The war on manliness and masculinity


Frontpage magazine asks some very pertinent questions, and has answers.

Why is the Left so heavily invested in discrediting and dismantling traditional sex roles? Why do woke celebrities and their fans so fervently leap to defend the notions that women can compete right alongside men in a collision sport, that men wearing dresses on the cover of a women’s fashion mag is “cool,” and that, as actor Kumail Nanjiani tweeted recently, “Traditional masculinity is a disease”?

The answer is that Progressives are at war with anything perceived as normal and traditional. Everything that has made us in the West who we are, and made us the freest, most prosperous, most accomplished, most civilized civilization in history – our religious beliefs, our values, our traditions, our art and literature, our history, our heroes, even our science – is now deemed either racist, sexist, classist, homophobic, Islamophobic, colonialist, oppressive, exploitative, or a toxic combination thereof, and must be erased. Our past and any links to it are unacceptably unwoke, and so Progressives seek relentlessly to redefine, or preferably eradicate, every cultural norm in order to remake the world according to their self-righteous, allegedly inclusive, collectivist, utopian vision.

The Left claims falsely that sex distinctions derive almost exclusively from an oppressively patriarchal nurture, not nature. This is important to their agenda because erasing such distinctions is necessary for the “abolition of the family,” which Karl Marx called for openly. Why? Because the bonds of the nuclear family are the last and most resistant line of defense against collectivism and totalitarian control, and masculinity is the warrior spirit of the nuclear family. If you emasculate men by disparaging their aggressive, competitive, high-achieving drive as “toxic,” and by denying the hard-wired differences between them and women, then men become neutered, the family unit disintegrates, resistance dissolves, the “community” replaces our family, and the State becomes our parental authority.

Candace Owens was not wrong when she claimed that “the steady feminization of our men at the same time that Marxism is being taught to our children is not a coincidence.” True – it is no coincidence. The emasculation of Western men is a direct, intended result of the cultural Marxism that has been poisoning our youth for decades. The goal is to sap the independence and fighting spirit of masculinity and to undermine resistance to the power of the State.

Put women on a men’s football team, put men in dresses, celebrate them both as virtuous milestones and mock those who think otherwise, and the distinctions and definitions of the sexes will gradually blur. Masculinity and femininity will begin to have no meaning. This is already happening. Contrary to the Left’s claims, though, this doesn’t make human beings freer and more evolved; it diminishes both men and women and makes us more confused about our roles and purpose in the world. It leaves us unmoored from our true nature, from God, and from each other – just as the State wants us.

There’s more at the link.

It occurs to me that another factor may be at work.  Gender-confused, feminized men may be easier to persuade that the results of a fraudulent election really don’t matter so much as the social and political approval of their peers.  Taking a stand for the constitution and laws of the United States against the cheating of the progressive left might be characterized as yet another manifestation of “toxic masculinity”.

Well, in that case (and in many other areas as well), I guess I’m toxically masculine.  Sorry about that, progressives … NOT!  Feel free to choke on it.



  1. When the war starts, next month, many tactics will be used. Denial of food and other necessities to blue cities and states, elimination of certain traitors, destruction of their assets and weaponry, and other targets too numerous to mention. Some of these will be those who are destroying Western Civilization by their abdominal dress and Satanic lifestyles, not just the politicians who have stabbed us in the back.The souls of those who fought and died for our country over the last 224 years are saying "Do not let them STEAL our country and our Freedom !".

  2. Derek Prince commented years ago on this sort of thing being rooted in Witchcraft. I am inclined to agree. It is an attack on the Father, and on the father figure. The source of all holiness, strength, virtue, goodness, righteousness and power, the Father and the father figure must be denigrated, derided, diluted, and destroyed in order for evil to prevail. Simple as that, I think.

  3. Hey Peter;

    What gets me is who is going to defend our civilization when the barbarians come? when we have had several generations of kids taught to vilify everything about Western civilization, who is going to fight for it. All those feminazi's and their fellow travelers going to do when they think that their "constructive narrative" runs up against reality and all of a sudden all their rights don't mean anything when they are carted off to a camp like the ugnars or other oppressed minorities in China and they discover too late that they are 3rd or 4th class citizens and their cushy reality crashes around their ears.

  4. Peter,

    Perhaps it is the genius of that old dead white guy, Gramsci, as his plans currently seem to be coming into fruition.

    Infiltrate the major centers of power, especially the Vatican, but also media, politics, businees, banking and of course the military.

    If you're into the fourth turning scenario, the time is nigh when the hero class surfaces. I like to think guys like Kyle Rittenhouse, might be members. But will many commie versions of Kyle rise to power and dominate?

    Peace to you during this Advent Season.

  5. An additional wrinkle?

    Thomas Sowell once wrote something to the effect that the Anointed are DRIVEN to believe "something different" than what the masses believe – if for no other reason than to show off how much smarter they are. For if they still believe what the masses believe, are they really smarter? (Or, at least, that's how their logic goes.)

  6. Peter, I have been wandering about on the InterWeb this week and reading of of the sorts of things you are describing. It strikes me as odd that they use the very tactics they decry have been used against them.

  7. I've recently finished reading this: "The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics: How Conservatism and Liberalism Evolved Within Humans" and found it makes a lot of good points.

    The liberal attacks against masculine men are covered in multiple places and appear to exist for multiple reasons.

    Kindle Unlimited or $10 Link from the:

  8. @ dogsledder: "When the war starts, next month, many tactics will be used. Denial of food and other necessities to blue cities and states, elimination of certain traitors, destruction of their assets and weaponry, and other targets too numerous to mention."

    Please. A side that has been unwilling to do *anything* is suddenly going to go all in on genocide? And how exactly do you expect to get oh…most of the people, who, after all, have relatives that they love in blue cities and states, to go along with your starvation plan? And you do realize that even the most ultraviolet areas still run about 30-35% red, right? Do you expect those people to just decide "Yeah, we'll take one for the team and die"? Or how do you starve coastal cities with easy access to sea resupply?

    And how exactly do you expect to survive when *all* major financial institutions, which are based in the blue cities and states, suddenly cut all financial services to "rebel" areas? Credit cards don't work, banks have no cash, etc. Oh, add in stuff like mortgages suddenly getting called in, too – with no way to be repaid, because of that whole "no money" problem.

    Just about every war ever has involved the combatants badly overestimating their own abilities and thinking it will all be over quickly. And they're almost always wrong.

    1. A few mild quibbles: as a general rule, farmers can get along without bankers better than the other way around; I expect that, in the event of ACW 2.0, within two weeks 90% of the blue-majority areas would soon be largely red-free, and vice-versa.

      However, the overall point is sound. None of the people who want ACW 2.0 have done a realistic assessment of the costs and the battlespace.

  9. Look at the population transfers / exterminations that occurred during the partition of British India into Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.
    And no, that did not work out well for many of those displaced.
    As far as the costs of an ACWII, comparing the costs of a war with the status quo ante is bullshit.
    Status quo ante is gone.
    We now seem to be left to choose among many options from uncomfortable to purely evil.
    Do the best you can for you and yours, keep as a goal the ideals of Western Civilization, and never forget that to be an American is something of special worth, regardless of the cost.

  10. Jeremiah 51:30……the men of (end times) Babylon have become women. If men are men, it is very difficult to destroy this country.

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