unless the judge drops a ban-hammer so hard there is never any chance of this case returning, it all comes down to jury intimidation.

    1. If the evidence points closer to not guilty than guilty, there is no way in hell I would vote guilty. I don't care what the Marxist pukes try.

  7. From some things I have seen, the Leftist have been videoing/photographing the jury members. I would not put it past those folks doing that being members of some 3 Letter Agencies. I think there will be phone calls, letters etc. to the jurors and their families about what will happen if the jury doesn't come back with
    a guilty on all charges verdict and says anything about being tampered with. If I am right we can officially proclaim that Justice is Dead.

  8. justice has been murdered many times over in this country. it was murdered by juries afraid to stand up to rioters, police not allowed to stand up to them, prosecutors hiding exonerating evidence, forensic techs faking findings to be liked by police, judges allowing forensics that have no scientific foundation, fbi seizing assets to prevent hiring of legal defense, the list goes on. top of it all is the feds double jeopardy. you can't have but one bite of the apple says the law.

  9. I hope if the trial is declared a mistrial, its "with prejudice" so it cannot be re-tried, unless the Feds wanna go at him….if ever a case called for a "directed verdict", it's this one!

  10. The prosecution fucked up in charging him with murder. They should have gone for manslaughter, based on imperfect self defense. While still not a guaranteed win – especially as to the guy who whacked him with his skateboard, it would be harder to fight.

    Not to worry, though – if the State action fails, the Feds are sure to step in and make sure the right outcome happens.

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